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Assemblage Point
Naturopathic Herbalism
Nutritional medicine

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Shifted Assemblage Point  [See: Assemblage Point]

There probably aren’t many factors of course but one thing is clear is that madness and psychotic behaviour the SAP can be completely mapped for each type of behaviour to specific positions on the body. So extreme right location of the SAP represents excessive left brain activity which is extrovert activity, panicky activity and high levels of adrenaline. And extreme left positions of the SAP represent extreme right brain activity, introvert, psychosis and the midway position is where we are balanced on the internal and external realities.  For most people the position is due to the stress of living in the western world and the extrovert activities that we take up it is on the right side of the chest which represents left brain activity. And there are degrees of it. The more balanced a person is the closer it is to the centre. Jon Whale interview on Stationary Assemblage Point (SAP)

Anything that shifts the SAP, your mothers death, some violence, hunger or thirst, drugs, accident, intimidation anything can shift it. Jon Whale interview on Stationary Assemblage Point (SAP)

I had a dropped SAP and I was in a bad state of health as a result of it and that no therapist or doctor who had been to see me concerning my condition had been able to shed any light as to what had happened. One day I was alright and the next day I wasn’t. I was ill for quite a good number of months when the incident happened.  I was very ill and I had been for a long time and  the next day I was alright again after he had shifted my SAP. So that was a profound lesson to me and he told me I should make every effort to record the SAP positions associated with every type of illness which I have done. Jon Whale interview on Stationary Assemblage Point (SAP)

ME is a dropped SAP and the person won’t recover unless the SAP is shifted up. It has dropped from the stress position on the right to below the liver and no matter what the person does the physical body, from that perspective, doesn’t have any of the energy anymore and it no matter what they think their body won’t function and do what their thoughts command. Shifting it up corrects it. At least if it’s done fairly soon otherwise it takes fairly longer to correct it, two or three months Two or three months for a person to regain their former vibrational rate.Jon Whale interview on Stationary Assemblage Point (SAP)

 Entering through the right, passing through the heart to the left back is the executive stress position and is extremely uncomfortable. The heart has a peculiar heartbeat associated with that position and I suspect that many pacemakers and things are fitted as a result of an incorrect position of the SAP. Jon Whale interview on Stationary Assemblage Point (SAP)

 Schizophrenia is a split SAP?  The pivot point jumps to extreme  locations. The same with epilepsy. The epilepsy itself, the fit itself, somehow rejumps the SAP back up to its position again. Jon Whale interview on Stationary Assemblage Point (SAP)

Naturopathic Herbalism  [See: Dr Richard Shulze]
I had a number of patients get very depressed because of what the doctor told them, or because of their medical procedures or whatever. One of the things I had to do in my clinic was to combat depression all the time. The ginkgo on its own was effective with maybe 20 percent of the patients, but the majority of them didn't notice a difference in their depression.
          Putting the cayenne in with it, I would say I got up to about 95 percent immediately. It was quite astounding what the difference was.
          Of course, it is a well known scientific fact today, and this is something that has only come out in the last couple years, that there is a small area in the center of the brain. When it atrophies; when it dries up and shrinks and has a lack of blood and oxygen to it, you become more depressed. Keeping the circulation going to that area inhibits depression. And increasing circulation is what cayenne is doing.
    So ginkgo is a great herb for getting more blood and oxygen up there, but cayenne is the herb that takes it up."---Dr Shulze

Chiropractic  [See: Chiropractic]
Out of 72 cases studied, 70% of schizophrenics and 33% of brain syndrome patients were successfully treated by chiropractic and released. Among these were the following:

Violence (male, age twenty)

Admitted to an Iowa Chiropractic Institution. Symptoms: very violent, religious delusions, necessary to restrain him. Diagnosis of Dementia Praecox. Discharged four months later as cured. Letter received from the mother of the patient six months later states her son is enjoying the best of health.

Nervous breakdown (female, age eighteen)

Nervous breakdown at Christmas. Laughed and cried hysterically much of the time. Was sent by physicians to Kings Sanitarium, Radford, Virginia where she was placed in the insane ward for nine weeks. Her condition worsened. When brought to the chiropractor, violently insane, it was learned that the child had fallen out of a haymow when six years old and was unconscious for a time. X-rays revealed a marked subluxation of the upper cervical vertebrae (upper neck). Adjustments were given and the girl recovered so completely that she was able to be employed in a downtown cafeteria.

Compulsive neurosis (G.l., age twenty-two)

For seven months, subject complained of terrible pains in head, neck and abdomen. These complaints were labeled "imaginary" by M.D.s. Subject also suffered anxiety and compulsions. He feared he would harm his brothers and sisters and held his abdomen while walking. Onset of symptoms followed combat explosion. Seven months of shock treatment and psychiatric service unhelpful. Subject fully recovered under chiropractic care paid for by local American Legion post and... now gainfully employed.

Schizophrenia (girl, age thirteen)

Diagnosis made in Bellevue Hospital. After a severe fail, that night she went into a catatonic coma. Became completely rigid, fists closed very tightly, eyes wide open, obviously impervious to sight, sound or any outside influence. Institutionalism was ordered by psychiatrists in Bellevue. Against doctors' advice, mother took child home and consulted a chiropractor. X-rays were taken and a subluxation in the cervical region was adjusted. There was immediate improvement. After three adjustments recovered completely. Now married, has two children and is in perfect health.

Psychosis (female teacher, age twenty-eight, mother of one-year-old)

Post partum psychosis. Had been confined to State Mental Hospital since delivery Received hydrotherapy and shock treatments. Was gradually becoming worse. Unable to concentrate and would not respond to questions. Placed under chiropractic care and received a total of twenty adjustments, given twice weekly. Showed immediate improvement. Discharged as cured and has since been normal.

Manic depression (actress, age forty)

Nutritional medicine  [See: Nutritional Medicine]
"I tell patients that tranquilizers alone never cure anyone. They merely reduce the intensity of the symptoms and make life slightly more endurable. They create a better behaved, chronic dependent person. Only with orthomolecular treatment can the majority of schizophrenic patients hope to become well and normally independent."---Abram Hoffer, M.D.

"Orthomolecular treatment does not lend itself to rapid drug-like control of symptoms, but….patients get well to a degree not seen by tranquilizer therapists who believe orthomolecular therapists are prone to exageration. Those who’ve see the results are astonished."---Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D.

"Omega 3 deficiency symptoms: growth retardation, vision & learning problems, motor inco-ordination, weakness, tingling in arms & legs, behavioural changes. All except the first are symptoms used to diagnose MS."—Udo Erasmus, author Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill. (lecture).

"We were using niacin and niacinamide before the new psychiatric drugs entered the North American market. Our results were better and safer but we had no one to support us. While drug results were more often more dramatic,  they were also much more dangerous. Eventually, it turned out that drugs, while helping in the short run and used in small doses, in the long run stopped the process of recovery long before the patients became well, and  froze them into a chronic semi-invalid state from which they can not recover as long as they remain on the medication.
    "Today, 47 years later, orthomolecular vitamin treatment is still relatively unknown. The use of drugs is world wide and sanctioned by powerful drug interests, the professional associations and governments. It seems not to matter that huge numbers of patients are being denied their chance for full recovery...... niacin has not been fenced in and the treatment has indeed been trampled on for the past 40 years by the galloping hordes of professional establishments, the American Psychiatric Association, governments, the FDA , the National Institutes of Mental Health, and by nearly every health-professional organization. It is a wonder that there are any orthomolecular doctors at all. ---Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D.