Please notify your readers of the scam being run by "Dr. Paul LeBreton PhD" (LOL) of Psitronics.  Check out the article below, and see especially my response.


      Many thanks.

S. Michael Hoke


Posted on Saturday, November 02 @ 11:50:00 EST by vlad

Devices From the AEI New Energy Report #86:
"Experts at the U.S. Navy recently gave a favorable evaluation of the blueprints for the "Millennium Motor" which is currently under development by a consortium of visionary, entrepreneurial companies. Proponents of these self-sustaining "Free Energy" permanent magnet motors claim that the devices could power your automobile without any need for fuel or electric vehicle battery packs. They could also power an alternator to furnish "free" electricity to your remote mountain cabin, or wherever electrical power is needed. A 600 horsepower prototype has been constructed which could power 18-wheeler trucks and the developers of this new technology claim that larger versions could replace the turbo-prop engines on helicopters or aircraft for fuel-less operation. Psitronics Group Systems International (http://home.earthlink.net/~wizzard9/)is now taking orders for small quantities of custom-built prototypes. See for yourself if this is the real deal or just pie-in-the-sky salesmanship."
(I would be cautious...very little info about the device on their site. - Vlad)