Magnetic Experiment of Norman Bollinger


In the photo below you see two 3/4 x 2 inch magnets with 3 thin metal discs that came from Lowes in the magnet package. They were sort of keepers on the back of the magnets which are sold in pairs. They are about 5 to 8 thousands of an inch thick and 2 inches in diameter. The magnets cause the discs to separate or spring up. A clear plastic coke bottle has been cut and taped into a cylinder just a little larger diameter than the metal discs to keep them in place. The cylinder is then glued to the clear plastic CD case underneath so it stays in place with black silicone seal. If you remove the magnets then the discs drop. But when the magnets come get close together the discs separate and pop up. This is the basic principle force that I want to couple with the Lafonte repel balance to use a small force to make a larger force. This force is so strong that it takes 3 or 4 - 3/4 x 2 inch magnets to compress the metal discs down flat. When balanced properly the weight of one 3/4 x 2 inch magnet will move the arms back and forth easily thus creating a larger force where the discs are pushed apart.

Magnetically Separated Discs

In this photo you see my first embodiment on the swinging arms with repel magnets to match the magnet attraction to the metal discs. You also see one metal disc between the repel magnets that is used to adjust the repel force to match the attraction force which then allows the discs to spring up and down with an easy movement of the arms. The C clamp in the background is used for adjusting the repel magnet on a macro scale.
Balanced apparatus - Lafonte like

This is another view. The magnet on the end closest to you is left over from a prior attempt and is useless. Underneath the clear plastic cylinder is come cardboard and a cardboard tube to keep it in place.
discx 2 picture

As of yet I have not acheived the necessary balance to easily - almost effortlessly - move the arms which create the spring up force which is quite strong. These magnets are the 3/4 x 1 inch Radio Shack magnets with the hole in the center.

The next version has arms that are geared together so each arm moves together at the same rate. Stay tunned. I have been very busy this weekend but managed to get these photos.