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       Wormholes, Time Machines & Warp Drives:


1Les Trous de Ver - Un trou de ver, qu'est-ce que c'est? Essentiellement, il s'agit d'une sorte de «tunnel» qui relie deux points de l'espace-temps. En passant par l'une des deux extrémités d'un tel tunnel, on aboutit directement à l'autre extrémité tu tunnel.

  Le Voyage-Le warpdrive - Il faut cependant un moyen pour créer cette déformation de l'espace-temps : il nous faut de " l'énergie négative " sous forme de matière exotique [voir Détails] . En effet , sa violente répulsion avec l'énergie ( positive ) contenue dans notre Univers permettrait de déformer complètemement l'espace-temps en créant une force anti-gravitationnelle .

  Wormholes, Time Machines & Warp Drives - Negative Energy, Wormholes and Warp Drive By Lawrence H. Ford and Thomas A. Roman Wormholes, Time Machines & Warp Drives

  The warp drive: hyper-fast travel- The warp drive: hyper-fast travel within general relativity. Miguel Alcubierre Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Wales.

  Hyperbolic Geometrodynamic Warp Drive & Beyond- The Warp Drive is an incredibly difficult branch of gravitational physics which tests the theoretical limits of General Relativity. The goal of this chapter is to let the reader explore the underlying physics behind ‘warp drives,’ as well as to begin to grasp its great difficulty. First and foremost the Warp Drive is a topological (geometrical surface) model which may seem to allow for Faster Than Light (FTL) travel as seen by a distant non local observer located in ‘flat’ spacetime.

  Viaggi nello spazio e nel tempo-Wormhole- Attraverso i cunicoli spazio-temporali (i cosiddetti wormhole) che collegano due buchi neri si potrebbe teoricamente raggiungere un altro universo, o un'altra regione dello spazio tempo.

  Black Holes, Singularites & Wormhole


  Physics Mathematics Warp Drive-This article describes the physics and mathematics behind a class of solutions to the Einstein field equations known as the "warp-drive" metrics. These metrics have been studied (mainly just for fun although they reveal some interesting properties of the field equations) since 1994 and many of the references may be found at the end of the article.

  New Energy Warp drive  

  Wormhole: 遥远的天梯


   The Morris-Thorne-Wormhole -The Morris-Thorne-wormhole is a good basis for a fundamental examination of a womhole’s properties and can also be a starting point for further generalizations. Usually its metric looks like.


   Wormhole Through Space and Time

   A Metrica do Warp drive ( Pdf dosya)-Viagens Interestelares Hiper-rápidas em Relatividade Geral Francisco Lobo1 e Paulo Crawford 2 Centro de Astronomia e Astrofísica da Universidade de Lisboa Campo Grande, Ed. C8 1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal.

   Space-Time Engineering -  This section deals with technology and science which uses the properties of space-time in novel ways, or actually changes the properties (like wormholes and basement universes ). These technologies are naturally very speculative at present, but the scientific results below give an inkling of what may be possible.

     Wormhole in curved space-time-A wormhole is, simply, a tunnel through space-two 'mouths' connected by a throat. The mouths would be like black holes minus the singularity at the center so one could pass through.

     Marcelo B. Ribeiro's Page on. Warp drive Theory. The Warp drive is a type of propulsion system capable of driving ships at speeds higher than the speed of light. According to science fiction literature, such speeds are possible by a mechanism capable of generating a distortion in the spacetime such that it is folded, or "warped".

     Le trou noir par Thierry LOMBRY. En 1784, devant l'auditoire de la Royal Society de Cambridge, le révérend John Michell1 géologue et astronome amateur anglais suggéra “que les particules de lumières étaient attirées de la même façon que les autres corps”. A partir de cette hypothèse fondamentale, il formula pour la première fois le concept de trou noir : ”si disait-il, le demi grandaxe d’une sphère de même densité que le Soleil dépassait le rayon de celui-ci dans une proportion de 1 à 500, alors un corps, tombant d’une hauteur infinie vers lui, aurait acquis à sa surface une plus grande vitesse que celle de la lumière, et par conséquent, en supposant que la lumière soit attirée par la même force en proportion de sa force d’inertie, comme d’autres corps,toute la lumière émise par un tel corps y retournerait, par sa propre gravité”.

Artist's conception of a warp drive design:



       Wormholes Propulsion. Although wormholes aren't really a form of propulsion, they could certainly help us get from one point to another in a very short time. A wormhole is a theoretical shortcut through space.

      Artificial Wormholes -Space Portal--A Device To Travel In Space And Time - A Proposal For Creating Permanent Artificial Wormholes  In Space-Time By John K. Harms

       Interstellar Travel by Means of Wormhole Induction Propulsion (WHIP)- Space flight by means of wormholes is described whereby the traditional rocket propulsion approach can be abandoned in favor of a new paradigm involving the manipulation of spacetime. Maccone (1995) extended Levi-Civita’s 1917 magnetic gravity solution to the Morris and Thorne (1988) wormhole solution and claimed that static homogeneous magnetic/electric fields can create spacetime curvature manifesting itself as a traversable wormhole. Furthermore, Maccone showed that the speed of light through this curvature region is slowed by the magnetic (or electric) induced gravitational field there. (Pdf dosyasý)

       Zero Point Energy, Star Gates & Warp Drive (pdf dosya)  ................................................................

       Wormhole  ................................

       Time Travel

      Zeitreisen? - Physiker denken sich die sonderbarsten Lösungen aus, die Zeitreisen möglich machen sollen: geschlossene zeitartige Bahnen, kosmische Strings, Wurmlöcher. Dennoch wird es in absehbarer Zeit keine Fahrkarten für Zeitmaschinen geben.



A wormhole is a connection between two points in the space-time continuum. Theoretically, a wormhole could connect any two points in any two times, although most documented wormholes only connect two points in space. Throretically, the transit time and distance between those points is zero, as though two points were folded until they were touching. However, this requires an infinite amount of energy, so there is always some distance between the points, though this value varies between phenomena.

       The World's First Time Machine: A wormhole is a theoretical shortcut for travel between two points in the universe. It works like this. Imagine the universe to be two-dimensional (like the rubber sheet below).

        Time Travel......

        Alternativ teknik av Ingvar Karlsson, Del 2 -Nollpunktsstrålning : En kandidat för den okända energiformen kan vara den så kallade nollpunktsstrålningen, NPS. NPS antas vara en slags bakgrundsenergi som är mycket svår att mäta och som alltid existerar överallt. Även då all materia är frånvarande, det vill säga i vakuum.


          New Warp Drive Geometries - The Alcubierre geometry has a number of problems associated with it, this impart inspired Broeck to consider a microscopic warp bubble.  Recently there have been some proposed modifications to the Alcubierre geometry, among the two discussed is a warp drive with null curvature and one which allows superluminality.  

         Engineering the Zero-Point Field and Polarizable Vacuum for Interstellar Flight - H.E. PUTHOFF, S.R. LITTLE AND M. IBISON: PDF- A theme that has come to the fore in advanced planning for long-range space exploration is the concept of  ìpropellantless propulsionî or ìfield propulsionî. One version of this concept involves the projected possibility  that empty space itself (the quantum vacuum, or space-time metric) might be manipulated so as to provide energy/thrust for future space vehicles [1]. Although far reaching, such a proposal is solidly grounded in modern theory that describes the vacuum as a polarizable medium that sustains energetic quantum fluctuations. Thus the possibility that matter/vacuum interactions might be engineered for space-flight applications is not a priori  ruled out, although certain constraints need to be acknowledged. The structure and implications of such a farreaching hypothesis are considered herein.

         那么究竟什么是 wormhole 呢?形象地说 wormhole 是连接两个空间区域的一种 “柄” 状的结构。[图一]便是一种很流行的 wormhole 图示,图中用蓝色轮廓线表示的倒 U 字形曲面代表我们生活在其中的空间,连接两个空间区域 A 和 B 的黄色线段代表的便是这种 “柄” 状结构,即 wormhole 结构。

Zeit & Raum:

Quantenfluktuationen: Auf der Ebene kleiner Skalen ist die Raumzeit nicht mehr glatt. Unterschiedlichste Verformungen tauchen auf und verschwinden wieder.  ...Die seltsame Auswirkung, die die Quantenphysik und die Relativitätstheorie auf unsere traditionellen Ideen von Raum und Zeit haben, erfüllen die Welt mit einer Vagheit und Subjektivität, die ihre tägliche Normalität Lügen straft.


Wormhole: A wormhole is a hypothetical hole in space that connects to another point in time. American scientist Kip Thorne first described the idea that wormholes could be used for time travel in 1985.

User's Guide to Time Travel: By Michio Kaku, All it takes is a grasp of theoretical physics, control of the space-time continuum, and maybe a ball of cosmic string.

Space Time Foam:  So far, I've just said "Spacetime is erupting into a higher Dimension." Now let's think more deeply about what we've been viewing. What are these undulations into the higher Dimension?

The Casimir force ( Casimir Starships): We now know that the cause of this force is the difference between the wave energy between the ships and the wave energy beyond them.


 was ist der warp-antrieb?-  es gibt aber noch eine weitere theorie, die auf der einstein wurmloch-theorie aufbaut. einstein sagt dabei, dass ein stern mit großer masse ein starkes gravitationsfeld erzeugt.

Negative Energy, Wormholes and WarpDrive Pdf dosya - The construction of wormholes and warp drive would require a very unusual form of energy. Unfortunately, the same laws of physics that allow the existence of this “negative energy” also appear to limit its behavior by Lawrence H. Ford and Thomas A. Roman



Warp Drive Equation.........



Alcubierre drive: The Alcubierre metric, also known as the Alcubierre drive or Warp Drive, is a speculative mathematical model of a spacetime exhibiting features reminiscent of the fictional "warp drive" from Star Trek, which can travel "Faster-than-light" .


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