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Vaccines - Dr. Len Horowitz 37mb.MP3   [See: Horowitz DM.D.,M.A, Leonard .]

Emerging Viruses, AIDS and Ebola - Dr. Len Horowitz 114mb.MP3   [See: Horowitz DM.D.,M.A, Leonard .]

Vaccination Assassination - Dr. Rebecca Carly 21mb.MP3  [See: Carley, MD, Dr. Rebecca.]

Vaccination_Deprogramming - Paul Borracia_85mb.MP3    [See: THE NATIONAL HEALTH FEDERATION]

What CDC Documents and Science Reveal - Dr.Sherri Tenpenny 101mb.MP3  [See: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny DO.]

Reality of Vaccination Myths - Scott McLeod 103mb.MP3 

Beware of Government Vaccinations - Pastor Peters 48mb.MP3

Vaccines - Do They Really Work - William Lindsey 39mb.MP3

Murder by Injection - Eustice Mullins 25mb.MP3    [See: Mullins, Eustace.]

Other Health Related MP3 Audios:

Green Foods - David Sandoval  35mb.MP3

License to Kill - The WholeFood Farmacy  33mb.MP3 

Kent Hovind on Health 143mb.MP3

Enzymedica on Enzymes  38mb.MP3 

World Without Cancer - The Story of Vitamin B17 - Ed Griffin 51mb.MP3  [See: Griffin, G. Edward Laetrile.]

The Medical Conspiracy - Bill Schnoebelen 105mb.MP3