Simon Charles
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Simon Charles is now in his 26th year in full time hyopnotherapy & homeopathy and healing. Simon long since recognised that you cannot heal or cure all of the people all of the time with just one alternative disclipline, so a mix and match therapeutic system is individually worked out for each individual. Sometimes the emphasis will be on hypnotherapy or psychotherapy, homeopathy or healing. Homeopathy is the only paradigm that could ever rival and replace authodoxy in terms of general treatment for disease. In order to understand homeopathy one first needs to know what authodoxy (allo-opathy) is. This system works by immuni-system-suppression through chemical toxicity. Homepathy works through immunie system stimulation, energising and vitality. In homeopathy we use the system "the hair of the dog that bit one" or "a little of the thing to cure the thing". Like with like, throught the law of similars. If someone attends consultation for arsenic poisoning, likely to get a fine and carefully prepared, dilute, energised dose fo arsenic to combat it. So all homeopathic medicines work through the vaccinal idea. Homeopathy is particularly good for old people, children, woman’s complaints and rare and peculiar symptoms undiagnosed by authodoxy.
    I trained at the Blythe College which then became the national College of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, then the College of Practical homeopathy (I did two post-grad courses there). I have contributed vastly to modern practical homeopathic theory and practice to incorporate handling more holistically these modern highly toxic times. I supervise students and new practitioners and also I mark the graduation exam papers for the homeopathic colleges, along with running a full-time practice.