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Christians Unworthy To Associate With Jews

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Gregory XVII "Siri" The Pope in Red

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"Let our writings be open to all the people. Let them see what our moral code is like! We need not be afraid of this test, for we have a pure heart and a clean spirit. Let the nations investigate the habitations of the children of Israel, and of their own accord convince themselves of what they are really like! They will then exclaim for certain with Balaam, when he went out to curse Israel: 'How beautiful are thy tents, O Israel: how beautiful thy homes!(1)

"In its attitude towards non-Jews, the Jewish religion is the most tolerant of all the the religions in the world....The precepts of the ancient Rabbis, though inimical to Gentiles, cannot be applied in any way to Christians."(2)

"A whole series of opinions can be quoted from the writings of the highest Rabbinical authorities to prove that these teachers inculcated in their own people a great love and respect for Christians, in order that they might look upon Christians, who believe in the true God, as brothers, and pray for them."(3)

"We hereby declare the the Talmud does not contain anything inimical to Christians."(4)

(1) J. Singer: Should the Jews become Christians? p.6. Vienna, 1884.

(2) Daniel Chwolson: Do Jews use Christian Blood? pp. 11, 12, St. Petersburg, 1879.

(3) Polish Magazine Izraelita (Warsaw) No. 48, p. 459c, 1891.

(4) Dr. A. Jellenek: Gegen die Antisemiten (Against the Anti-Semites) p. 9, Vienna, 1882.

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