Pulse Motor Research 
Latest Copy of the "North Pole Motor by John Bedini"
June 2002

Goal: 4,000 RPM @ 22ma (is it possible with the given specs?)

Now: 2,085 RPM @ 86ma, 12v Battery
(139 Hz/4 poles)

(The coil in front is to read the frequency)

PICTURES: Rotor Closeup, Circuit, and more Closeup Pictures

Dual Battery System: Pictures

Testing a motor design from John Bedini, the "Simple North Pole Motor". Here is a list of parts that are in his diagram, and the parts that I used:


 Parts This Motor John Bedini's Diagram
 Diode 1N914  1N914
 Coil Core Welding rods Welding rods
Main Coil Gauge 23ga 23ga
Trigger Coil Gauge 26ga 26ga
Transistor MPS8099 MPS8099
Coil Width 1" 1"
Coil Length 1.5" 1.5"
# of turns on Coil 560 450 to 800
Resistor Best in this one at 270 ohms  Default 680 ohms
 Rotor Size 2.5" 2.5"
Magnets 6/8 Ceramic Round Unknown thickness -5/8 x 5/8
 Bearings Vcr Flywheel type mount Skate bearings?
 Rotor Weight ~1/4 lb Unknown

Differences to date:

1) These magnets are 1/8" bigger right now-- tried smaller Neo and Ceramic magnets.

2) I tried using several skate bearings with steel, aluminum, and brass rods.
The VCR flywheel technique produced less friction.