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Scalar Electromagnetics

Scalar Electromagnetics is Electrogravitation -

Scalar electromagnetics is an extension of present electromagnetics (EM) to include gravitation. That is, a unified electrogravitation, and, what is more important, it is a unified engineering theory. Its basis was discovered by Nikola Tesla.

He that has ears, let him hear.

Here is the secret of antigravity.

The "electrical charge" of a charged particle-- such as one of the charged particles of an atom or one of the protons of its nucleus-- represents a difference in flux intensity (potential) between the local particle and its ambient vacuum. Its the continual bleed-off of gravitational charge as electrical charge. If that bleed off is reversed or stopped, a drastic effect on the gravitational charge ensues. The 5-potential and the 5-charge have become 4-G-potential and 4-d-charge respectively. Thus "charging" an object with its scalar EM pattern charges it gravitationally. Now the only "bleed off channel" is through the 4-G force field. Further, in a nucleus the nucleons continually back and forth between proton and neutron, so the electrical charge is "spread" throughout the nucleus and shared by all the nucleons.

Further, each element (actually each isotope) has its own unique "ensemble pattern" of Fourier expansion scalar frequencies, amplitudes, ect. This pattern can, of course, be reproduced artificially and transmitted by modified EM transmitters). There is, however, a sort of "master key" scalar EM (EG) pattern for nucleons (protons and neutrons which are changing back and forth into each other by exchange of virtual charge currents).

If one reverses the charge by inverting this pattern, and then "charges up a mass with the inverted charge," to the external observer the charging mass just gets lighter and lighter, and its inertia gets less and less. Eventually it seems (to him) to acquire negative mass and negative inertia, and just accelerate away from the earth. the object falls upward instead of falling downwards.

There are also some weird time effects; that object can be moving slower through time than the laboratory observer, or even be moving backwards through time in respect to the laboratory observer. (Don't believe everything they taught you in relativity; none of those guys ever had engineered a single general relativistic situation. &othing they teach in GR is based on direct experiment. Most of what they teach has already experimentally proven to be in error.

This is the concept for a scalar EG detector for a scalar EG waves. This is the Bendini scalar wave detector, adapted from an original concept by Dea and Faretto.

The idea is quite simple: install a very powerful bar magnet inside a grounded Faraday cage. Then install an open-ended coil longitudally above the magnet so that a line through the longitudal axis of the magnet passes through the longitudal axis of the coil above it. The open end of the coil does not touch the magnet.

Connect the other end of the coil to a variable tuning capacitor, so that the coil and the capacitor form a tunable, series-L-C-oscillatory circuit. The output of the capacitor is connected to a transistorized preamplifier inside the cage. A tuning shaft for the capacitor is very carefully placed through a small hole in the shield to allow tuning from outside.

The output of the preamp passes through a small hole in the shield, through a shielded cable, to an adjacent oscilloscope. The cable shield is also grounded t a reference ground potential.

The theory is as follows: Suppose a normal EM wave appears inside the cage, above the magnet or closely adjacent thereto. In that case a coupled oscillation appears in the field of the magnet, and this oscillation is coupled to the coil immediately above it. If the oscillation is within the bandwidth of the tuned series LC circuit, detection occurs. This is amplified by the preamp and passed to the oscilloscope, where it is displayed on the scope.

Note that the detector detects normal EM wave. Now our problem is: How do we get an EG wave to be detected? And how do we assure that we do not detect ordinary EM waves from the outside? Actually this is simple. Ordinary waves (except for quite low frequency) will be grounded out by the Faraday shield, and will not penetrate the cage. Thus these normal EM waves cannot enter the cage and appear above the magnet. They will not be detected. Scalar EG waves, on the other hand, will enter the cage since they do not couple to conduction electrons in the metal of the cage. Above the pole of the magnet, spacetime is locally bent. After all, a pole is a magnetostatic scalar potential, which is a part of the conglomerate called "G-potential." The pole represents an increase (or decrease, depending on whether it is a north or a south pole) in the magnetostatic component of the local G-potential. This is a curvature of spacetime. An EG wave entering this region adds a varying component component of magnetostatic G-potential, which bleeds off in the coil as an ordinary EM wave.

Another way to view the detector is to model the EG wave as a longitudal wave, and an ordinary EM wave as a transverse wave. When the EG wave enters the curved spacetime region above the magnet, to the coil (the "observer" in this case!) the longitudal aspect of the EG wave appears to be rotating back and forth, so that an oscillating transverse component is present. This transverse component appears to the coil as an ordinary EM field, and so the LC circuit detects it if it is in the proper frequency band.

Yet another way to view the situation is to realize that an EG wave entering the magnet results in an oscillating component added to the magnetostatic scalar potential (pole strength) of t8e magnet. Accordingly, the magnet is a receiver for scalar waves, which are detected to "bleed-off" as an oscillation of the magnetic field strength of the magnet. Coupling of this oscillating magnetic field to the coil creates an oscillating current flow into the capacitor. This oscillates the voltage input to the preamp, which amplifies and feeds the signal to the oscilloscope for display.

It is important to remember that a magnetostatic potential and an electrostatic potential can be oscillated by a scalar EG wave. By placing a magnetic material inside a Faraday cage, the oscillation of the magnetostatic scalar potential (pole strength of the magnet) can be used as the EG detecting mechanism. By placing a chargeable material inside a Faraday cage, the oscillation of the electrostatic scalar potential can be detected. (Possible examples of the latter type detectors are given by Hodowanec,"Radio Electronics," April 1986.)

Note also that one may detect waves at one reference level and not at another. Changing the bias on the zero-reference ground of the Bendini detector affects the detection. To look inside a normal EM carrier (such as the Soviet Woodpecker carrier) and see what scalar signals are riding upon it, the carrier may be used to bias the reference ground of the Bendini detector. To produce a spectrum analyzer, simply use additional series resonant LC tuning circuits in parallel (put multiple taps on the coil, and wire each tap to a separate tuning capacitor of different capacitance). Again, varying the zero reference level is important, as is varying the strength of the magnet. Frank Golden has also invented an excellent series of scalar wave detectors based on quite different proprietary principles.

The bottom line is: we can indeed rigorously detect and measure scalar EG waves. When one considers the large sums of money presently being spent to bury large aluminum cylinders etc. in an attempt to detect gravitational waves, one wonders why some funds could not be released to a few unorthodox researchers by the National Academy of Sciences to fund the proven creation and detection of electrogravitational waves...

Here is explained a new kind of resonance: scalar EM resonance, or electrogravitational resonance.

First, imagine we have a standard resonant cavity. In this cavity we have a resonant EM wave moving back and forth. In accordance with convention, the E-field vector and the B-field vector are at right angles in this moving wave front. As the wave moves back and forth, the vectors vary back and forth; however, at any one point between the walls, the two vectors always have the same value. Thus our resonant EM wave forms a standing wave in the cavity.

Now imagine that a second wave front, precisely like the first and of the same frequency, is superposed over the first one and travels with it. This second wave -- the "antiwave" -- has its force vectors 180 degrees out of phase with the force vectors of the reference wave. Hence the E-fields and B-fields of the two superposed waves always sum to vector zeros, anywhere in the cavity. To an external observer, the cavity contains no ordinary electromagnetic force fields, hence no ordinary EM energy.

However the energy density of a single EM sine wave in vacuum is given by:

density 2 [ E + B ]/8pi

This energy density is always positive. Hence the energy density of the two waves at any point X between the walls is equal to:

2 2 [ E + B ]/4pi


E=E(x) ; B=B(x)

Thus the energy density of vacuum varies with X. But, rigorously, since the resultant E and B fields are zero, this describes a standing gravitational wave. Hence we have a standing EG wave existing in the cavity. This is an example of scalar resonance. Rigorously the cavity has mass and inertia, to an outside observer, as a result of the two warps in spacetime it contains.

Note that in one half cycle the energy density of vacuum is greater than ambient, and in the other half cycle it is less. In the region of one half cycle, time flows at a faster rate than to the ambient observer, and in the other half cycle time flows at a slower rate than to the ambient observer. One half cycle appears to contain negative electrical charge, and the other appears to contain positive charge.

One half cycle appears to contain a north pole (positive magnetostatic scalar potential), and the other half cycle appears to contain a south pole (negative magnetostatic scalar potential).

Perhaps n/w one can begin to understand why a continuously accelerated orbital electron in the atom does not radiate EM energy, completely in violation of Maxwell's equations. The electron is naught but a complex aspect

Scalar resonance is not in the conventional textbook.

Scalar resonance is a particular zero summed multi-resonance, electromagnetically, so that it does not act in an electromagnetic manner.

A scalar resonance is a standing electromagnetic wave. It can be made electrically, but is not electrical in behavior.

In any scalar resonance, spacetime is curved, and it is the magnitude (and direction) of this spacetime curvature that is oscillating in "standing wave" fashion.

In respect to stress of the vacuum medium, one half of a standing sine wave of scalar resonance is tensile; the other half is compressive. However, this is with respect to the local ambient stress of the vacuum.

"Mass" of a particle is just a characteristic exhibited by a trapped scalar resonance. Usually this trapping is done by the "spin" of the individual particle.

The concept of "mass" may be compared with the concept of "capacitance." That is, a mass is an accumulator for scalar waves; that is, for scalar resonances. It is continually being "charged" and "discharged" by absorption and emission of scalar waves from and to the ambient vacuum scalar wave flux.

Indeed the magnitude of a mass may be defined in terms of the absolute value of this "switching" (absorption = switch in; emission = switch out) rate. For details on this see (Bearden, T.E. "Quinton/Perception Physics: A Theory of Existence, Perception, and Physical Phenomena," March, 1973, AD 763210, available through NTIS.)

In the normal linear spacetime, the "charging" and "discharging" are equal in all directions; so the mass exhibited in any direction is the same.

With respect to an "external observer's" equilibrium flux, a moving object encounters an increased amount of flux rate along its line of motion, just as a moving object in a rainstorm encounters more raindrops per second in the direction of its path, than does a stationary object. Encountering increased scalar wave flux (with respect to the external observer) forces the moving object to absorb and emit scalar waves at a higher rate along its direction of motion than when its not moving. Thus to the external observer, the mass of the object has increased, insofar as any disturbing force along its line of motion is concerned.

At right angles to its line of motion however, the flux rate is precisely the same as when the object is at rest. Therefore the "mass" of the moving object with respect to any disturbing force at right angles to its line of motion has not changed, as seen by the external observer.

Thus is explained both parts of one of the all time great mysteries of special relativity: (1) how the mass of an object increases with respect to its motion, and (2) why the mass only increases with respect to its line of motion, and not at any right angles to it.

The inertia of a particle is due to its mass, i.e., to the total magnitude of its trapped scalar resonance.

The gravitational attraction between two masses is due to their spacetime curvature. Further, mass is like a capacitance. It can trap additional scalar waves as trapped resonance; hence increase its magnitude or "inertial charge". Or, it can discharge more scalar waves than it absorbs; hence decrease its magnitude or "internal charge"...

Those scalar waves emitted from resonance are emitted as a pattern ensemble of the resonance. Hence they may be regarded as constituting a current of scalar resonance leaving the mass accumulator object. Scalar waves absorbed into trapped resonance may be regarded as constituting a current of scalar resonance into the mass accumulator object. Thus it is proper to speak of scalar resonance as being able to "flow".

Further, it is possible to increase the mass of an object directly, by transmitting scalar EM waves to it so that it absorbs them. (By absorbing scalar waves one means that more enter the object than leave it, so that the object acts as an internal accumulator charging up with internal charge. This is done by insuring the reference potential of the scalar wave transmitter is higher than the reference potential of the irradiated object.)

It is also possible to decrease the mass of an object directly, by transmitting scalar EM waves to it so that it emits more than it absorbs. (By emitting scalar waves one means that more leave the object than enter it, so the object acts as if it were an internal accumulator that is discharging its internal charge. this is done by insuring that the reference potential of the scalar transmitter is lower than the reference potential of the irradiated object.)

As can be seen, the scalar wave "transmitter" is actually somewhat comparable to a heat pump; it can either act as an "energy transmitter" or as an "energy extractor", depending on the difference in potential between "transmitter" and "receiver."

Scalar resonance can have a specific pattern: both in frequency and in spatial curvature aspects, as well as "rate of flow of time" aspects. Indeed, scalar-wise every object has its individual "scalar pattern" which is a unique fingerprint. Since that print is spatiotemporal, it is a product of that objects entire past history. Thus --scalar wise-- no two objects are identical.

This brings up another rather amazing potential: If a reasonably precise scalar pattern of an object can be "irradiated" and resonated with scalar waves, energy may be created in or extracted from the distant object, just as stimulating one tuning fork can excite another at a distance by sympathetic resonance. I leave it to you to ascertain the relavence of this statement to clairvoyance, radionics, remote viewing, etc.

For the skeptic, however, we must point out that --rigorously--quantum mechanics requires that, continually, in any localized region of spacetime, the "pattern" of any object in the universe appears momentarily in the virtual state, purely from statistical considerations alone. So long as the situation remains statistical, any place in the universe can continue to have the "ghosts" of everything present there, in an ethereally thin pattern, and the observable world will not be affected by it. However if one can discriminate and scalarly "charge" or "discharge" individual patterns in this "ghost-realm", action at a distance is directly possible, as is materialization and dematerialization. If one accepts that even thought itself produces such virtual "ghost-patterns" in the virtual particle flux of vacuum, then it is at least theoretically possible to materialize thoughts and thought images.

We have entered a new kind of reality where the old rules and the old limitations do not necessarily apply.

As pointed out, we can greatly simplify matters by considering 'currents of scalar resonance'. These currents flow from higher potential to lower potential, regardless of whether we are considering "transmission" or "reception".

Indeed, to transmit at lower potential is to receive, and to receive at higher potential is to transmit. Thus the "transmitter-receiver" is a special system where simply biasing two nodes differently determines which way the scalar resonance will flow. We may increase or decrease an object's inertia and mass, simply by properly biasing the transmitter-receiver's two nodes.

In one accidental experiment of some hours duration, Golden charged up an area so that, locally, all clocks became erratic. This included electrical clocks, battery driven watches, wind up kitchen clocks, and a pendulum operated grandfather clock. The rate of flow of time itself was apparently altered in the local area by the accumulated charge, which took four days to drain off and discharge. At the end of four days of discharge, all clocks and watches returned to normal.

If we interfere two transmitters in a region of great energy--such as the molten core of the earth itself--and bias the transmitters negatively, we can extract enormous energy directly from that distant source!

Indeed, a slight variation of this effect is precisely how the Soviet Union obtains the enormous energy with which to power its incredibly powerful strategic "continent-buster" scalar EM weapons. Scalar frequency pairs -- 12 kilohertz apart -- are transmitted into the earth itself on some portion of the earth's "giant scalar resonance" frequency curve. Biasing the two transmitters differently with respect to each other produces a high potential difference (voltage) between them. At the same time, biasing them both negative with respect to the earth's molten core produces a scalar resonance current from the core to the two transmitters. In the "outer loop" between the two scalar transmitters, there appears a gigantic v/ltage and gigantic electrical current which can be captured by appropriate means. This electrical power is tapped off and transmitted to incredibly powerful scalar EM weapon systems. There, special accumulators ad switchers are utilized to provide awesome amounts of power to each weapon.

Just before May 1,1985 the Soviet Union performed a "full-up" operational test of their entire strategic scalar EM weap/ns complex. This test was detected and monitored periodically by Frank Golden. Some 27 of these giant Soviet "power taps" were locked into the molten core of the earth, producing forced (entrained) scalar resonance of the entire planet on 54 controlled frequencies under our very feet. The remainder of the scalar frequency spectrum was ablaze with literally hundreds of Soviet scalar transmitters: probably the entire strategic scalar command and control system to underwater submarines, higher command centers, distant commands, etc. was activated in the giant exercise.

For several days the system was exercised on a mind-boggling scale, apparently as part of the Soviet Unions highly accentuated 40th anniversary celebration of the end of World War II.

Ironically, not a single U.S. intelligence agency, laboratory, or scientist detected this monstrous exercise for the new Soviet leader, Gorbacev. Not one of them had a detector for scalar EM radiation, and not one of them will --officially-- say that the exercise ever happened.


A most useful device is obtained if one uses a scalar inferometer where the two transmitters transmit beams which intersect at a distance.

In the interference zone, an energy bottle is created.

By biasing the transmitter reference potentials well above that of the distant energy bottle, EM energy emerges in that zone. In that case the interferometer is operating in the Exothermic mode.

By biasing the transmitter reference potentials well below that of the distant energy bottle, EM energy is extracted from the distant zone and emerges from the transmitter. In that case the inferometer is operating in the Endothermic mode.

If the transmitters transmit continuously, the effect in the distant zone is continuous.

If each transmitter transmits a pulse, and the two pulses meet in the distant intersection zone, then an explosive emergence or extraction of energy occurs at the distant interference zone, depending on whether the inferometer is operating in the exothermic or endothermic mode.


For a scalar interferometer, "del phi" (the gradient of the potential) applies between the transmitter sit and the distant intersection site, not to the intervening space in between. Thus one speaks of "energy flow" as being between the transmitter and intersection --without- any "in between". In the intervening space, all energy exists as locked-in artificial potential, not EM force field energy (gradient bleed off potential).

In the Exothermic mode, the ground potential of the transmitter is biased well above the ground potential of ambient vacuum. Energy enters the transmitter and "disappears", to "reappear" in the distant interference zone.

If continuous wave transmission is used, the energy continuously appears in the distant zone.

If pulse transmission is used and timed so that the two scalar pulses meet in the distant zone, energy explosively appears there.

If multiple frequencies are transmitted in the manner of a Fourier expansion of a particular geometric form, then a 3-dimensional energy form appears at the distant intersection. In this manner a spherical or hemispherical shell (a globe or "dome" of EM energy) can be created at a distance. If pulse transmission is used, this will be an impulsive or explosive emergence of that energy form. If continuous transmission is used, this will be a continuous glowing form.

By feeding incredibly powerful transmitters with large amounts of energy extracted from the earth's molten core by "energy taps," very large spherical globes and hemispherical domes of EM energy can be created at a distance. The energy in the interference "shell" of such a sphere or hemisphere is sufficiently dense to lift Dirac matter from the Dirac sea of the vacuum. Thus the shell contains a glowing plasma.

Many such scalar howitzer signatures have been seen over the oceans, particularly over the north Pacific by jet airliners flying into and out of Japan. (Remember some months ago the big story about the JAL flight in which all passengers and crew saw a giant spherical "UFO".) Also such globes and domes of light have been seen deep within the Soviet Union, by observers in Afghanistan and by pilots of aircraft landing in Iran.

In the impulsive exothermic mode, a large visible flash will occur if EM energy in the visible spectrum is produced. "Flashes" in the infrared may similarly occur, if the emerging energy is in that spectral band. In September 1979 our Vela satellites detected such a large "nuclear flash" over the South Atlantic, off the southern coast of Africa. A second "nuclear flash" detected by the Vela satellites in 1980 was in the infrared only. Some years ago, a series of anomalous "flashes" and "booms" occurred off the east coast of the United States. The were due to the orientation and alignment -- and registration -- of one or more "scalar howitzers" -- scalar EM interferometers in the exothermic mode.

Large "booms" occurred over the shuttle launch site at Cape Canaveral, associated with three shuttle launches prior to the end of November 1985. These were tests of such exothermic scalar EM howitzers, being tested as part of the Soviet Launch Phase ABM system. In that mode, the scalar pulses from the two transmitters are injected into special zero-reference scalar EM "channels" established in the EM carriers of the Woodpecker over-the-horizon radars. The scalar pulses travel through these channels, traveling in the ordinary EM beam of the transmitter and following it in its curvature around the earth in the earth-ionospheric waveguide. The scalar pulses are timed, phased, and oriented so as to meet the rising shuttle. In these tests the transmissions were offset in time so the shuttle would not actually be destroyed, but the system could be tested against actual shuttle launches in the U.S.

The specific uses of these various exothermic modes will be covered in later parts of this series.

In the endothermic mode, the bias on the transmitters is such that energy is extracted from the distant intersection zone, to re-emerge from the transmitters. There the energy must be caught and disposed of if it is not to burn out the transmitters. When very large amounts of energy are extracted from distant points, the Soviets often use a "dump" method of temporarily capturing, and storing in an accumulator, the heat energy emerging at the transmitters. A second howitzer in the exothermic mode is then fed by a "scalar energy tap" established into the accumulator. This howitzer is focused on the distant dump site -- often Bennett Island, where exhausts are continually observed by U.S. weather satellites.

In the impulsive endothermic mode, energy is impulsively extracted from the distant intersection zone. In the atmosphere this results in a very sharp cooling or "cold explosion". It also results in the type of boom and rumble often associated with thunder after a lightning bolt.

On April 9, 1984 the Soviet Union tested such a "cold explosion" off the coast of Japan, near the Kuril Islands. In the suddenly induced low pressure "cold zone" above the ocean, ocean water was sharply sucked up from the ocean, forming a dense cloud. Then air rushing into the low pressure zone forced the cloud upward, forming a mushroom much like that of an atomic explosion except for the absence of a flash and the absence of a shockwave moving out and away from the center of the explosion.

As the cloud rises, it expands by mixing -- very similar to a giant thunderhead buildup, except much faster. In this case the cloud rose to about 60,000 feet in about 2 minutes, spreading out until it reached a diameter of about 200 miles. The incident was seen by the pilots and crews of several Boeing 747 jet airliners in the general vicinity. Sometime after that, a U.S. weather satellite photo of the area occurred. The cloud in that photo has an anomalous density distribution, differing from that of all other clouds in the area...


Nikola Tesla planned a very special use for his endothermic scalar interferometer. He planned to produce what he called his "big eye to see at a distance."

The system used to accomplish this is only weakly endothermic, so that only a small amount of energy is extracted from the distant target. Also, the beams are "scanned" by an open receiver, timewise, from side to side and top to bottom. By scanning yet another single beam through the intersection zone and phasing its pulses, an even better representation can be obtained. Thus the receiver produces a representation of the energy extracted from various locations within the distant endothermic zone. By displaying the received signals on an appropriately scanned screen, a representation of the distant scene can be created. This is a special kind of "microwave interferometry," and -- with modern techniques -- the imagery obtained can be surprisingly good.

With development, it might even become as good as the image presently obtained by side looking acquisition radars.

Interestingly enough, since scalar beams will easily penetrate the earth or the ocean, one can also look beneath the earth or ocean with this type of scanning scalar interferometer.

The importance of this capability to strategic and tactical reconnaissance is obvious. Camouflage, cover, and concealment have no effect on such a system. One can easily look into buildings and into underground facilities. With a small system such as this, the U.S. Marines at Khe Sahn would have had little difficulty locating the tunnels continually dug under the perimeter by the Viet Cong. And targets under jungle canopies are directly visible...

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