HDR Parts List

Components used in the Hyper Dimensional Resonator

Steven Gibbs HDR or Hyper Dimensional Resonator

HDR is composed of many parts, most of them from Radio Shack. Here is a partial parts list of parts to create an HDR. Radio Shack no longer sells the individual five packs of 15K resistors, but Steven Gibbs used to use 10K resistors in the Hyper Dimensional Resonator in the early days. He claims 15K works better, but 10K still works.

Here are parts for the HDR that I have found and bought so far:

271-1126 10K Ohm resistors pack of five.

276-1144 3 amp 400 PIV Rectifier Diodes pack of two, you need a total of six.

272-1055 1.0 uF Metalized Film Capacitor 250WVDC max pack of one

10K Radio Shack Resistors for HDR 3 AMP Radio Shack Rectifier Diodes for HDR 1uF Radio Shack Metalized Film  Capacitor for  HDR

Here are more parts for Steven Gibbs HDR.

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