Created by
Steven L. Gibbs

Latest model uses a
flat bifiliar winding.

HDR Equipment

HyperDimensional Resonator - HDR

This HDR box was built by Steven L. Gibbs. I have used the Hyper Dimensional Resonator
in radionics experiments. For example, by placing a blade of grass in the witness well,
and using Steven Gibbs HDR as a radionics machine.

This box is used with many other devices in my experiments. I use a tesla coil, barium oxide bar magnet, EMF meter, compass, etc with the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

Other HDR equipment.

Look inside the Steven Gibbs HDR box to see the parts of this radionics machine. The spiral wound caduceus coil is beneath the phenolic rubbing plate and the witness well is actually that small cylinder near the top. The witness well is used to insert a sample into the HyperDimensional Resonator.

Interior of HyperDimensional Resoantor (HDR) created by Steven L. Gibbs

Look inside of Steven Gibbs HDR, notice the 15K resistor, the Radio Shack
Blue 1K capacitor, the six rectifier diodes, and the 2 50K potentiometers.
I have noticed many strange events when using Steven Gibbs
HDR. For example, the HDR attracts cats.

Cell Phone & Bug Detector

I use a cell phone and radio frequency detector with the HDR. The HDR
& Tesla coil will interfere with radio signals. It is important to know what
process the HyperDimensional Resonator is using to create its effects.

Radio Shack Multimeter ised with HDR

Here's the Radio Shack multimeter used to measure voltage supplied by the HDR.


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