A Minato Wheel -Unfortunately  it does not appear to work in is present configuration. More testing to come.

His website is http://fdp.hemsida.net

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  A minato Patent  4,751,486

A 'turntable'-model, to test the principle.
The magnet are placed so that it 'looks good', no geometrics here.

This construction will hold a magnet attached to the wheel.
The first idea does not really look like the result, but the construction time
and the material need is importantly less then the original design.

This construction will hold a magnets in the right position.
The first picture show the notes which I made after creating the geometric model.
These notes will be translated and published.
The last pictures on this line show the 'bridge' construction which will hold the magnets in the right position from each other.

This shows how the wheel is build in a wooden frame.
The last pictures shows how interesting it is when daddy build his machine and tries to make a picture of it....

An ordinary speed clock to show if the wheel if gaining or loosing speed.The Completed Wheel

Second attempt at a new wheel

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I  couldn't get the Minato wheel from my mind and build a model after I had received a lot of tips from people reading your site. The wheel diameter is 1000 mm  , 48 magnets (and 48 counter weights)
One picture (parts.jpg) shows the magnets I use and the the parts in a counter weight.
I tried with several big magnets to get it working but it's not spinning. The wheel moves a bit BUT IN THE WRONG DIRECTION. Other people who has build this motor have good results but not me. The balancing is perfect. The weight is minimal. Maybe I live at the wrong side of the globe.
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