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A "White Noise" Generator using avalanche-mode biasing

11/8/97 by Rick Andersen

In many of our "alt-sci" experiment setups we need a source of random "hissing" noise which sounds like the noise heard between stations on an FM broadcast radio or on an unused TV channel. This noise is made up of randomly-varying frequencies, phases, and amplitudes, without any harmonic or periodic structure, and it is known as "white noise", analogous to white light, like sunlight, which contains all the colors of the rainbow.

When we filter white light, we reject most of the frequencies/wavelengths and end up with one particular color, such as red or green. When we filter our white noise generator's output, we can filter it broadly, with a gentle "rolloff" of the upper frequencies (a low-pass filter response) and we call the filtered output "pink noise" (following the analogy to spectral colors). If we filter very sharply, (a bandpass filter response) we can "zero in" on one particular frequency and we will notice a definite whistling "pitch" in our noise, which, if swept up and down, sounds like a howling windstorm. This would be like filtering our white light source into a particular color, like red, and then sliding up the spectrum--- orange...yellow...green...blue...violet... and back down again.

The schematic below is a very simple one that was popular in the analog (pre-digital) music synthesizers of the 1970's. It uses a 2N3904 NPN silicon transistor hooked up "backwards", with a 470k current-limiting resistor, across which the noise signal voltage is dropped. Connecting the transistor in this way forces its base-emitter junction to act like a zener diode in the "avalanche" mode, which generates wideband noise. Q2 is a simple audio amplifier which brings up the noise level before it is outputted to your application.

 The circuit will generate a wide spectrum of white noise, extending from below 100 Hz up into the AM broadcast band (540 to 1600 KHz). You may find it necessary to pick and choose your Q1 transistor for optimum noise output. Also, try varying the 470k resistor connected to Q1's base; I've found that any value between 330k and 1.5 Meg will work, but the noise output varies with the particular transistor and with the DC supply voltage, which I'm giving as +12v but that's not extremely critical. (You might want to put a variable resistance [a potentiometer] in place of the 470k, but make sure there's at least 100k in series with it to ground, lest you cream your poor transistor by going too low in resistance and smoking the b-e junction!)

Remember that the output will have to go to a power amplifier before you try to drive any speakers, coils, etc., with this circuit; its output is a voltage with an output impedance of 4700 ohms and will need further processing by an amp with a medium to high impedance input..

As far as application to 'Esoteric Physics' is concerned, remember that both Tom Bearden and Preston Nichols have explicitly mentioned using white noise as a "key" to the functioning of certain scalar EM detector schemes; Nichols mentions the entire Montauk radar system (as revamped in his alt-sci version) as being correlated by white noise along with a phase-splitted 30 Hz sine wave. These two signals were then used as the heart of a "zero-time reference" system which allegedly established a reference point for space-time coordinates which were manipulated by the rest of the Montauk machinery.

Another idea might be to modulate the white noise with audio information, using either AM, FM or PM, so that the broadband noise is acting like a very wideband, multi-frequency carrier-- similar to spread spectrum radio, but without any pseudo-random "key" to the frequency hopping. This technique may relate to a form of "electronic telepathy" or the capability of broadcasting particular patterns of wave information into/onto a target. This reminds me of certain "close encounters" I've read about where a UFO contactee hears a voice speaking to him from the craft, but he either can't pinpoint the voice's location, or the voice seems to be "in his head"... maybe the 'visitors' are modulating the ion field surrounding the craft, whether acoustically, electrically, or magnetically...

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