The Konzen Pulse Motors

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Model KH-1 Model KH-2 Model KH-3 Model KH-4
KH-1    KH-2        KH-3    KH-4    (9-04-01) The 1/2 Watt Motor
The KH-1 is a 12 VDC electric 2-Stator pulse motor. It draws about 1.5 amps and turn about 1000RPM. It uses slip rings to power the inner rotor, and has an adjustable inner assembly with permanent magnets for added adjustable RPM control. The KH-2 also is a 2-stator design, which uses electric bearings . The splatter coils are used for picking up stray flux and rectifying that power back to the battery. This motor draws just 750 MA on 12VDC and turns about 1250 RPM. The KH-3 is a 4-stator design with pickup coils and uses electric bearings. It draws just over 2 amps and turns 1750 RPM

The Latest motor, utilizing Secondary Windings around the main pulse coils, in addition to mosfet recovery circuits for recovery of the Back EMF. This motor has all electric bearings and draws only 1 amp.

Here is Dougs last motor, a motor that runs on just a  1/2 watt of power.  Also 50 % of the input and be channeled to the output.

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