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05/Sep/2004 Calypso submitting
03/Sep/2004 Calypso's birth
02/Sep/2004 Calypso Company

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About PHiladelphia Area of Critial Thinkingn


This is the PHiladelphia Area of Critial Thinking Web Site, ready for modification and customization.

The default is based on the OSWD template Calypso.

The design has three central columns in which the information can be shown. The interesting feature about this site is that it doesn’t use any tables. Organized and adequately formatted "DIV" tags are very useful!
It won’t be too hard to add this theme to a dynamic content site.

The design was tested out in I.E 6.0, Firefox 0,93, and must have similar behavior in other browsers.

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About Me


My real name is Fred Mitchell president of Wecome to the E-Commerce Management System (ECMS). It is my wish to meet all of your web marketing and promotion needs through the use of the ECMS technology. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 603-557-5986 or write to me at