Making the Muller Over Unity Generator

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The credit for this outstanding device is acknowledged to Bill Muller. Without his hard work and dedication to this device over 15 years, this generator would not be available to us today!


 (Readme 1st)       Explanation and  design principles.

Understanding how the generator works
Section of the Patent describing the use of Black Sand
See a Amorphous Metal MOVIE (quick time)
Selecting your design and materials
Suggested Tools and Supplies 


 Generators in various stages - built by others

 Owen Charles  New updated photos
Don Adsitt-  Prototype testing setup.
Chris Hamm Prototytpe Generator - early photos and coil test  (Excellent)
First Prototype Generator built by Norman Bollinger and Gregg Dunn
A look at Doug Konzens Muller Plate Generator with Ceramic Magnets
Some alternate methods of construction - for test purposes only -


Building a generator with 14 neo magnets on a 12" diameter rotor - Don Adsitt.

Construction Plans (Step by Step)

 - The Rotor Shaft           - Custom Rotor shaft by Chris Hamm

Chris will make you a shaft for $50.00 - E-mail Chris Hamm to order

 - Making the Rotor  
- Constructing a  strong and easy frame for only $20.00
- Construction of the Coil Winding Unit used to wind the Coils.
- Construction of the Coil Template for Black Sand Cores -1st choice
(Step 10) - Overview of the circuit diagrams
(Step 11) - Adding the wiring and components    NEWEST ADDITION
(Step 12) - installing the coils
Completed photos