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Patent No. 6009707
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The second invention: Buoyancy Driven Energy Producing Device

Is really a big break-through in the history of the production of energy it implies the buoyancy with elevation using the gravity in a free way of emptying of the tanks. I would think that, for a well experienced in the art it will be easy to grasp the concept and he will sea how it will work with great ease. And he will determine the big quantity of energy that it will produce.

As buoyancy is caused by air pressure on a high velocity "density for one kind" liquid which will cause any lower velocity "density" matter to buoyant up wards + the potential pressure in that liquid. Giving that the density of one litter of water is equal one kilogram, which will yield a force of lifting one ton for one meter of a tank full of air, buoyancy in water.

Firstly, I thought it is easy for others to understand the way it will work but some people that they do not believe in a free energy they will not give it a thought.

Now every body I explained to him, agreed that the one unit will operate, and it will produce electricity. But why not that we use different units one lower than the other using a natural source like mountain and we use the same amount of water each time it is really a big quantity of electricity coming from one amount of water.

That's with big elevation we can recycle the water by heating it to go up as steam then after condensing it will be used to operate on the apparatus. Then the surplus of energy will be used for urban needs, this is infinite energy or we can call it "excess over unity" that would not need any fuel from any kind. Or what is guaranteed using water from rain or melt snow to operate the apparatus.


Patent No. 5873249
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We can install the apparatus in front of a dam and use high towers on the bank of the river up to reaching the sea.
the wide range is giving a big use of the water hundreds times other than the using of turbines "the conventional way".

On this way we can increase the capacity of a dam and change the river direction to other areas for agriculture by using the water in irrigation after the emptying of tanks
The second use of the storing apparatus:
It can be used to store energy for a solar plant; as we have no limits on storing which will make the solar energy more feasible and reliable. and the cost of making the apparatus will compete with the conventional batteries, as they require high technology and scarce expensive materials other than the longevity of the simple apparatus that will serve for tens of years with a little maintenance needs. As shown in the patent.

On a third way:

we can use the storing way for making a good use of any unstable energy source like tidal or wind.
for this we can have as an example about 50 windmills to lift two weights one after the other and we will have a third one as a stand by. If the wind will stop completely for a long time we still have stored energy in the weights, so the consumers will have the current from the lowering of the weights always, this will make a steady current and more we can have some units as a stand by.

On a Fourth Use:

We can use the storing way in saving some energy that usually goes in heat when there is a surplus or a shortage on the main lines that will come from installing the storing apparatus near a transforming station.

So when we have surplus or when there is cheap electricity during nights or seasons we will connect the electric motor to the main line and lift the weight to store the energy. Later their will be a shortage then we will let the weight come down pulling the generator to produce more energy that is needed at once. This matter will occur during the 24 hours or during the  seasons, where there will be a loss of millions of dollars on this situation on daily manner.

We have two good examples working now, the first one:

Bala house, lakeside Business Vilage, St. David's Park,Ewloe, Flintshire CH5 3XJ. UK

As they have a water reservoir in the top of a mountain and another one at the bottom. They circulate the water up and down by using turbines when there is cheap electricity they pump the water up, and when there is shortage they start the turbine to produce electricity.

The difference is that in the storing apparatus is that we use weights that is more feasible and with no limits.

The second is in the USA it uses the surplus of water to a reservoir then when needed they operate the turbines to produce electricity, it is:

TVA on the Tennessee river. They made the world largest rechargeable battery, by using the surplus of water when they do not need it, but they use a large land to have the reservoir.



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