The MEG - Motionless Electronic Generator

You'll want to check out Tom Bearden - A Critical Examination of His Claims as well


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There is a fascinating thread on Beaty's Vorts list at; In reading about the MEG project at;, a couple of things raised red flags to me. The things that bothered me were: -- It does not produce over unity with resistive loads. -- It only works with high voltages -- Power output measured by load temperature is not OU ----------------------- 'about MEG measurement errors?' with a long chain of responses, you might want to check them out... You can scan through them all at;

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Well, IMHO its still up in the air....follows a history of claims > unfortunately...from what I have seen it still requires DC so is NOT > self-running...we shall see in a year...usually in devices powered by > outside sources, there are too many errors that can be made by mis-measuring > or mis-calculating from the wrong points. Way too many people jumping on > these bandwagons as if they are REAL, PROVEN AND IN USE...they are far from > it.... > > You might want to check out the Rense article at; > > >

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Free Energy Device Coming to Market in 2003 April 1, 2002 8:30 CDT

The US patent office is a place where dreams are realized and hopes are dashed. Patents aren't granted without significant proof that the product actually works as promised, and so getting one is in itself a coup, an undeniable mark of credibility for a new product.

Recently, they issued a patent for the first commercially available free energy device in history. Technically, its name is MEG -- the Motionless Magnetic Generator, but call it what you will: it stands poised to revolutionize the way we harness power.

MEG will provide free electricity from the vacuum for the life of the device-which is likely to be a very long time, considering that it has zero moving parts to wear out. It's expected to become commercially available in about a year, first sold in units that generate 2.5 kilowatts of free electricity.

Multiple units can be chained together for a larger capacity. Plans are in the works for a more powerful 10 kilowatt unit to follow; a couple of those and your house could actually get "off the grid" and not be reliant on commercial electricity for anything in your house.

Jean Louis Naudin is one of the five founding fathers of this new technology. He's created a model of the unit and posted it at his website for those wanting a sneak peek. Here's the Reader's Digest Condensed Version of how it works, as told to

"It has strong magnets, coils, and a controller unit with the electronics. Naudin made the announcement to the MEG-builder's Yahoo group. The announcement has significance since the patent office has always been skeptical of devices which seem to get-something-for-nothing. But according to the new science of scalar electromagnetics, the MEG does not break the law of conservation of energy. It's just that the energy is conserved in the fourth dimension, time, and not our 3-space world.

"The MEG provides electrical energy by tapping the longitudinal electromagnetic (EM) waves which exist in almost infinite abundance in the vacuum of space. This ocean of energy that permeates everything is sometimes called the "zero point" energy, since it remains there even at absolute zero temperature."

The other founding fathers include Stephen L. Patrick, Thomas E. Bearden, James C. Hayes, and Kenneth D. Moore. Tom Bearden cautions that the same amazing technology that can produce free electricity can (and already has, according to him) been used to create "fearful weapons" using those same "longitudinal waves" of the vacuum. Those interested in the meaty details of exactly how the device works and the principles of physics behind it can find that here.

The MEG device is filled with unfathomable promise. It is the beginning of a completely new era of energy production and management. It is a testament to the belief that energy is all around us, everywhere, if only we can build the right kinds of machines to harness it. MEG type devices could be put into a car with an electric engine to make a truly fuel-less automobile.

Electricity can be available in very remote places. People will be able to get off our very terrorist-vulnerable power grids. In an era of terrorism it would seem that a highly dispersed power system would be more desirable rather than our centralized systems.

Bill Morgan summed it up best in his article for

"The ramifications of free energy are enormous. The oil wars are not necessary. If we threw as much money at this technology as we are spending on the oil wars we would be free of the need for oil in less than a decade. With fuel-less cars air pollution will be greatly lessened. Third world nations can raise their standard of living eventually. And the energy is free. And it never runs out."

More MEG images can be found on Naudin's Website. We at Cosmiverse with Mr. Naudin the very best of luck with this project!

Source: Bill Morgan