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Political Treachery

Praise for Robert Stinnett's Day Of Deceit

"There is plenty of news value to Stinnett's book. Why? Because he has amassed evidence that yields... a far more precise knowledge of who knew what and when than any previous author has presented."
-Steve Weinberg, The San Francisco Chronicle

It is difficult, after reading this copiously documented book, no to wonder about previously unchallenged assumptions about Pearl Harbor."

-Richard Bernstein,
The New York Times Book Review
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 "A fascinating and readable book that is exceptionally well presented."
-Bruce Bartlett,
The Wall Street Journal

 "Stinnett has made a sickening discovery through the Freedom of Information Act...FDR must have known...Day Of Deceit is perhaps the most revelatory document of our time."
-Tom Roeser,
Chicago Sun-Times

 "Thanks to Stinnett's thorough research, those who will debate this topic in the future will have a fuller picture of the real story behind the 'Day of Infamy.' "
-Ed Halloran,
Rocky Mountain News

 "Backed by seventeen years of research and using more than two hundred thousand interviews and newly declassified documents, Stinnett makes devastating revelations....[He is] a model researcher....December 7, 1941 is indeed 'a date that will live in infamy.' Thanks to Stinnett, we now know where the infamy really lay. A sobering blockbuster, an absorbing read, and a model of revisionist history, Day Of Deceit does much to unmask the awful truth about Pearl Harbor. All Americans interested in our entry into World War II- or concerned with our government's trustworthiness-should read it."
-John Attarian,
The Detroit News

 "Stinnett makes points that disturb conventional thinking about the Pearl harbor attack."
-Lynwood Abraham,
Houston Chronicle

 "Explosive, revealing, and disturbing, Day of Deceit gets to the heart of the debate about America's leadership as the nation was was swept into the war. A triumph of historical scholarship and a valuable contribution to the record of World War II."
-Michael D. Hull,
World War II Magazine

 "Robert Stinnett has come as close as any mortal will to proving not only that the president had a pretty shrewd idea the Japanese planned to attack, but that he did everything in his power, short of declaring war, to make sure they would. After almost sixty years and the destruction of intelligence documents- a single ' smoking gun ' will never be found. But the case put together by Stinnett during thirteen years of research, painstaking use of the Freedom of Information Act, and interviews with participants, is more than persuasive."
-Rupert Cornwell,
The London Independent

  "An explosive well-written look at the events leading up to the Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor, including FDR's provocation of the attack, by a WWII veteran and longtime journalist....Stinnett has left no stone unturned in this account, which should rewrite the historical record of WWII."
-Kirkus Reviews

"Stinnett provides overwhelming evidence that FDR and his top advisors knew that the Japanese warships were heading towards Hawaii. The heart of this argument is even more inflammatory: Stinnett argues that FDR, who desired to sway public opinion in support of U.S. entry into WWII, instigated a policy intended to provoke a Japanese attack....If Stinnett is right, FDR has a lot to answer for- namely, the lives of those Americans who perished at Pearl harbor, Stinnett establishes almost beyond question that the U.S. Navy could have at least anticipated the attack."
-Publishers Weekly
(starred review)

 "Pearl harbor hold fewer secrets because of Stinnett's research."