Dr Robert Adams

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     The 'Adams 2 Pole' Motor was built from an old aircraft 
     altimeter casing around 1965. Dr Adams tested this motor over a period of 
     ten days observing that it consumed little or no power 
     over that time from the bank of 1.5v NiCad batteries employed. 
     The batteries were taped around the perimeter for this test.

     In the second picture, Dr Adams is sitting on his workbench 
     near my 'Mark 1 Motor' which was designed not so much to prove 
     the possibility of free energy but that, while employing crude 
     materials and construction, a functioning motor can be constructed.
     I am somewhat embarrassed by it's poor construction but 
     include it if only to show that Mark 1 does exist and to lend credence to 
     my naming scheme. (I could have scrubbed it out of the picture.)

     The 'Mark 2 Motor' pictured is powered by a 12v, 1.3ah 
     battery. The 2 mild steel bolt cored stators in series total just on 40 ohms. 
     My tests showed it lose 0.1 volts per hour. 
     The problem identified by Dr Adams before testing even 
     began was that the stator coils are not made of suitable material 
     and the timing disc is not precisely made. Also, the stator 
     face needs to be 75% of the area of the magnet face.

     'Mark 3 Motor' does exist but makes no advance on 'Mark 2 Motor' 
     except that it does employ four stators using ferrite cores 
     for a total of around 27 ohms. I have not conducted precise 
     tests on the 'Mark 3 Motor'.

     My personal conclusion is that the need for precision in 
     construction method and strict adherence to instructions 
     cannot be over stressed. My lack of attention to detail can 
     be construed as a contributing factor in the failure for the 
     Mark 1, 2, & 3 motors not demonstrating anything remarkable 
     on the 'Free Energy' front. 

     Let's hope Mark 4 can sway the doubters.

     Regards, Gordon.
     Wednesday, 9 May 2001

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