Natural (includes herbal) Healing doctors
Natural Healing   Doctors and Healers using Diet & Nutrients

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Naturopathic Herbalism

Dr. Marijah McCain
Dr. Von Peter
Dr Rushidie Kayiwa (Uganda)

Raw food
Ann Wigmore
Rabbi Gabriel Cousens M.D.


Herbal formulas
Herbal Naturopaths

Dr John Christopher
Christopher Hobbs
[USA] Dr Shulze, naturopathic herbalist
Campion, Kitty

Sam Biser

Natural Hygienists
Bass Dr. Stanley S.
Diamond, Harvey
Ehret, Arnold

Shelton DC, Herbert
Sinclair, N.D, Ian
Lindlahr, M.D, Henry
Shah, Atul (UK)
Sidhwa, Dr. Keki (UK)
Thomson, C. Leslie
Tilden MD, John
Trall MD


Kasper Blond, MD, FICS

Gayle Eversole, DHom, PhD, MH, NP, ND

Dr. Gary Tunsky

Cleansing Naturopaths
Bernard Jensen
Normon Walker

Tony M. Isaacs
Francis M. Pottenger

Dr Gina Shaw, M.A., AIYS (Dip. Irid.) at True Health

Naturopathy politics quotes

Association of Master Herbalists (AMH)

See: Dr Orian Truss 

See: Herbs for cancer

Natural hygiene, Orthopathy, and natural healing began in the USA with the work of Dr. Isaac Jennings in 1822.
Dr. Graham followed Jennings.  AKA, the Graham craker.
Dr. Trall followed Graham.
Dr. Tilden followed Trall.
Dr. Herbert Shelton followed in the footsteps of Tilden.