A Gift from John Bedini

The Dual Battery Motor/Generator

 I think you should put something in place of a blank page. This is up to you I'm not going to put this on my pages. I'm just tired of answering questions about the motor to people that can not build it anyway, better sometimes that someone does it for them like yourself, but I will pass along this information to you, these two go together, the motor you are looking at is much bigger then the motors you are building. this motor runs on two watts and keeps all the secondary batteries charged, the  Capacitors are 1 farad each, three in series for a total of 333,000 uf they are about 2 volts over the batteries the battery impedance is about .00023 Ohms it's quiet a bit when these are pulsed, if the other patents issue next month, they explain you only need two volts over the battery, so do some experiments with your motor by making the cap's larger like say 5000uf to 10000uf and watch the battery charge.
John Bedini