Grandfather Paradox of Time Travel

time travel - grandfather paradox

According to Steven Gibbs the grandfather paradox does not exist because when you use a time machine to go back in time -- you are going to an alternate timeline. In other words you time travel to a parallel earth very close to our earth, but not the same.

In that parallel earth things may seem very close to the way they are here, but they are not the same. Subtle differences exist that you can see if you carefully observe. This could be the price of eggs in the store is different, or there is this new girl in your school you never saw before, but people claim she has lived there all her life. In fact, the more you search the more you find that things are close, but it is not exactly the same.

The idea of the Grandfather Paradox is that it is not possible to time travel because the chrononaut would be able to go back and remove his grandfather thereby he would never be born and thus the paradox occurs. The problem with this theory is that it ignores what we know of MWI - multi world interpretation of the Everett Wheeler model.

There is not one universe but many. We live in a multiverse where many different possible futures are happening all at the same time. When a time traveller jumps back in time they hit another timeline and thus the grandfather they remove may in fact resemble their own grandfather, but he is different man. Meanwhile, the real grandfather still marries and has kids. Thus no paradox occurs when you time travel back.

But you say, what if we could go back to our own original timeline?

This is very difficult but it can be done. Remember that there are possibly billions of timelines. Landing on the exact line is almost like hitting the a perfect game of golf. Seems easy but it is not. Still what happens if I go back to my exact timeline and convince my grandfather not to join with grams. Will the Grandfather Paradox occur then?

timeline splits to avoid grandfather paradox According to Steven Gibbs no Grandfather Paradox will occur. What happens is that my timeline splits into two. On the original "A" timeline I still get born, but on this new "B" branch I was never born and things become more and more different as time goes by. The percent divergence of the timelines grows as they move further apart. In fact, they might look quite different after some time because different people are born.

Al Bielek say that if you continue to go back and split your line it eventually blinks out. The timeline "runs out of gas" and evaporates. Think about the stream of time being similar to you being in a boat on a river. The river splits into two forks. If it splits enough times there is not enough water to float the boat. You stop.

Steven Gibbs claims that he built the HDR - Hyper Dimensional Resonator using a special caduceus coil so that it would take people to an alternate timeline to avoid any problems with the grandfather paradox. Also to prevent people from using the HDR for bad purposes like playing the stock market.

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