How does the Steven Gibbs HDR affect time?

Clock and hourglass measure time in HDR experiments

In Experiments with Steven Gibbs HDR I have seen clocks move fast while exposed to the field generated by the HDR. Some claim that an electromagnetic field is causing the chronodynamic effect, but perhaps it is special properties of the caduceus coil.

The Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) has a caduceus coil inside and it is my belief that this special coil contains special properties. The caduceus coil is located right under the rubbing plate of the HDR box.

Steven Gibbs HDR has a rubbing plate for stick reaction

This rubbing plate near the bottom of the box is what allows you to tune Steven Gibbs HDR control box.

This HDR's rubbing plate consist of a caduceus coil made of copper wires taped under a rubbing plate:

The Witness Light turns on when you flip the bottom switch.

You can start rubbbing your fingers clockwise on the Rubbing Plate until you finish adjusting the control knobs of the 50K pots.

These 2 dials are used to tune your HDR control box, the top dial is A and the bottom dial is B.

Tune dial A first, then tune the B dial until you get a stick.

Your fingers get stuck to the rubbing plate like glue when you have a STICK REACTION.

I also place a double terminated quartz crystal in the witness well.


It appears that the caduceus coil under the rubbing plate generates scalar waves. I believe that these scalar waves are responsible for the "Gibbs Effect" that I am noticing.

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