[Alan Cantwell]




By Alan Cantwell, M.D.

Back in the 1950s a group of four dedicated women scientists began to work together to uncover the remarkable and unprecedented germ that causes cancer. Rather than being received with enthusiasm, their published cancer research was ignored, overlooked or actively suppressed by the cancer establishment and the powers that be.

The cause of cancer is unknown — or is it? In this highly provocative and controversial book, Alan Cantwell, MD, presents the revolutionary cancer research of physician Virginia Livingston, MD; microbiologist Eleanor Alexander-Jackson; cell cytologist Irene Diller: and world-famous biochemist Florence Seibert — all of whom discovered an easily detectable microbe in cancer—a germ whose existence is still totally denied by the medical establishment. Unlike any infectious agent known to science, the cancer microbe has characteristics of both bacteria and viruses—and produces a remarkable hormone that allows life to continually reproduce and renew itself.

The idea that bacteria cause cancer is still a taboo subject in modern medicine, but there is a century of research by various investigators that proves the idea is correct. There is also a wealth of scientific infor­mation on cancer-causing bacteria on the Internet, and Dr. Cantwell points the reader to these sources for further evidence. In addition, the book contains photographs showing the microbe in breast cancer, pros­tate cancer, lymphoma and AIDS-related cancer. As a result, this book is indispensable for people who want to understand the infectious hidden killer in cancer, and how this knowledge could be useful in finally conquering cancer.

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Microbiologist Eleanor Alexander-Jackson, Ph.D., Alan Cantwell, and cytologist                        With Virginia Livingston. San Diego, March 1981
Irene Corey Diller, Ph.D., at an International Symposium on the Diagnosis and
Treatment of Cancer and
Allied Diseases, sponsored by the Livingston-Wheeler
Foundation, San Diego, CA, June 1980.