The Hamel/Trovato Spinner-Motor

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The Trovato Spinning Disc

This is how you build one using parts from radio shack:

Take a trip to radio shack and build one today.... 

I made several simple advancements and several modifications to original 
Hamel design... 20 full rotations was what I achieved so far at best... 
You must build this thing if you are serious about permanent
magnet motors - to see it in action, click the Play button above.
The number 20 almost seems like not enough but when the thing is flying 
off the table its hard to say its stopping :))


There is a ring or gate of 28 magnets (1x7/8x3/16). All bound with 
duct tape with the same poles inside DUCT TAPE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 
- 1001 uses holds true... 

I succeeded where by discovering an ordinary mouse ball with the
rubber coating ripped off is 3/4" (polish with steel wool.) 
Previous designs were handheld and unattainable...

4 ring magnets are placed on the ball (1" x 1/4" ea.) 
Label each ring magnet with a small sticker and number so you'll 
know which configuration works best. I say this because my 
semi-ceramic ring magnets have imperfect split poles (meaning they 
aren't straight like they should be.) You'll find one that works
best - and write it down in your notebook.

P.S. I recommend granulated wood without a polished surface for 
the placing of the ball because it prevents slipping. Making space 
gaps where the duct tape joins in a circle also produces some 
interesting results. Show it to your friends... 

Welcome to the new millennium! 


Trovato Levitron

Trovato (Tro-vaught-o) hands-free "zero-point energy growth" levitation
Updated! 06/08/01 Hands-free Levitron demonstrates Hamel UFO principle

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