The Minato Wheel Model II by Eric Vogels

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This experiment has 2 Minato-like wheels. The test is to see if the rotation of the first wheel can be completed by forces of the second wheel. The second wheel will pull the first wheel out of the 'blue zone'.
On the second picture you can see how I balance the wheel with help of some magnets on an iron disc. On the wheels, the north-poles are facing out. I get the best results when the left big magnet points North up and the right points South up. Strange but trough.
This phenomena maybe makes a 3-disc version impossible since for a balance 2 big magnets have to point North up and 2 have to point South up.
On the video clip 1 you can see that this device is self starting (and stopping)"
Here are 3 wheels mounted on the same shaft. The motion stops. Maybe due to the fact that I need 2 big magnets pointing North up and 2 big magnets pointing South up. So 4 wheels are necessary as explained before. The video clip 2 shows that the device stops, after a manual start.