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Orgone therapy utilizes all of the techniques one learns in one's psychiatric training, including psychoanalytical concepts and the appropriate use of psychotropic medications.  Speaking of the latter, while one of the goals of therapy would be to have the individual functioning without medication, one needs to be realistic.  We are dealing with organisms that have been living with their armor, their maladaptive defenses and irrationalities for years, if not decades.  One's goals and therapeutic zeal need to be tempered with the reality of each individual's capabilities and limits.  In such cases, one has to take a step back and take a more global view of what is possible.

As Reich said, with trees that have already grown twisted, it is not possible to get them to grow straight.  The most one can do is to clear the undergrowth around the tree that interferes with its growth.

All the same, clearing one's undergrowth can provide a person with a new sense of themselves, a heightened awareness of one's needs and an ability to use one's natural aggressiveness to go after what corresponds to their natural needs so they can experience pleasure and happiness.  It can provide one with new tools that allow a more natural expression of their emotions, so they can cry when sad, express anger when appropriate, to be intimate with a loved one without running away.


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