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Vacuum Physics Technology

The explanations of the cosmos that accommodate the type of phenomenon we see below are to be more readily found at this site, over time. The grasp of the nature of Grand Unified Field allows one to conceive applications out of an entirely fresh arena of physical laws (the Grand Unified Field) hither to relegated to being dissociated mathematical formulae or "hunches" and "feelings". Our grasp is increasingly resolved in detail and teachability.. This page was purely technical at its inception, however the full scope of applications and social effects are attended to, as you shall see below. The explanation of charge separation, nuclear rotation, toroid formation (electricity/current/space/time/matter), also the 45-degree tilting of the rotational axis of atomic and celestial bodies with respect to the magnetic axis, the subatomic particles (the items of the substructure which are relationships or events or functions, not actual "particles"), the quantum substructure of matter itself, as well as the relationships among, magnetism, gravity, mind, and consciousness, also time and space or electricity [matter], and especially the FIVE (not four) basic forces of nature, are to be found at: this (in-house) site . A site making nearly fully comprehensive explanations in terms of fractal geometry is now found.

"Learning blocks", i.e., assumptions, prejudices, and reflexive attitudes or mindsets in particular comprise 110% of the obstacles to comprehension and effective engineering. The operating paradigm actively displaces the truth (it is time-bound, which reality is not - The greatest obstacle is the premising of space as the quality of vacuum, but space is itself created and is NOT what it meant by "vacuum", absolute vacuum in the context of vacuum energy physics, it is absolute nothingness that has to be the starting point for mentation in this field.) The schizoid break stifles realization.

Fourth Millennium would help to endow the would-be overunity inventor with a rounded database for correct and effective thought in terms of reality, so as to enable the inventor, theorist, or the military which is sorely in need of a full-fledged paradigm to understand the consequences of the use of technologies of this unique type already in its possession. The phenomenon of "prime motion" numbs the unprepared brain to be understood, but this is solvable to individual mentation. Scalar Physics does not contradict anything we already "know,", when the knowledge is authentic; but blending the two to any extent at all "blows out the candle." of effective intellection. The body of knowledge of all sciences is coordinated and vivified by the grasp of the Master Paradigm, the correct and fully fleshed Grand Unified Field (Theory), not contradicted. No deep understanding of mathematics is required for good orientation. Professor Roger Bagula, a Harvard mathematician and physicist, also a ZEROPOINTER, has made MAGNIFICENT contributions.

Americans have had rinky-dink stuff since the 1930's. See orion.htm link for evidence justifying a less disparaging attitude. Below is a link to sources for videos. You can purchase videos of the equipment used in the first Earthling time machine, worked out by analysis of the "accident" of the Philadelphia Experiment... the Eldridge appeared at Montauk Point in 1983. The three counter-fluxed north poles aimed at that ship actually generated a time machine! See Eldridge below.

[This link the main source for which, should be visited, will inform one in simplest terms of the techniques for propulsion of inertia-free craft using a fuel aptly named Unobtainium 115, ununpentium 115. You might enjoy to read this KLAS-TV interview given by Bob Lazar, the source for the links in this paragraph. The talk deals with observations and reported observations at the Groom Lake facility, Area 51. Bob Lazar is a person who worked in secret projects to reverse engineer "recovered" saucers [one of which seems to have a cannon shell's hole in it.]

The German saucer, probably destroyed during the bombing of WWII, used a nifty vacuum energy device for power, devised by SS Captain Hans Coler. Diagrams are available of the power source. The warp drive is also shown.


CUT TO THE CHASE... See the macro model (celestial bodies) for the functional environment inside a flux capacitor comprised of tri-laminated beebees (Electro-Dynamic Spheres, EDSs) about a millimeter thick (in a working model presented on a television newscast). Yield is about 200 times input. Investigation has determined that the process is not cold fission but that it is a true vacuum energy device. The device indicates that Technetium or Berkelium (element 97) is an optimum fuel for free energy, especially for space-folding propulsion systems. Unobtainium (element 115) is the best fuel.

Another Overunity Motor using ATTRACT-ATTRACT

(Involves conversions between electro-magnetic and gravitic fields!) This is a warp drive for saucers. It has been in existence since the twenties. LEVITATION IS EXTREMELY SIMPLE AND STRAIGHTFORWARD. This Coler site also includes a discussion of the energy source, which uses no exotic metals either and will produce current without consuming itself. Diagrams are provided. (A private American built a saucer in the fifties and went to the moon in it. See for a diagram of a vessel similar to it.

(The wormhole is opening in increments: 1943, 1983, 2003, 2013.) This planet has no discernable history past 2013. [The final date comes from myriad sources.] The Philadelphia Experiment opened a wormhole which was known to "MIND", God and His intervening but ignored angels as soon as man, Adam, was influenced by elements of the "Orion Group", a reptilian species of another dimension. The reptilians are allied in the Orion Confederation, which is at war with "good" species allied in the Pleiadian and Sirian Confederations.

The period described above is a "prophetic week" of seventy years.

By visiting, you can learn how to use your video camera to capture the huge number of special craft that are massing to launch an assault (actually, they come to rescue the remains of humanity - the "rapture!") on this species before the final closing of the wormhole accidentally opened by the Philadelphia Experiment. [When the wormhole is completely open, it will be SIMULTANEOUSLY CLOSED.] Events accompanying the preparations for the belligerent engagement with extradimensionals will include the termination of electromagnetic means of communication - no radio nor television, massive earthquakes caused by scalar technology, the apparence of large numbers of saucers - that are U.S. owned and operated so as to scare the masses into going along with a One-World government scheme run by a cabal of silly scum who have funded their predations with crimes including trafficking in guns and drugs also theft from the taxpayer during the Reagan regime alone... While the U.S. government is advancing its ultra secret technology at the rate of 44 years/year, it is stealing 1.3 trillions from the U.S. economy every two years. Gun-running and drugs appear to be other sources of significant income for vacuum energy devices various military establishments are fabricating. The decimation of the populations of Africa is oriented to facilitating access to certain metals found in abundance there, particularly in and near Angola. These machinations are actually controlled by the "extradimensionals" they are said to be defenses against!

It is all over but the whining. In orion, one will note confusion about the alteration of the timeline and the possibility that the Nazi's may come out to have won W.W. II. The fact is that the program the Nazi's pursued is being executed by the species, it is a question over which group implements the plan instigated by the Orion Group. A series of deceptions will be implemented by USA and other governments to consolidate governmental control over humans before the anticipated onslaught by extradimensionals at the two future widenings of the accidentally opened wormhole allowing them easy ingress to ourselves. This is not true. Humans collaborating with those aliens representing the "forces of darkness" are befuddled by the depth and quality of what they are participating in on a "need to know" basis only.

Putting the data together is hard without an understanding of the underlying technology and principles involved. That is where zeropoint makes his contribution, linking the technology with the applications. Also, zeropoint happens to understand the very nature of the conversion of mind to matter. "Mentality" is most important. Our private and disciplined discussion group of "ZEROPOINTERs" [reopened to new participants] is fathoming the nature of the psychology prerequisite to grasping the [simple] science and subtle technology upon which all this borderline "nonsense" is based. Humans have been given technology which it does not understand. This understanding is presented by the Hebrew text (original) of the Holy Bible. The original Arabic and, it is reported to me, the Assyrian alphabets also present the stuff of the vacuum fluctuations discussed by James Bearden in particular. The secret of the universe requires only high school geometry to be understood. The sinister observations made are a tangental result of having and developing a firm grasp of zero point physics and investigating the range of their applications. The consequences of stupid people having possession of such technology is absolutely disastrous. The exhortations of the various bibles had been intended to school us to deal with the quality of this present now unfolding toward our own deletion from this planet. YOU CAN'T FAIL TO VISIT: THIS SITE.

It is not understood that the cessation of EM communications to occur, a cessation that is detected by special means referred to in the orion.htm link is a normal function of the fulfillment of the "time-space anomaly" which is actually the nature of reality itself that is incrementally coming to copenetrate this particular planet. At that time, there will be no time. There will be no "electro-magnetic" transmissions after 2003 and, after 2013, at the next (third) appearance of the Christos, there will be no tempero-spatial qualities as we "know" them. Hence, one cannot know the day nor the hour of the coming, " ... and every eye shall see Him", even on all points of the globe simultaneously. This is just fabulous! (Owing to the times at different places on the planet and the date changes, it is impossible to state the day and the hour.)

So What is it ?

Zero Point Energy, sometimes called Zero Point Fluctuations (ZPF) or even Quantum Vacuum Fluctuation Energy, with or without the optional quantum, is caused by the continual popping into existence of virtual particles. These particles vanish almost as soon as they've popped into existence.The particles, which arise as matter-antimatter twins, can interact but must, disappear within an interval set by Planck's constant. They are a result of random electromagnetic oscillations, they are whats left within a vacuum once you've extracted all the energy.

One way to explain this apparent contradiction is Heisenbergs Uncertainty Principle, this implies that it is impossible to have an absolutely zero energy condition. The same condition holds for light waves in space. For all wavelengths of light, there is a non-zero amount of that light. Adding up the energy for all those different wavelenghts, the amount of energy in a given space is enormous. Even though this is a difficult concept for traditional phyicists to come to terms with, the idea that all this vacuum energy exists is becoming more widley accepted, and the quantum physicists have come in from the cold.

So is there any evidence of all this free energy actually exists. Well there have been a number of experimental results that would suggest/show (depends on whether your a traditional physicist or not) that such energy actually exists:

The Casimir Effect - The most straight-forward evidence for vacuum energy
Van der Waal Forces 
The Lamb-Retherford Shift - Refers to a slight frequency alteration in the light emitted by an excited atom

Even for those of you who have read 'A Brief History of Time', by Prof. Stephen Hawkins - Hawkins Radiation, should it exist relies on the creation of virtual particles in matter/anti-matter pairs. One particle spirals into the Hole, the other escapes, causing the theoretical effect.

With such large amounts of energy bouncing around, why is it so hard to notice?

Imagine, for example, if you lived on a large plateau, so large that you didn’t know you were 1000 ft up. From your point of view, your ground is at zero height. As long as your not near the edge of your 1000 ft plateau, you won’t fall off, and you will never know that your zero is really 1000. It’s kind of the same way with this vacuum energy. It is essentially our zero reference point.

The energy of the vacuum is a puzzle in theories of quantum gravity since it should act gravitationally and produce a large cosmological constant that would cause space-time to curl up. The solution to the inconsistency is expected to be found in a theory of quantum gravity. There has been some interesting work, done in this field, by Haisch, Rueda, and Puthoff , where vacuum fluctuations are used to explain the effects of both gravity and inertia.

Can we extract any of this energy ?

Puthoff believes that atoms themselves offer a way to extract this energy. This idea hinges on an unproved hypothesis: that zero-point energy is what keeps electrons in an atom orbiting the nucleus. In classical physics, circulating charges like an orbiting electron lose energy through radiation. Putoff believes that zero-point energy keeps the electron zipping around the nucleus (Quantum mechanics as originally formulated simply states that an electron in an atom must have some minimum, ground-state energy.)

Physicists have demonstrated that a small enough cavity can suppress the natural inclination of a trapped, excited particle to give up some energy and drop to a lower energy state [see "Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics," by Serge Haroche and Jean-Michel Raimond; Scientific American, April 1993]. Basically, the cavity is so small that it can exclude some of the lower-frequency vacuum fluctuations, which the excited atom needs to emit light and drop to a lower energy level. The cavity in effect controls the vacuum fluctuations.

Under the right circumstances, Puthoff reasons, one could effectively manipulate the vacuum so that a new, lower ground state appears. The electron would then drop to the lower ground state--in effect, the atom would become smaller--and give up some energy in the process.

"It implies that hydrogen or deuterium injected into cavities might produce excess energy," Puthoff says.

This possibility might explain some of the cold-fusion experiments, he notes--in other words, the occasional positive results reported in cold-fusion tests might really be indicators of zero-point energy (rather than, one would assume, wishful thinking). Work in cavity quantum electrodynamics is experimentally challenging in its own right, so it is not clear how practical an energy supply from "shrinking atoms" could be. The Austin institute is testing a device that could be interpreted as manipulating the vacuum. Puthoff, however, declines to provide details, citing a proprietary nondisclosure agreement with its designers.

Can this Energy take us to the Stars ?

Puthoff's institute receives a little government money but gets most of its funds from contracts with private firms. Others are backed more explicitly by public money. This past August the National Aeronautics and Space Administration sponsored a meeting called the "Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Workshop." According to participants, zero-point energy became a high priority among those trying to figure out which "breakthroughs" should be pursued.

The propulsion application depends on a speculation put forth in 1994 by Puthoff, Bernhard Haisch of Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory and Alfonso Rueda of California State University at Long Beach. They suggested that inertia--the resistance that objects put up when they are accelerated--stems from the drag effects of moving through the zero-point field. Because the zero-point field can be manipulated in quantum experiments, Puthoff reasons, it should be possible to lessen an object's inertia and hence, for a rocket, reduce the fuel burden. Puthoff and his colleagues have been trying to prove this inertia-origin hypothesis--a sensitive pendulum should be able to detect a zero-point-energy "wake" left by a moving object--but Puthoff says they have not managed to isolate their system well enough to do so. More conventional scientists decried the channeling of NASA funds to a meeting where real science was lacking. "We hardly talked about the physics" of the proposals, complained Milonni, adding that during one of the breakout sessions "there was a guy talking about astral projection." Certainly, there should be room for far-out, potentially revolutionary ideas, but not at the expense of solid science. "One has to keep an open mind, but the concepts I've seen so far would violate energy conservation," Milonni concludes. In sizing up zero-point-energy schemes, it may be best to keep in mind the old caveat emptor: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Haisch in Feb 1994 Phys. Rev.A Science vol 263 p 612 Scientific American vol 270, p 30 New Scientist 25 Feb 1995 p 30

"Gravity as a Zero-Point-Fluctuation Force," H.E. Puthoff, Physical Review A: General Physics. Mar 1 1989, Vol39 No 5

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