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~Talmud Unmasked~ Author's Dedication. Talmud Unmasked reveals the secret & diabolical Rabbinical teachings concerning Christians.">
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The Names Of Christ

The Life Of Christ/The Christian Cross

The Teachings Of Christ

The Names Of Christians

What The Talmud Teaches About Christians

Christian Worship

Christians Unworthy To Associate With Jews

Christians Are Unclean

Christians Are Idolaters

Christians Are Evil

Christians To Be Harmed Indirectly

Christians To Be Harmed Directly

Appendix - How The Pope Treated The Jews

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Rosary in Latin

Gregory XVII "Siri" The Pope in Red

Who "Pulled" 911

The Coming Great Catholic Monarch

St. John Bosco's Dream (Vision) of Hell

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Infant Baptism in Emergency

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In order to requite in some measure your very great kindness towards me, evidences of which I have experienced so often and in so many ways, I have undertaken to dedicate this little book to you. It is small in size but has been prepared with great care and labor, and I am led by the hope that you will not spurn it; for it is the first fruits of the labor of one whom you were once so kindly pleased to style the first fruits of your labors as Rector of this Academy.

I therefore beg your Excellency to bless this work which I have recently completed, so that it may fulfil the purpose for which it was written. Bless me also that I may soon accomplish greater works for the glory of God and for the honor and advancement of our Alma Mater, over which you have ruled for eight years, and of which you are its greatest ornament.

May these pages be to Your Excellency the proof of my perpetual and sincere love and gratitude.

Your Excellency's devoted disciple,

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