Experiment with resonance and single wire transmission with low voltage

NOTE: The movie says 29khz - it should be 290khz! (up way to late)

 may have to turn up your volume

Comments about this experiment

Yes it works.
You don't need diode there, magnet, plastic insulator. It works without it. It is capacitive transfer of energy.
Here are something very interesting. Make following setup: function generator / one leg/ single layer wounded coil made on the plastic tube/capacitor bigger as you can find connected with one leg. Put another capacitor beside this one and connect it with Avramneco plug. find resonance and you will collect high voltage (cca 200-300V) on the
Avramenco plug. If you will change setup and "drive" this capacitor with "ordinary" HF
songal from ordinary HF/HV transforer, there will not be energy transfer or radiation out of capacitor.
Use minimum 10 000 microF. You can put this capacitor or receiving capacitor under Faraday cage, it will be almost the same. It is a stacionary wave propagation as Tesla described. I hope it could help.


Coil Coil and Magnet LED lighting up
Setup Signal Generator Scope





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