Astral Time Travelhyper dimensional resonator created by inventor Steven Gibbs

How to use Astral Time Travel

Many relaxation techniques help me attain a frequency of 7.9 that is great for astral time travel. Typically it can be a warm bath to relax and unwind,  and soothing music.

This is not the Alpha state, but instead the Theta state which is close to a dream state. It is the Theta state that I use to attain Astral Time Travel. Using the theta state for astral time travel lets you gain an insight into future events.

The hard part is exteriorizing. I often have problems with this phase.

For some reason the hyper dimensional resonator that I bought from inventor Steven Gibbs helps boost my natural ability for astral travel by helping me exteriorize. Perhaps the magnetic field stimulates my brain or helps to calm me down.

Astral time travel using Steven Gibbs HDR or Hyper Dimensional Resonator is one of my pass times. Steven Gibbs knows about radionics astral time travel psionics. In fact, he has written books and books on how to astral time travel. I will sometimes get an stamp from that time and rub it to get a pattern from that time period.

The object is then place inside the witness well of Steven Gibbs HDR. 


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