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The Resonant Gravity Field Coil

by Shadow Hawk

NOTICE: Within this file will be presented a potential method of altering the spatiotemporal continuum as one desires. I take no responsibility for any use or misuse of this information, whether harmful or otherwise. The effects of this device, if used in a careless manner, can be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

Gravity Resonance? What is this nut talking about?

You are probably thinking, "how can gravity possibly be resonant?" This is a good question. As discovered by Thomas Townsend Brown, electricity is directly related to gravity (see his U.S. patents 1,974,483, 3,187,206 in particular.) If this is so, it is most likely a vectorial relationship (law of opposites), and since there is already an electromagnetic vector (2 dimensional), a gravitational vector would be at 90 degrees to both the magnetic and the electric vectors (since we are in a 3 dimensional space.) The gravitational vector is like the "duration in time" of the electric and magnetic vectors. There are also, in addition to scalar electric and magnetic waves (see Bearden, Thomas E. "Toward a new electromagnetics: part IV: vectors and mechanisms clarified. Tesla Book Co., Millbrae, California, 1983. This work, however, fails to mention gravity waves, although it does mention controlling gravity), there are also scalar gravitic waves (see Ford, L.H and A. Vilenkin. "A gravitational analogue of the Aharanov-Bohm effect." Journal of Physics A. Mathematical, Nuclear, and General. (Great Britan). 14(9), Sep. 1981. p. 2353-2357.)

Okay. So There are gravity waves. How can resonating them control reality?

All of the above has been proven; this is where basically theory comes in. There has been much supposed experimental proof of these effects, however all current research is, unfortuneatly, proprietary, and it is extremely hard to come by anything helpful. The only good sources of information are some small mail order book stores, and no one store has everything. One example of publicized experimental proof is the information regarding the largely ignored bierfield brown effect, whereby gravity can be nullified and even reversed due to electric charge (see Thomas Townsend Brown, Above patents), and the book on the philidelphia experiment (and NOT THE MOVIE! The movie was fiction, the book is an attempt to analyze what little fact is known.) The true philidelphia experiment, if it actually occured, used a navy ship degausser modified to act as some type of resonant gravity vector coil.

The actual theory is that, since electricity can be "transmittd" through the ether through electric scalar and vector waves, and magnetic energy through magnetic scalar and vector waves, why not gravitational scalar and vector waves, if they do exist (law of opposites)? A gravity wave is the emporal "shape" of the electric and magnetic vector (I hope this is a good explanation!), and by changing this shape you are changing the moleular construction of the matter (or lack thereof) transmitting the waves Also, since there are an infinite number of paralell, real universes (see Hypernumbers II, by Charles Muses, January 1978 "Applied Mathematics and Computation", and his introduction to Jerome Rothstein's "Communication, Organization, and Science," The Falcon's Wing Press, Indian Hills, CO, 1958), the gravity vector coil MAY allow the psychic (scalar electromagnetic brain wave) postulation of reality through the G-vector. This could also be done with a computer, but both are beyond the scope of this paper. I will now present the plans for the construction of a simple G-vector coil. What you do with it from here is up to you, show it to your physics teachers and have them look up the references and watch their eyes pop as they find out the speed of light is NOT constant.

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