Power Developments (PTY )

What is Claimed:" A Self Sustaining Permanent Magnet Motor driving an alternator outputting power for 6KW and Up!"

 from website http://www.perendev.co.za/prod01.htm

Magnetic Motor with Alternator.

We can supply Alternators from 6KW up to 2MW.

Background of the Magnetic Motor.

We started in 1969 with the development of a magnetic motor to drive an alternator 

to produce electricity.

The concept was sound but the problem we faced was that the magnets that were available at the time

( ferrite magnets) were not very powerful.

The unit ran but had very little power and the project was abandoned.

In 1996 we started to investigate the possibility of reviving the original idea, magnets had now come a long way

 and were very powerful (rare earth).

After driving engineers mad with new angles to be cut, we developed a 3 rotor system producing 9kw,

this we are coupling to a alternator through an 11.1 gearbox to produce electricity in 220volt and 380volt, single or 3 phase.