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In the Summer of 1996 I had a series of E-mail correspondences with a gentleman named Ed Mason, of Nova Research, located in Florida. He had written the following file, SCALAR7.ASC, which never made it up onto the KeelyNet. But he kindly mailed me a copy and we wrote back and forth for a few months. His file contains comments on my file, ANDERSEN.ASC, in which I critiqued some of Bearden's earlier writings on Scalar EM, and on Bearden's response letter to me, now on the net as BDNLTR.ASC. In this file Mason offers some very interesting angles of his own on the subject.


ED, Director
1 AUGUST 1996


NOTE: This paper contains a lot of Bearden's quotes from MANY different papers of his.
I have "integrated" them together where I thought they are all related.

NO COPYRIGHT: This paper and ideas therein may be FREELY SHARED according to the high ideals of KeelyNet. However, I would appreciate if PROPER CREDIT is given me for any ideas I have originated herein. Z


with SuperConductivity applications and relation to UFO Propulsion described with CIA Area 51 experiments in Scalar Potential devices hypothesized.

In reviewing many of the "Free Energy" text and GIF files on KeelyNet and studying the concepts presented, especially those pertaining to the theoretical work of such luminaries as Whittaker and Bearden, perhaps my comments may provide some more assistance to advances in this new field of endeavor.

In BRDNLTR.ASC much information was given by Tom Bearden in response to the questions and points raised by Rick Andersen. There appears to be a discrepancy between Bearden's statements that "sum zero vectors" comprise or produce SCALAR WAVES or SCALAR POTENTIAL, and his later statements that Hooper type Bifilar coils (i.e.; Cadeuceus coils, coils comprised of "opposing" field windings) produce a situation in which both the AMPLITUDE and the TIME VARIABLE (+t), (-t) cancel out, resulting in NO NET EM EFFECT.

Bearden reveals this is due to the fact that two opposing "fields" are actually comprised of TWO pairs of Bidirectional Whittaker waves (the Forward time component wave AND the Reversed Time component wave) and that there are actually FOUR Bi-D Whittaker waves that cancel out not ONLY spatially BUT TIMEWISE as well. Bearden then says "Major Bummer!"


One also notes that IF nonlinear material was used in a Bifilar Hooper coil THEN the usual null effect would vanish and "spooky gravitational effects" are noted. Well, NONLINEAR material is placed at the focus of the 2 pump waves (4 Bi-D Whitttaker scalar waves) in the Sweet device.

"... This agreed with Whittaker, and also now offered a sudden inspiration as to when we got the G effect and when not. We were dealing with four waves, not two, in the opposing ordinary waves. We had two opposing normal waves and two opposing antiwaves, with the wave/antiwave coupling. Two ordinary waves 180 degrees out of phase would certainly cancel (spatially) their amplitudes (as is well-known in RAM materials and structures) but would not cancel their energies. The two antiwaves would do likewise, spatially. The point then became, so what would happen in the time domain? Here we got a shocker. The two antiwaves would cancel each other's amplitude SPATIALLY, and would add energies. But looking at the action (energy x time) aspect, their energies exist in negative time! Well, this meant that the antiwave ACTION would come out negative, and would then cancel the added positive wave ACTION because Sum Ewt + Sum Eaw(-t) = 0. Therefore the sum of the whole mess was zero! Bummer! We wound up with everything just vanishing, wherein all the action (angular momentum) seemed to vanish. Well, this showed that the notion of simply having waves 180 degrees out of phase of itself would not give gravity effects. So that's why mostly the Hooper approach didn't seem to do much. But if one added nonlinear materials to the core, then one broke the linear cancellation."

"...The magnitude of the electrostatic scalar potential created by the accumulated charges (spray pumps) represents the local magnitude (flux/spray density) of that virtual photon "spray." It has nothing to do with the mass of the charges, except that nature has built those particular masses to be "little self-powered spray pumps."

NOTE: Scalar potential is CREATED BY the ACCUMULATED CHARGES, et al

"When we "charge up" an accumulator, such as a steel sphere or a capacitor, we push in the electrons so that they pack closer together, and we thus increase the virtual photon spray density because we've accumulated more sprayers in a confined volumetric region. The volumetric spray density represents the magnitude of the electrostatic scalar potential (ESP), in this analogy."

"Contrary to conventional wisdom, Whittaker proved that this scalar potential -- this "spray density" -- is internally organized into hidden, flowing, bidirectional EM waves. EM forcefield wave energy is flowing in both directions. In the electrostatic scalar potential, the net Poynting vector resultant is zero, but it is a "sum-zero system" composed of an infinite set of opposite but equal finite Poynting vectors. That zero vector resultant is a scalar EM potential. It's got lots and lots of EM energy flowing both in and out simultaneously, but these flows are normally balanced and in equilibrium."

"... Actually, scalar potentials (Vacua! Spacetimes!) from charged particles -- both static and dynamic --..."

"... For a very recent proof that the potential is a flow process, and in fact consists of bidirectional EM waves, see Hsue, C.W., "A DC Voltage is Equivalent to Two Traveling Waves on a Lossless, Nonuniform Transmission Line," --IEEE Microwave and Guided Wave Letters--, 1993, Vol. 3, p. 82-84."

"... Rigorously the scalar potential is composed of a dynamic, opposing vector forcefield wave internal structure. Internally it's vectorial; externally it's scalar. Whittaker 1903 tells how to make standing scalar potentials; these can be made as beams."

NOTE: THE "ZERO SUM" exists WITHIN the structure of the Scalar Potential ALREADY. There is NO NEED to "oppose" ordinary ES or EM "fields" because as said before they are ACTUALLY "effects" caused by a SCALAR POTENTIAL ESTABLISHED BY ELECTROSTATIC CHARGES OR MAGNETIC "FLUX". Comments by Bearden regarding "ZERO SUM" actually applies to the INTERNAL MATHEMATICAL COMPONENTS of SCALAR POTENTIAL. Early writings indicate that T. Bearden realized this fine point only later.

"Now, of course, one can take equation [1] above and apply Whittaker 1903 to it, and mathematically decompose the PHI-sub-q term into a set of hidden bidirectional EM wavepairs, in a harmonic sequence."

"...The source already acts as a "dipolar antenna" to continually receive "scalar potential" current dPhi/dl (massless displacement current) from the vacuum."

PHIq is MASSLESS DISPLACEMENT CURRENT aka electric charge. This being composed of Bi-D wavepairs, is identical to electrostatic scalar potential.

THEN the 4 waves:

"Then all that remains to be done to tap this vacuum-furnished "pumping" energy, is to utilize standard 4-wave mixing theory from nonlinear optics, and introduce a small signal wave input. By standard textbook theory, up to all the energy in the pump waves will then be emitted by the nucleus as a phase conjugate replica (PCR) (time-reversed replica) of the signal wave input."

"... Treating the stress-pumped nonlinear nucleus as a PPCM, it follows that the stress energy of the vacuum can be tapped by a 4-wave mixing mechanism in the atomic nucleus, to provide amplified phase conjugate EM wave outputs from the atom in response to small signal wave inputs." (Utilizing Scalar Electromagnetics to Tap.., et al)

"....Hence the vacuum/nucleus flux exchange system is not locally in equilibrium, because part of the in-flow is being gated by 4-wave mixing accomplished in the PPCM barium nuclei, into forming an organized PCR wave, which in turn goes on out of the atom instead of back to the vacuum. Any local vacuum energy extracted is just instantly replaced by the surrounding vacuum-- just as a raging ocean instantly refills the hole left in dipping out a spoonful..."

"...Up to all the power in the pump waves A1 and A2 may be output in phase conjugate replica wave A4 in response to a small signal wave input A3."


In other words,

[the following is my paraphrase because I could not reproduce his ASCII diagram properly in HTML -- R. Andersen]

pump wave A1 is acually a pair of bidirectional Whittaker waves, propagating into the phase conjugate mirror (PCM) from direction A; A2 is another Whittaker pair coming into the PCM from the opposite direction, B; (and that actually adds up to four waves in all: [2(-t) x 2(+t)]).

A3 is the input signal "tickler" wave, which may be quite weak in power/intensity.

These "three" waves, then, A1, A2 and A3, are all aimed at the PCM. In response, it "echoes" back a 4th wave, the time-reversed, phase conjugate reflection A4... which may be enormous in power level as compared to the tickler A3. The PC wave backtracks down the path taken by the tickler wave A3 and delivers its power to the spot where the original "tickling" source is located.


PCM: Silicon, Barium, ionized plasma, granite (has silicon), crystal (SiO2).
PUMP WAVES: Set up Scalar STRESS potential. Even NON-OPPOSING waves or charge accumulations can do this. (READ the quotes ...)

In Tesla's experiment, A1 and A2 are NOT required BECAUSE "earth's fiery core" ALREADY contains the stress.

Of course, when one OPPOSES two equal vectorial forces such as would occur if two capacitor plates are charged to the same (-) potential, or if two electromagnets are situated such that the N poles face each other, then one would derive the infamous ZERO NET VECTORIAL SUM OF FORCES.

In reality, one would observe a net EFFECT of zero on an object or substance placed within the focus of the opposing forces. However, THE FORCES ARE STILL THERE. In Millikan's oil drop experiment (by which the charge of the electron was established) two opposing plates charged to equal polarity impelled an oil drop to hover IN THE CENTER between plates. The forces' net effect on the oil drop was zero, therefore the oil drop remained motionless. However, the fact that the oil drop did NOT fall to the lower plate indicates that the FORCES STILL EXISTED.

Further, in a certain fusion reactor design, known as the Magnetic Mirror concept, a ionized plasma is held between a set of OPPOSING magnetic field coils. By increasing the flux strength of the opposing coils in an equal manner the VECTORIAL SUM of the opposing magnetic forces is ZERO but YET THE PLASMA WILL BE COMPRESSED from a former state of motionless equilibrium with respect to the focus of the opposing forces. The fact that plasma compression OCCURS indicates that THE FORCES CONTINUE TO EXIST even though a mathematical VECTORIAL ZERO SUM of forces exists in the arrangement.

Tesla's scalar wave unit consisted of a transformer enclosed within a zinc box in which a primary was interfaced to TWO OPPOSED ("bucking") SECONDARY COILS.

What is the point of all this? Well, apparently NON-OPPOSED flux or accumu- lations of electrons are accompanied by SCALAR POTENTIAL. The scalar potential is ALREADY composed INTERNALLY (according to Whittaker, not Bearden) of pairs of temporally (not spatially) opposed bi-directional Whittaker EM waves (virtual photon and anti-photon pairs, which is a SPIN-2 GRAVITON). One does NOT have to "oppose" coils or charged spheres to set up a scalar potential. HOWEVER, if one DOES oppose coils, capacitor plates, etc., then although the FORCES involved (i.e; Scalar POTENTIAL, a STATIC ordering, et al) do NOT vanish, their NET EFFECT on something DOES. This corresponds to the mathema- tical VECTORIAL SUM ZERO.

The Scalar potential associated with the opposing forces (i.e. that of which the forces are "effects") STILL EXISTS. Therefore, the potential "activates" the area of SPACE/VACUUM where that particular scalar potential exists, and IF a NONLINEAR MATERIAL (i.e.; MASS) is placed within the scalar potential activated zone THEN the 2 pairs of normally "null effect" internal Bi-D Whittaker waves EXERT AN EFFECT ON THE MASS.

How? The Scalar potential in the zone still exists. This vastly increases "virtual photon exchange" (virtual photon/antiphoton) with the electron shell and nucleus. But because a nonlinear material is placed at the focus THEN a significant percentage of anti-photons do NOT interact with the nucleus. The VP exchange being vastly increased is what constitutes the state of the matter being "activated". The non-interactive antiphotons then appear as "Time Reversed displacement current". The Scalar Potential (paired Bi-Directional Whittaker Waves) are thus DECOMPOSED by NONLINEAR MASS into FREE time reversed EM waves and time forward waves.

Probably the reason any effect at all has been observed in the Hooper Motional Field generator (without a nonlinear core) is because in practice the two opposing fields were not EXACTLY equal.


The Scalar Potential can be set up whether opposing forces are established or not. But in either case, scalar waves or potential requires INTERACTION with nonlinear matter in order to produce any time reversed phenomena.


The Sweet device could be utilized at very high power outputs to liquefy cryonic substances such as Helium, using no pumps or bulky moving parts. Now, what would happen if a time reversed current were established in a supercon- ducting field coil, setting up a time reversed magnetic field? If the coil containing the perpetual time reversed current were immersed in liquid helium, would the effect of the current maintain the liquid state of the Helium, which in turn would maintain the superconductive state; which in turn MAINTAINS THE TIME REVERSED CURRENT FOREVER?

* In the Herbert Schirmer UFO abduction case (Nebraska 1960's) the reptiloid alien stated that their craft were propelled by "reversed magnetism".

* In the Betty/Barney Hill abduction, the inside surfaces of the UFO were "freezing cold."

* Some witnesses who stood DIRECTLY UNDER a low altitude disk felt weightless and AS IF TIME HAD STOPPED.

Do some UFO's use time reversed power?

* Many UFO contactees have recieved ideas and designs from aliens for "FREE ENERGY DEVICES"(!!!). The late Harrold Menger was one example.

Since the SOVIETS and US work on scalar electromagnetics, now UFO type craft have been REPEATEDLY seen coming FROM and flying OVER the Groom Lake CIA AirForce Area 51 at night. Probably, someone has gone a lot further with this than Dr. Sweet or Col. Tom Bearden have suspected. The CIA has a MULTI- BILLION DOLLAR budget (all unaccountable) to invest in this type stuff-- and they HAVE used Area 51 for years. (Some say the CIA raises much of this "funding" via drug running operations. But since this is a SCIENCE BBS rather than a POLITICAL BBS no more will be said here.) There are ALSO many documented evidences indicative of the fact that the CIA has long been interesting in BioPhysical effects weapons, Psi Weapons, Mind Control, etc. Scalar waves MAY have an effect ON THE MIND.

If Col. Tom Bearden, Dr. F. SWEET, or any "responsible" parties wish to comment on, yell about, or offer ANY proposal of interest; you may e-mail me at:



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