Time Travel Links

Other sites about time travel and the HDR unit

Nostradamus, Time Travel and Prophecies Looks at the possibility that the work of Nostradamus is the result of a future time travel experiment. Special focus on whether time travel and sending messages to the past could be part of the same science and its consequences.

Time Travel  Links

Alien Invasion! - will it happen in the future?

Timeslide - another user of Steven Gibbs HDR with photos!

HDRusers - Users of Steven Gibbs HDR.

CarlosX Time Travel - frank talk about the 4th dimension

Six Dial HDR from Canada.

HDRKID Time Travel Forum - has discussions about the Flux Cap & HDR

Time Traveller Rick Lipani using the HDR for OBE Time Travel

Time Machine Plans - Brossard Experiment, uses electromagnet but not an HDR

Russian Time Machine able to slow down time by 3%. What are these chrononauts up to?

HDRKID's blog - with pics of Steven Gibbs HDR!

more Time Travel Links - Steven Gibbs Top Ten!

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