How to create John Bajak's Flux Capacitor

Below is parts that I bought at Radio Shack to build a Fluxcap,
missing is the critical component the 1200 Microfarad capacitor.
I have substituted two caps from Radio Shack a 1000 MFD cap and a 220 MFD cap.

Parts to build a Flux Cap

Here is a partial parts list to build John Bajak's Flux Cap:

  1. 1200 MFD Cap
  2. Blinking Red LED (to supply the 2 per second pulse)
  3. 9V Battery (to supply power)
  4. Piezo Transducer (creates sound)
  5. Breadboard (test components)

Instead of waiting for my 1200 MicroFaraD cap. I went to RS and bought two capacitors, a 1000 MFD & 220 MFD, plan to use these to build John Bajak's Flux Capacitor. It should be close to 1200 MFD.

two electrolytic capacitors for John Bajak's flux cap

According to Steven Gibbs you can build a flux cap for $10 and it takes only 10 minutes. I spent $23 at Radio Shack to get the parts you see above and it will take me a lot more than ten minutes to build the flux cap.

Currently, I have all the parts I need to begin building the FLUX CAP, the experiments have begun!


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