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This file contains some addenda and further ramblings having to do with the "resonant velocity of free space" idea which I summarized in VELOCITY.ASC. Not a literary work of art by any means; just some notes and ideas. [It's GOOD to have a Web Page!] [NOTE!!! On 7/2/99 I made a couple of corrections to this article; some of my "points" have lost their "oomph" because of these corrections, but I'll leave the article up here a while longer then probably remove it. Thanks Frank for pointing out some things! -- R. Andersen]

by Rick Andersen, 12/7/92

In a previous file, VELOCITY.ASC, I pointed out that, as far back as 1938, radio engineers had noticed the analogy between a transmission line's characteristics and the properties of free space. Specifically, just as a transmission line has a characteristic inductance in henries per meter of its length, so also does free space have a characteristic Magnetic Permeability, which is 4*PI*10^-7 Wb/Am, which translates to 1.2566 microhenries per meter.

Also, just as a transmission line has a characteristic capacitance in farads per meter of its length, so also does free space have a characteristic Electric Permittivity, which is 8.85 picofarads per meter.

The interesting thing, as mentioned in the earlier file VELOCITY.ASC and the KeelyNet file GRAVITY2.ASC, is that when you plug these two values into the equation 1/(square root(L*C)) [L representing Permeability and C representing Permittivity], out pops a very familiar answer: 2.998*10^8 meters/sec = 186,000 miles/sec = the SPEED OF LIGHT.

Thus, the earlier files pointed out that free space apparently has a RESONANT VELOCITY at which there is very little Impedance (similar to Resistance) to signal propagation. This seems to imply that energy may propagate at other velocities, as well, but that the universe favors one particular velocity (like a filter favors one particular center frequency) over all others: light speed.

GRAVITY2.ASC explores in some detail the possible ramifications of all this. VELOCITY.ASC asks the question: What if we could alter the "resonant velocity" of a small region of space, perhaps by using suitable electromagnetics? Could we "bend" space-time in this way?


In this file I present a slightly different thought:

If free space has a characteristic permeability and permittivity, what happens if we plug the numbers into the standard formula for LC resonance, 1/(2*PI* sqr root(L*C))? (Note that the only difference between the two equations is in the inclusion of 2*PI in the frequency equation.)

The answer is:

1/(2*PI* sqr. root(L*C))
= 1/(2*3.14159* sqr root(1.2566*10^-6 * 8.85*10^-12))
= 47.724739 Megahertz.

I realize this is probably a dead end, but I ask myself anyway:

Does free space favor this particular FREQUENCY due to its intrinsic characteristics? What is the relationship, if any, between the "time domain" of a resonant velocity, and the "frequency domain"? Does anyone know of any research pertaining to 47-48 MHz and gravity/spacetime bending, etc.?

47.7 Mhz is just below TV channel 2 (54-60 MHz). Is this used for anything more exotic than just mobile communications and cordless phones? (The only esoteric thing that comes to mind is Tom Bearden's mentioning that the Soviet LIDA "mind-control" transmitter operated at 40 MHz...)

Oh-- also, isn't there a book out there somewhere called "The Ghost of 47 Mhz"?? (I haven't read it so I don't know if it is relevant.)

[NOTE!!! Recently realized that the above statement is innaccurate! The book was called "The Ghost at 29 MHz" or something very similar.... kinda does away with my thought about proximity to 47.7 MHz!]

For anyone who is interested:

1 wavelength at 47.725 MHz = 2*PI meters (6.28 meters)
1/2 wavelength, then, = PI meters
1/4 wavelength = PI/2 meters = 5 feet, 1.8 inches.

(Standard antenna construction practice is to reduce the above values by about 5% owing to the different propagation velocities of antenna wire vs. free space.)

Another tidbit:

A textbook on transmission lines mentioned that the characteristic IMPEDANCE of free space = 377 ohms. As a check on my earlier calculations, I plugged 377 ohms into the equation for capacitive reactance, Xc= 1/(2*PI*F*C) [re-arranged to F= 1/(2*PI*377*8.85 pF)] and, lo and behold, the answer comes out to F= 47.7 MHz. (Of course, Xc=XL at resonance.)


There is another phenomenon that comes to mind here which may or may not be related to any of the above. That is the fact that thunderstorms, particularly those that produce TORNADOS, radiate RF at approximately 57 MHz.

I remember reading somewhere years ago about how people would sometimes notice a strange type of TV interference on channel 2 just before a tornado was about to hit the area. If memory serves, a series of black bars would appear on the TV screen along with an audio hum or some similar 'musical' sound. (Maybe some of you readers of this file who live in the 'tornado belt' areas can verify this?)

Well, an electronics engineer acquaintance of mine has recently confirmed that my vague memory of this phenomenon is correct-- in fact, an enterprising engineer, during the 1960's (?), actually built a device similar to a radar set, to exploit this phenomenon as a weather monitoring device. He called it a "Storm Scope". (If memory serves, it was invented by a man named "Ryerson" or something similar.)

[NOTE!!!! This statement, too, appears to be innaccurate! A web reader named Frank G. kindly informed me of the following link, http://www.setileague.org/askdr/lightnin.htm, which credits a Paul RYAN (not Ryerson) with the Storm Scope, and outs its operating frequency at 50 KHz, not 57 MHz! I'm correcting this here and now for the sake of accuracy; I'll probably remove this article in the near future as I see its effectiveness eroded every time I find that there's another error... Well, I DID say this was an informal speculation of a file anyhow! Thanks Frank G. for the correction!!! ---R. Andersen 7/2/99]

My engineer friend tells me that, interestingly enough, the thunderhead will produce RF energy around 57 MHz even BEFORE any tornados or other cyclonic winds have begun to form. The benefit of this type of detector over conventional weather radar is that radar needs PRECIPITATION (rain, snow, etc.) in order to get a good picture of the storm, while the Storm Scope relies on the 57 MHz RF peak that is evidently generated by the storm EVEN BEFORE THE STORM HAS FULLY FORMED, according to my informant. The inventor, the story goes, sold the rights to his device to a large corporation and they went on to develop it into a sophisticated piece of equipment. Why it is not in everyday use by your local TV/radio weather center, I don't know. Perhaps the military is using it?

The point of this, of course, is that there is evidently a phenomenon which favors a resonant FREQUENCY of 57 MHz associated with storms, both cyclonic and otherwise. WHY? Is this an atmospheric resonance? Is it affected by other factors such as temperature, altitude, humidity, geomagnetic conditions?

Is there any relation of this 57 MHz weather phenomenon to our theoretical space-time resonance of 47.7 MHz referred to above?

Could any of the above ideas have any relevance to a possible way of manipulating gravity or spacetime? --- Just more food for thought.

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