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Tesla vs. Poynting Waves, a letter of discussion.
In a message dated 1/20/99 9:06:48 PM Pacific Standard Time,
ke3ij@tricountyi.net writes:
Subj: Question on Transverse EM waves
Date: 1/20/99 9:06:48 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: ke3ij@tricountyi.net (Rick Andersen)
To: Quark137@aol.com

Hi again Jerry----
I have a question for you if you have the time to look into it...I have not gotten a straight answer out of anyone of whom I have asked this question, and several textbooks just leap-frog right over the issue. I think the question is somewhat relevant to your view that Tesla's waves were 'scalar' due to the E and B fields being out of phase rather than in phase (time phase, not spatially orthogonal) as are electromagnetic waves.

My question is this: How/why do we say that a transverse EM wave has its E and B vectors IN PHASE time-wise, when the voltage and current in the transmitting antenna from which they were launched, are 90 degrees out of phase? After all, a dipole antenna is cut to resonate at 1/2 wavelength, fed at the center by a low impedance transmission line, so the current "flaps" largest in the middle of the antenna, zero at the far ends. The voltage "flaps" largest at the ends, zero at the feed-point; the current is at + or - MAX when the voltage is at zero; current is at zero when voltage is at + or - MAX. Because the wave on a resonant dipole is a standing wave, and the V & I nodes are 90 degrees apart in a standing wave, due to the mechanisms in reflection back from the ends of the antenna, etc. How does a E --- chasing---> I --- chasing ---> E --- chasing ---> I (etc.) , clearly a sequence of events that are not simultaneous, somehow become a simultaneous E X B cross product (vector) once the wave is launched from the antenna? It's like two people clapping at different times; if I move some distance away, I do NOT hear the 2 separate handclaps magically merge together into one combined handclap! Of course this has implications for POWER, since E X B fields give the Poynting vector which describes the total energy radiating outward in the 3rd direction (orthogonal to both E and B). If E and B are not synchronized in time phase, we don't have real power in the wave, only imaginary or reactive power.

Secondary question: If someone can clear up for me how a 90 degree phase shift between E and I in the antenna leads to an IN-phase traveling wave, then what about Tesla's setup? Does a traveling wave with alternating E and B fields (hence not having real power) come from an antenna in which E and I are IN phase???

Any thoughts? --Rick Andersen


After some thought on the matter (years previous to your question in the first part above), the H field (due to Maxwell's theory) is created by the changing E field and visa-versa. They are coincidentally created by each other simultaneously after leaving the antenna proper. Thus they must be in phase in free space. The Tesla coil situation is somewhat different in does not allow for an open H field to be created. (Think of the Tesla coil as an antenna wrapped into a vertical coil which effectively forms a solenoid.) Then you can see that the H field is parallel to the E field (seperated in time by 90 degrees) where both extend from the top of the coil to the ground. For the Tesla coil, both the E and H fields take part in the formation of the total near and far field. Compare this to the normal antenna where the H field circulates the antenna 90 degrees to the E field at the outset. So, for the normal antenna case, the H and E fields, not in phase at the antenna, are also 90 degrees to each other spatially. They become in phase timewise in space due to Maxwell's law of induction. Also, I suggest that the E field is not propagated from the antenna as the H field is. The E-field in the antenna is an induction field that is part of the mechanics of forming the antenna resonance. It does not have to radiate with the H field. After the H field (which carries the momentum of the field) leaves the antenna, it generates the coincidental E field as per Maxwells equations. The Poynting vector equation is S = (E X B)/2 uo where uo is the permeability of free space. (MKS system of units.) The H field is the momentum action carrier as I see it. The E field is created by the H field coincidentally.

The Tesla coil, (also in contrast to the normal antenna), has the H and E fields inline (parallel) even though they are separated timewise by 90 degrees. Since they do not propagate, (they form a standing wave train), they are alternately +E, -H, -E, +H, etc., they may not carry real power over time as described by the Poynting vector but that indeed is the real beauty of it all. They CAN exert force at a distance per unit time in a companion Tesla coil receiver. In fact due to the resonant conditions, a real power gain is possible. (I am implying that a resonant condition in the fields is able to somehow extract energy from energy space to maintain field inertia if the field loses power through loading, etc.) Over time, the field builds in intensity.

I think that we have been led down a primrose path concerning the value of the transverse electromagnetic wave as being the only wave of importance. (It may however guarantee that we don't blow ourselves apart with too much Tesla standing wave power if the Poynting wave is the only allowed method of communication, etc.) Further thought: vector potential action may be enhanced by a frequency modulated standing wave train, and if standing waves are associated with mass, then F=MA!)

The transverse electromagnetic wave travels at the velocity of light in free space but the vector potential of an E or B field taken by themselves, may make their field force apparent at a velocity that may approach infinity.

Concerning your question in the second part, many years ago I thought about the condition where electrons would be caused to oscillate back and forth in an evacuated glass tube, and if that would be a sort of mass-effect radiation wave generator. A normal antenna has the E and B fields seperated by 90 degrees in phase, (time), but the electron bunching antenna in an evacuated glass rod would have the charge (E) and associated magnetic field (B) at 0 degrees in phase, (time). If the radiated wave has a B component, it would tend to be akin to the Tesla form of "wave" in that a mass-wave would likely be the result. Then the E fileld would exist in time 90 degrees from the H field. I would like to build that free electron mass-wave antenna some day. I feel that it might have some very interesting results as far as action at a distance is concerned. (Especially how it might affect a similar antenna at some point distant.) I wonder if it could be shielded against?

I hope that I answered your questions above to your satisfaction. By the way, this is very near to my own thoughts concerning the difference between the regular antenna action verses the Tesla standing wave transmitter. Can I post this letter as a discussion letter for the Associates in Electrogravitation page?
--- quark137@aol.com, Jerry E. Bayles.


Subj: Re: Question on Transverse EM waves
Date: 1/20/99 10:53:54 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: ke3ij@tricountyi.net (Rick Andersen)
To: Quark137@aol.com<BR>

Thanks so much for helping to clear this up! As I said before, nobody I have asked could answer it, and textbooks jumped right from the antenna to free space while never addressing the issue of how quadrature time phase begets in-phase E x B fields.

I also must add that your view of the alternating E and B fields comprising a "Tesla" wave seems quite different from the "summed to zero vector" waves of Thomas Bearden, the biggest promoter of "Scalar EM". Of course, he has never made it unambiguously clear as to what exactly is zeroed----the E and B fields only, or also the Poynting vector---- and this is further complicated by the fact that he does not believe in the transverse wave in vacuum--- he insists on longitudinal waves ala Tesla.

Anyway, thanks again and please always feel free to post these discussions for others to see
--- no problem with that at all! --Rick Andersen


Date: 1/21/99 9:58:27 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Quark137
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REPLY: Thanks Rick,
The transverse waves in a vacuum are a result of empirical data gathered in far and near field measurements done in many experiments by many people. They are not just a theory. :-)

As an added note, I see the standing waves coming from a Tesla coil as forming a transmission line, where part of the line is above ground and the counterpart is below ground. Then the magnetic field lines tend to counter balance each other while the electric field lines sink each other. Thus the waves exist as non-radiating, (in the conventional sense of electromagnetic radiation),standing waves with a direction along the "line" that is between the transmitter and the end of the line. (Wherein the two may be separated by quite a distance.)

I remember suspending an open wire (two conductor) 300 ohm line in electronics lab one day and feeding it from a transmitter operating at reduced plate voltage and measuring the effects of that open ended line with a current loop and neon bulb. Every 180 degrees, the current loop and small attached incandescent lamp glowed while 90 degrees from those nodes and every 180 degrees apart, the neon bulb would glow at the voltage nodes. We even picked up this effect on the window frames and light fixtures! I suspect that the area around a Tesla coil would also exhibit this characteristic. (High and low voltage nodes separated 90 degrees apart from high and low current nodes.) At the nodes, there exists pure current or pure voltage. In contrast, a conventional electromagnetic wave radiates due to the nodes being in sync timewise with no phase shift and there exist no near field sinks. Again, the 1/eo*uo = c^2 also has a bearing on this. A standing wave on the other hand has the eo and uo as alternating, and at times, totally seperate terms. Hmmmm.....?

Final thought: --- What would happen if we phased two or more Tesla coils in the near field and phased them such that a rotating standing wave pattern was generated? Would we generate a rotating mass field? Would the Philadelphia experiment be recreated? Anybody want to try this? I am willing to help in the design and testing.

-- Jerry E. Bayles.

 Artificial potential:

A term based upon the fact that (1) any potential (or EM wave or field, for that matter) has an internal Whittaker longitudinal EM wave structure in phase conjugate pairs, and (2) by assembling a desired set of such waves, an EM potential, wave, or field can be produced which outwardly seems "normal", but whose inner structure interacts with any exposed mass in general relativitistic fashion. Sets of internal longitudinal EM waves actually form sets of specific, deterministic spacetime curvatures. These "engines" interact with mass at any and every level, since curved spacetime does so. In the macro world, this can be approximated by producing a "potential" formed by deliberately summing force field vectors to a zero vector resultant in a nonlinear summation material. This resulting vector zero has a deterministic, internal stress pattern that is macroscopic, and all the EM field energy is still there and still present, as are all the individual EM field vectors. The type of potential made by the zero summation depends upon the type of force vectors summed, together with their dynamics. For example, summing electric field vectors to zero produces an electrostatic scalar potential; summing magnetic field vectors to zero produces a magnetostatic scalar potential of the local vacuum. All such potentials represents sets of local warps or curvatures in vacuum/spacetime, and hence have "internal ST curvature engines". Since Einstein assumed that space-time locally was usually uncurved, this violates one of the assumptions of Einstein's general relativity. However, Einstein's work has been completed by Sachs, and the Sachs unified field theory is perfectly able to handle this type of problem. The Russian secret weapon scientists have long made this correction; Western physicists have not.

Since curvature of spacetime is gravitational, this together with time-reversal constitutes the secret of electrogravitation: How to turn electromagnetics into gravitation, and vice versa. In the Sachs theory, such transduction is quite natural, and antigravity arises electromagnetically from the theory. I earlier called this "electrodynamics as spacetime curvatures and their dynamics" by the name "scalar electromagnetics"; the Soviets refer to it as "energetics." In such a vector zero, the locked-in energies of all the component force vectors constitute the "anenergy" (literally, infolded energy inside local spacetime) of the artificial potential. Potential in vacuum is analogous to "pressure" in fluids. An artificial potential polarizes the vacuum and constitutes a specific stress pattern added to it. Thus vector-zero summed systems of individually finite vector components may all differ from each other, because (1) their internal "engines" (spacetime curvatures and their dynamics) differ, and (2) they will thus differ in the interaction effects they produce upon a given test mass. In the decades-long microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, health changes and diseases were produced in personnel over those decades. However, these changes occurred only in force-free areas. This meant they occurred in areas where the potentials were force-free and hence not changing and so very stable. In short, the "inner EM" structures of these potentials had been altered, so that the potentials contained the "exact engine" (set of specific spacetime curvatures and dynamics) which would cause the specific disease symptom desired. U.S. scientists and intelligence analysts were completely baffled by this effect, concluding that -- since the fields were absent where the effects occurred -- it could not be the EM radiation. Elementary statistical inference falsifies that conclusion completely. If the microwave radiation had no part in it at all, then some health changes would have occurred where the fields were present and some would have occurred where the fields were absent. 100% correlation to the presence of force-free potentials and 100% correlation to the absence of changes in those potentials (i.e., to the absence of force fields) proves with extreme probability that (1) the culprit was the microwave radiation, and (2) the actual causative entity was the force-free stable potentials. There is absolutely no other way for such potentials to cause diseases unless their internal longitudinal EM structures are altered and deterministically constructed. Ironically, the Red Chinese were onto it very quickly, and so in a turn of poetic justice they induced cancer in all the GRU representatives assigned to the Russian Embassy in China (see Lunev's book).


In the tradition of Thomas Bearden's speculations about "scalar wave" weaponry and technology, here's something that suddenly appeared in my mind last night. As the little paranoid guy in "King of the Hill" says, "It was not done BAH me, it wuz done THROUGH me." :)
In a nonlinear material, a brief pulse will be stretched and spread in frequency as it travels. Lightning does this in the earth's electromagnetic ducts, resulting in ELF "whistler" radio signals. Or, clap your hand near a long 12" pipe mouth, and you'll hear "DEEEOOOOOOW!" as the pulse signal returns as a "chirp".

High-energy laser pulses can be assembled via the "Antichirp" process, where a time-reversed chirp is sent through a nonlinear material, and the waves condense into a very brief, high-power pulse. If the material is weak, the signal power can damage it, or at least cause variations in Index of Refraction, or even cause plasma ignition (electrical breakdown.) Because of this, it is conceivable that a wave could BOUNCE OFF OF ITSELF at a certain distance from the emitter. It would reflect back to its source when it hits the inconsistancy in the material which the wave itself is generating.
Bearden's books say that space is nonlinear and that a-temporal "scalar waves" exist. If so, then perhaps something similar to the above is possible? If an "antichirp" scalar wave is launched, will it compress into an intense shell-membrane at a certain radius from its emitter?
After reflection, a conventional wave would become a "chirp" again instead of an "antichirp". Maybe scalar waves are different? If they are, and if their odd temporal character keeps them as "antichirp" even after reflection, then an odd effect will occur. The reflected wave will concentrate at the emitter, pass it by, then form another spherical membrane on the opposite side! Once the thin spheres of concentrated wave-energy have appeared, we would have a spherical resonator chamber. The wave-emitter would only need to "tick over" slightly in order to keep up the energy in the bouncing wave patterns.

If an intense region of scalar waves is destructive to matter, then the thin shell of intense scalar waves would act like a solid barrier. If we touch it, the steam explosion at our skin surface drives our hand back. If we fire a bullet at it, the portion of the projectile that enters the high-field region will vaporize and drive the remainder of the projectile back via reaction forces. Light and sound perhaps would pass through. This sounds an awful lot like Nikola Tesla's fantastic claims made early this century for "energy bubbles" which could protect entire cities from any enemy. It also resembles the "misty blue spheres" which are reported over the oceans and in uncivilized areas from time to time. Hmmm. Maybe somebody went out and built themselves a "Star Trek Shield Generator"?

How would we build such a thing? I have no idea. How does one synthesize a scalar-wave wavetrain? Hmmm... Maybe... Could be... TESLA-COIL?!!! Other reported methods make the whole affair quickly become ridiculous: electrostatics rather than magnetics, piezo-nonlinear materials with electrodes... and right away we have the quartz Atlantean Power Crystals which make antigravity craft levitate and produce invisible force-walls which protect our high-tech prehistoric cities.


V.O. — Wardenclyfee, was the name Tesla choose for what he believed would be his greatest contribution. A huge transmitter that would provide electrical power to the world, without the use of wires.

Tad Wise — What he didn't tell Morgan, was that he wanted, to send power, to the world, for Free !

( Original Footage: Tower )

Tommy C. — Tesla's plan was ingeniously simple, and actually works ! You just need a Tower that you can resonate. An oscillator of moderate power, Some tuning equipment, and a little tweaking, to get things ready. Now you are all set, to send out your excitation signal.

On the receiving end all you need is an appropriately wound and tuned resonant circuit, a ground rod of good quality, and one wire going to your light bulb.

Yes, there is just one wire connecting the coil to the light bulbs. That's it! The transmitted energy from the tower sets up standing waves in the resonate circuit and the "vacuum energy" "lasers out" and powers the light bulbs. Even this little cardboard mailing tube coil, which is being powered by the AM tower outside, although very inefficient, shows at least, that under the right conditions, this concept of Tesla's, does work!
However, providing free power for everyone did not go over well with Tesla's financial backers. Not after the power station at Niagara Falls was completed.

Tommy C. — Just a of couple weeks before Tesla's death, the US Navy had conducted their fateful experiment hoping to make a ship invisible to radar. The Philadelphia Experiment, did for a moment cause the ship to become invisible. Totally Invisible. It then reappeared for an instant, and then having collected enough cosmic energy in the standing waves surrounding the ship, it was teleported more than a thousand miles away in an instant.

V.O. — Our Military indeed, had more than one interest in the possible effects of resonance. Tesla had several times made cryptic statements regarding things that he had seen happening, while he was operating his equipment. "If only you had seen the things I have," he would remark.

Tommy C. — Today, most researchers agree, that a transmitter powerful enough to do what Tesla wanted, would have had potentially serious health effects, even if, these other phenomenon, could have been safely controlled.

In Tesla's day, the high frequency currents needed to use his technique, had very limited commercial applications. Today, the Electro-magnetic spectrum is crammed with users.

However, let us not let the details of Tesla's application, take us from the due consideration of this workable concept. The transmitting tower's power was needed to stimulate the coil. To over come Electro-magnetic inertia, so to speak. It is not needed to make the coil work. A simple local oscillator, just a fraction of a watt in power, is fully capable of setting up the standing waves needed to gather our cosmic energy.

( John Hutchison of Vancouver, Canada, tinkered with an array of simultaneously interactive fields; a combination of electrostatic, magnetic, microwave and Tesla Coil fields. Without predictable warning and with some randomness, these fields interacted with objects. Levitations, thrusted weights, glowing, apparent softening and bending of hard metal alloys, and strange alloy separations were some of the phenomena reported. )

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