What they offer- a Self Running Magnetic Motor

Due to the overwhelming demand for the self running magnet motor, and unexpected delays in shipping from our magnet suppliers, we can not fulfill new orders until further notice. All previous orders have shipped.

We are however offering the complete parts list, and easy to follow instruction booklet for building a working unit, the cost of the booklet is only $29.95

We do recommend Neo magnets, but the magnets needed may be substituted (for testing only) using Radio Shack magnets Cat.# 64-1883 or a 1/2" x 1/8" similar magnet.

The price for these magnets vary worldwide but are available online from Radio Shack for a total cost of about $35.00  All additional parts needed are available at your local hardware store, for a cost of under $30.00.

All orders for the booklet will ship within 48 hours of order.   Each Plans/Parts booklet cost just $29.95 USD and includes cost of shipping


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I have a site which relates to free energy devices AND TO SCAMS! I would like to see documentation (video and photos) or an actual magnet motor that works as you state. I would pay for your material cost. If I can validate your claims, I will help to promote your site. If you are Scamming people, I will certainly place this site in the SCAM list, forward as a scam to all the news groups, other scam index sites, as well as notify the Attorney General. I appreciate your site in as much your promotion of free energy, but scams cannot be tolorated. I am posting this page as from your site, on my site and await your response. 
Don Adsitt