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Jean is going to visit it in person in Sept. and send follow up photos and information. 

Contributed by Jean Yves Hervouet  with this e-mail:

I asked: is this a perpetual self running wheel? Answer:

Mr Don Adsitt,
Yes, it is claimed as a self running wheel.
As I know, and if I am not mistaken:
The diameter of the whell is 18 meters.
The wheel comprises 236 small 'machineries'
(including spings (protected by theses glass bottles that can be seen on the pictures)).
According to the inventor Mr Aldo Costa it is not a kind of 'wind engine'
as his motion can be clockwise or anti-clockwise as requested.
I have not yet seen this wheel.
I was told about it by Mr Aldo Costa and Mr Didier De Plaige
( who saw it.
I do not know if there are any movies of the wheel.
I guess it should exists one as a french TV show recently told about this wheel.
I am planning to see and film it in september.
Yours sincerely,


The author says: 

The perpetual movement is the physical transformation due to the reversible system without energy, it requires a close revolution circuit from the rule of the inversed square. The interaction from the specialized links allows the positive masses to obtain the inverse charge to relate the right place at the right time which creates the center of gravity.

The quantity of kinetics at the time preserved results to an appropriate time, whatever the need it can be increased by a mechanical quantity. Therefore the interaction gravity, combined with interaction (of weak - strong - electromagnetic), opens wide doors to obtain the unification of the universal law.

UPDATE: 8-12-02

Mr Don Adsitt,
To be honest, and tell you the truth, it had became evident to me,
after I recently had corresponded with Aldo Costa personally,
that his actual 18 meters wheel is not a really 'perpetual' self running one as claimed.
Actually, It stalls after a while once it is launched.....
The reasons invocked are:
1) Calculations show it is not huge enough (the minimum diameter should be about 50 meters)
2) Mr Costa was not allowed to build such a giant one.
3) He is honestly convinced that he had demonstrated a working principle.
4) As a matter of fact previous smaller wheels did not even move.
I'm not talking about any scam or fake but in the present circumstances
I prefer giving up and not go in september to Mr Costa's place to see a not fullly working device.
Please find some more information on this url:
(My first e-mail was for Mr Scott Ellis which I had been in touch for several times).


We will be looking for an update in Sept.2002



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