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Carl Tilley is a Professional Con Man

Exposé of professional scam involving bogus claims of free energy. Excessive investors, technology hype, demo fraud, delayed delivery. Movie material.

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The Tilley Foundation charger technology is based on some super high-efficiency principles invented by Robert Kibbey, but Tilley has taken those and exaggerated them to unreal proportions as part of a con job to bilk investor money. Flight risk high based on previous scams he has ran. Civil action under way. The man needs to be in hand cuffs ASAP. He has given the free energy world a black eye, and defrauded over 40 people. GE is on his tail for fraudulently claiming at the first Tilley Foundation shareholders meeting May 4, 2002 that one of their vice presidents offered 2 billion, 'sight unseen.' (documented on video tape.) He probably believed he could actually get several billion, as inquiries have been pouring in, but his day in the sun must stop before he pulls off one of the largest heists in history.

Sterling D. Allan
Jan. 29, 2003

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Streaming video clips.

Report of Kibbey's role in invention origination, and Tilley's role in running with it as the perfect con tool.

Elaboration of technology by Kibbey, including sketches.



Documentation of Claims

In addition and supplemental to the information provided in the above links.

I. (Overview) Webb/Kibbey List of Grievances

II. Tilley's Criminal Record

III. Proof of Kibbey Involvement in Invention

When I first interviewed Tilley in August 2002, to report on his Foundation, he portrayed himself as the sole inventor of the TEV technology.  Webb and Kibbey report that this is how Tilley portrayed himself to the shareholders as well.

-- Sterling D. Allan (Jan. 29, 2003)

The following documents Kibbey's involvement.

IV. Tilley Foundation Documents

V. Technology Claims Discounted

VI. Foundation Resignations Because of Scam

VII. Ensuing Litigation

VIII. Tilley Foundation Still At It


Recovery -- for the victims

Editor's Comment

When I first heard about Tilley's electric vehicle driven by a mysterious charger that keeps the batteries perpetually topped, I wanted to believe it was for real, and a manifestation of the "free energy" that mankind is now learning to harness -- solar energy being the most obvious example of extracting energy from a virtually inexhaustible source.

I began this feature website of Tilley's technology with the intent of giving adequate coverage for this phenomenal development.

As time progressed and I had interaction with Carl Tilley and his associate Doug Littlefield, I began to see that they were less than ethical in their dealings with me.  I still remained hopeful that their technology was sound, even as I grew less confident that the technology was theirs originally to offer investors.

I still hope that they have something worth while in their black box, but I am skeptical enough of their ethics that I am willing to give voice on this forum for responsible claims of fraudulent activities by Carl Tilley.

Carl is encouraged to provide evidence to the contrary.

-- Sterling D. Allan, Dec. 3, 2002
Greater Things News Service

After writing the above, I put this exposé page on hold, pending hearing back from Robert Kibbey, but my requests for confirmation were not returned.

With Walter Webb blowing whistle on the Tilley Foundation, I can no longer withhold, but must contribute to the exposing of this for what it is:  a malicious scam operation by a professional con man.

-- Sterling D. Allan, Jan. 27, 2003
Greater Things News Service


Sterling D. Allan was fired from the free energy company on which he sat on the board, and for which he was the primary public figure.  The firing came as a result of his continuing exposé of the Tilley Foundation.  They stated: "As a company, we cannot condone our primary public spokesman being part of attacking a competitor, whether or not the case is warranted.  He was not acting in an official company capacity when he undertook this exposé."