Human Energy Fields?

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The term "Energy Field" is a misappropriation of science worthy only as
"techno-babble" from a nonplused Joardie or Scotty of star trek. Energy
is an attribute of something - it does not exist in some pure state.
You can have a electric, gravity, or magnetic field - but not an "energy
field".  Energy can exist and be exchanged in many forms, all of them
quite measurable and behaving very precisely and repeatably according
to accurate laws.  From a perspective of physics, I can think of the
following forms of energy involving even inanimate objects:

   Now living systems have a few variants, there are low levels of
energy used to send electrical and chemical signals.  Living is a
largely chemical process which generates waste heat which is then
radiated somewhat like a field. There is chemical potential energy in
the form of undigested food or stored fat.  More specifically, energy in
a body is all driven off a reaction involving ADP and ATP.  When people
say sickness involves energy levels being off - it really doesn't mean
anything.  You may FEEL like you have less energy - but that is
independent of real energy in a body.  Many forms of sickness have the
body consuming far more energy than usual.  One can measure heat
differences for some aliments, but there is no independent passive
electrostatic, electromagnetic or magnetic difference that can readily
be detected from a body.  People can talk of XRAYs, Ultrasound, PET or
CAT scans - but all of these things are exciting systems of the body
with one kind of energy and sensing a reaction.  At one time, hundreds
of papers were written on Kirlian photography - many people still think
it showed an energy field.  But it didn't, it only picked up conduction
from an object (even inanimate) to a voltage source.  In spite of
thousands of hours of research, no one seriously uses it for diagnostic
input. People have speculated "body ley lines" - but this seems
unsupported by autopsies.  There are people investing reports of
measurable "subtle energies" - but to the best of my knowledge, these
are to low levels to be significant. If there is some kind here-to-fore
unknown field involving living systems, it must be verified in double
blind studies before it can really be harnessed for the benefit of

Eric Krieg
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NOTE:  I got the following review of this from physicist,
Milton Rothman:

Eric:  I agree with you completely.

Just a minor amendment:  When Kirlian photography was first announced, I was
working in plasma physics, and immediately recognized that the photographs
were nothing more than electrical discharges surrounding the object being
photographed.  Many accounts of Kirlian photography did not even mention that
the source of the discharge was a high voltage power supply connected to the
object.  It was truly a fake.

One could call the electromagnetic field surrounding an antenna an energy
field, since it does carry energy from one place to another.  Even a static
field is an energy field, since it has potential energy.  But it is less
ambiguous to call it by a specific name such as a gravitational field.  Most
physicists do not use the term "energy field" without specifying what they


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