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"Apparently that was the end of the film, and I overheard some of the men in the room discussing it. Some thought that the field had been left on too long and that that had caused the problems that some of the crew members were having." -- reported to Moore by Patrick Macey, as told to him by a workmate named "Jim" in the summer of 1977. The Phil. Experiment, pp 240, 241. "The names of several scientists have come up in connection with the revival of such a project. Two government-employed scientists named Charlesworth and Carroll were reportedly responsible for installing the auxiliary equipment on the DE 173 and participated in the experiment, noting the neuronal damage 'due to diatheric' effect because of the magnetic oscillation of the magnetic field'." -- Phil. Experiment p 241. "Victor Silverman, now living in Pennsylvania and still mindful of wartime security regulations and afraid of possible consequences, got in touch with the authors [Berlitz & Moore] through a third party when he first heard about the publication of a book about the DE-173. He speaks from personal experience: 'I was on that ship at the time of the experiment.' "At the outbreak of WWII Silverman enlisted in the Navy. He, along with about 40 others, was destined to become part of a special secret Naval experimental project involving a destroyer escort vessel and a process which he could identify only as 'degaussing'.

On board the vessel, Silverman noted that there was 'enough radar equipment on the ship to fill a battle- ship' including 'an extra mast' which was 'rigged out like a Christmas tree' with what appeared to be antenna-like structures. "At one point during the preparation for the experiment, Silverman remembers seeing a civilian on board and said to a shipmate: 'That guy could use a haircut.' To his amazement he later discovered that the man had been Albert Einstein. "Silverman was given the rating of Engineer, First Class, and, according to his account, was one of three seamen who knew where the switches were that started the operation. He also related that a special series of electrical cables had been laid from a nearby power house to the ship. When the order was given and the switches thrown, 'the resulting whine was almost unbearable.'... -- The Phil. Experiment, pp. 247, 248. "This informant, who emphatically declined to be named, confided to Berlitz that he had seen highly classified documents in the Navy files in Washing- ton, D.C., which indicated that at least some phases of the experiment are STILL in progress. "In addition, scientific units in private universities, some possibly funded by the government, are reported to be pursuing research in magnetic teleportation, with the attendant invisibility as part of the experiment. Some recent reports place such experimentation as having taken place at Stanford University Research Facility at Menlo Park, Palo Alto, California, and at M.I.T. in Boston. However, in the words of one informant -- M. Akers, a psychologist in San Jose, California -- such magnetic experiments 'are frowned upon because they have detrimental effects on the researchers conducting the experiments.'" -- The Phil. Experiment, p.255. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The U.S. Navy experimented with variations of the unifying vector on a large scale during WWII, in which they succeeded at least in part to make a ship invisible to radar. Radar is composed of ultra-high frequency waves, and here enters the problem. In order to make something invisible to ultra-high waves, you must take it beyond that, and now you are playing with an idea where time, space, and conventional geometry go right out the window, liter- ally. The only other way is to create interference vectors BETWEEN yourself and the outside, a kind of shell as it were. "The Navy, Einstein and a few others working together tried it the first way. They subjected the whole ship and crew inside a huge man-made field effect, then pumped its plane-rotational velocity, and raised the overall potential to beyond what might be considered the 'normal physics stability' threshold.

Then came the book, followed by the movie, 'The Philadelphia Experiment'. Yes somebody out there is trying to tell us something, or make it so absurd that it falls into the entertainment category... "In the large field effect experiment, generators were set up to produce a ROTATING MAGNETIC FIELD around the vessel while EXTRA MASTS were set up to accommodate the VERTICAL GRAVITY AXIS of the field. The had the equipment and some math to back up what was supposed to happen; however it's difficult to prepare human minds to get used to the idea of TRANSPOSING matter from one locale to another... The reported "freezing" of several of the crewmen... "is what we should expect when inside a HYPER-FIELD, wherein all would become coherent or moving in the same direction. You would no longer be a 'man energy unit' aboard a 'vessel energy unit' upon the sea, but rather the electric fields of both man and vessel would occupy the SAME SPACE at SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT TIMES upon an almost perfect ground plane of water. "There is also some evidence to support the [alleged] fact that in one of the experiments when ship and crew reappeared, some of the crew had merged bodily within the steel of the ship, just like we find when a tornado has passed. [See next reference to tornadoes/cyclones]. A rotary-motion field is the BASIS for particle-to-wave or wave-to-particle experimentation, for it is the TRANSITION POINT for energy to go either way... "Matter as a product of energy [Einstein's famous equation E=mc squared]. Substance as a product of waves. Precipitate, gather the waves as in a funnel. The funnel causes rotary motion. Rotary motion causes a funnel. The motion creates a tight magnetic band similar to a torus around the apex of the funnel; the band itself is a spinning toroid which helps to keep what is gathered.

All of this is unseen to the human eye. If precipitation continues on its course, the magnetic band becomes the horizontal equator. The vortex funnels become the vertical axis of the poles, of gravity. A particle is born and the principle is now a unit. Now we can see it. "The spin has stabilized and slowed somewhat than at its birth. We can pump it up again, faster and faster; the particle will begin to radiate. If we keep this up the particle will 'de-centralize', will die as waves of heat, light and radio noise. Yes back to waves. This leads me to believe that the particle is simply a precipitation of wave coherence, that the wave is what is left after particle decay. They are separate only in their timeline of existence." -- John Walker, in Anti-Gravity and the Unified Field, edited by David Hatcher Childress, Adventures Unlimited Press., pp. 59 - 62. "There is a book entitled 'Reality Revealed -- The Theory of Multidimensional Reality' published in 1978 (Vector Associates)... [The authors, Douglas Vogt and Gary Sultan] "refer to a 'cross talk' effect where time and space information from one locale are transmitted, via standing waves of a sort, to another locale where the overlap then 'unfreezes' into so-called normal time and space. Standing waves, they observe, can act as a high potential transmitter requiring very LOW POWER to initiate the action... "The tornado passes and we are left with straw embedded in unshattered glass, a 2 x 4 piece of pine penetrating 5/8 inch steel, a 15 inch tire circling the base of a tree whose branches exceed 15 feet, and metal pipe UNDER the earth is left twisted in the wake of such funnels. Clearly something other than physical force AS WE KNOW IT manifests itself when CONDITIONS are met. I quote from 'Reality Revealed': "We contend that the tornado and the hurricane are examples of a cyclotron in reverse. [Here the reverse would be a high velocity (motion) creating a high frequency radio (wave) signal.] "At certain times of the year when the right temperatures exist, a giant capacitor is created. The earth is one plate and the upper atmosphere is the other plate.

The earth's magnetic field envelopes these electrostatic plates. We theorize that when the earth is tilted at just the right angle, high-energy charged particles are actually able to enter the earth's magnetic field from space. "Because of the earth's tilt angle in reference to the direction of the high velocity particle, the particle is siphoned down to the tornado belts or hurricane areas. Here the right atmospheric conditions exist to form the electrostatic plates. "The high energy particle charges the plates of the capacitor and a damped, oscillating radio wave is created. High voltage standing waves are also created. "The damped, oscillating wave, along with the earth's magnetic field pro- duces cyclotronic action of the atmosphere. In other words a nature-made cyclotron is created. "Because of the high electrical potentials created and the high standing waves produced, information that makes up the straw is translated (moved) in time; a translation in time is a translation in space. A translation in time of a microsecond of information at the speed of light represents a space translation of about 985 feet. Of course, if the straw just happens to be moved to the space occupied by a window or steel I-beam, it appears as if it has been blown through these objects. But what really happened is that the straw and the I-beam occupied the same space, but at a different time, when the tornado was present. When the tornado passed by, the time for the straw and I-beam became one (unfreezes) again.

The same thing can happen to living things."Walker continues: "The authors speak of the upper atmosphere and the earth acting as a giant capacitor in much the same way Tesla referred to it. The idea is not new but I contend that wherever there exist potential differences, there is a flow to balance that difference and this flow expresses its swirling nature. That this expression is the unifying factor between wave and particle physics. And that duplication and application of the unity factor leads to gravity control, teleportation, transmutation of elements, and time travel, to name a few." -- Walker, pp. 52 - 54. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reference 43 to the chapter, Cohering the Zero-Point Energy, in the book "Tapping the Zero-Point Energy", by Moray B. King, p. 100: "W.B. Smith, 'The New Science', Fern-Graphic Publ., Mississauga, Ontario, (1964). This esoteric work claims that the energized caduceus coil (opposing helical windings on a ferrite core) creates a 'tempic field'. [This is a region where the time component of the space-time metric is altered. Such a claim might be supported if the ZPE were a hyperspatial flux orthogonal to our three-dimensional space, and the pulsed magnetic field opposition on the ferrite lattice induced an orthorotation of this flux.]" Reference 44: "G. Burridge, 'The Smith Coil', Psychic Observer, 35(5), 410-16, (1979). This article explains how to wind a caduceus coil (previous reference) and reports on some observations made by investigators experimenting with the coil." Reference 45: "W.L. Moore, C. Berlitz, 'The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility', Grosset & Dunlap, NY, (1979). The authors research persistent rumors that in World War II the U.S. Navy did an experiment where, in attempting to bend light and radar waves around a ship by intense, pulsed magnetic fields, they accidentally teleported the ship. [If such an event did occur with technology of the 1940's, it would not have been overly complicated. Curving light around an object requires curving space-time. The only energy strong enough to do this would have to come from orthorotating the ZPE flux. Creating intense, pulsed, opposing magnetic fields with a caduceus coil is a candidate for accomplishing this. If too much ZPE were orthorotated, it would bend space-time too much, and the object would leave our three-dimensional continuum.]" Reference 47, p.101 of "Tapping the Zero-Point Energy": "S. Seike, 'The Principles of Ultrarelativity', G-research Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan, (1971).

Seike proposes the existence of a physical hyperspace with an electrical energy flux that flows orthogonal to our three dimensional space. To orthorotate this flux into our space requires a four dimensional rotation. Seike calculates how the three dimensional projection of this 'hyper' rotation would appear in our 3-space using four dimensional Euclidian geometry. Seike's main theme is that by actualizing the dynamics of the 3-D projection with the motion of charge, the hyperspatial form is created." Reference 48: "C.W. Cho, 'Tetrahedral Physics', 449 Izumi, Komae City, Tokyo, Japan, (1971) Cho describes in detail one of Seike's (previous reference) hyperspatial, four-dimensional rotating forms called the 'resonating electromagnetic field' (RMF). The form is generated by rapidly switching electric charge in a specific way among four spheres located at the vertices of a tetrahedron. The dynamics of the switching are such that there are two modes of rotation orthogonal to each other: a rotational mode and a precessional, oscillating 'inside out' mode. The projected hyperspatial structure is described as a 'dynamical Klein bottle'. It is predicted that experimentally switching the charges in the described manner will cause the apparatus to exhibit gravitational and inertial anomalies." --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Further info on Seike, from the book "Ether Technology: A Rational Approach to Gravity-Control", by Rho Sigma (1977): [note the apparent incorrect spelling of his name: Seiki, rather than Seike, as in M.B. King's book.] "Professor Shinichi Seiki, Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan, developed a somewhat more elaborate theory of the Lorentz force, incorporating the use of the 'ether'. Starting with the so-called 'Kramer equation', which describes the movements of atoms in the presence of exterior electrical and magnetic fields -- the basic components of the Lorentz force -- Professor Seiki conceived of the possibility of creating 'negative gravitational energies' by utilizing a suitable electromagnetic field. "Currently, in a process called NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), we only utilize the changes in spatial electron spins due to the application of magnetic fields. The substance to be examined is placed in a high frequency field, and we observe energy absorption effects peculiar to the frequencies typical of a given molecule of matter. "Seiki went one step further and introduced NER (Nuclear Electrical Resonance), which influences BOTH the polar AND the axial spin.

Polar spin, he claimed, is directly related to the gravitational field. Describing a rotating electrical AC field superimposed on a DC magnetic field, he claims that an exponential increase of 'negative gravitational energies' occurs at a certain resonance frequency. This means that energy from the earth- gravitational field enters the system of the secondary artificial field created by the antigravity motor. The negative G-energies cause a weakening of the earth-gravitational field, ultimately canceling it altogether. Further depolarization then causes the vehicle to be repulsed by the larger gravitational body (earth). "It seems that the reason Prof. Seiki's NER effects have not yet been 'officially' utilized, is that nuclear electrical resonance can occur ONLY at extremely high electrical voltage SIMULTANEOUSLY WITH ultra-high AC frequencies. Below this threshold, the probability of negative-G-energy conditions is extremely small. Above this critical frequency (also called 'Larmor Frequency'), the effect of this type of gravity engine is also dependent upon the electromagnetic polarization potential of the materials used. "Professor Seiki proposes ferromagnetic substances, such as ferrite and ferromagnetic materials such as barium-strontium-titanate. In his design, three spherical condensers are alternately charged and discharged by three magnetic coils. At first glance, the entire idea seems to be just another 'perpetuum mobile'. However, the only energy transformation used is that of gravitational energy into mechanical and electrical and vice versa." -- pp. 82, 83. [Note that Tom Bearden's inventor friend, Floyd Sweet, also uses barium- ferromagetics in his "Vacuum Triode" free-energy device. See the files 'SWEET1 thru 4.ASC' on KeelyNet] --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now for a couple of comments on Al Bielek. I wrote to him in the Fall of 1991, told him I'd been to Montauk Point, NY, and basically asked him to either tantalize me with some further specific technical details, or to point me toward some solid references on the subject. I figured, hey, if he was there and wants us to believe his incredible story, he'd be willing to answer a few technical questions. He never wrote back. I tried to track him down over the phone but was told by the Phoenix operator that his number is unlisted. In July of 1991, Al Bielek gave a lecture at Rosemont College, PA, which I attended. He told his P.E./Phoenix story in substantially the same form as it was told on the now-famous videotape, "The Truth Behind the Philadelphia Experiment". What was new was that he had a BOOK, co-authored with Brad Steiger, called "The Philadelphia Experiment and Other UFO Conspiracies". If you think the video causes brain damage, you should read the book! Anyway, as usual, it mainly told his story and other UFO anecdotes, but did not delve deeply into the PHYSICS or TECHNOLOGY end of the P.E. Bielek did say, however, that he was working on a new book that would TELL ALL from a technical standpoint, probably to be released in early 1992. Well, it's August 1992 at this writing.

Has anyone seen or heard of this new book? My research also unearthed some info about Bielek's "Zero-Time Reference Generator", which he claims Tesla invented and was used to set the "time locks" in P.E.-related experiments. Jerry Decker seems to imply that Bielek may have been hoodwinking his lecture audience when he showed a slide of this device, which Jerry remarks "looks strangely similar to an old Army field kitchen refrigeration unit. No technical details were given or offered." Well, maybe I can offer some: A glance through my old Radio Shack 1975-76 Dictionary of Electronics shows me that there is indeed such a thing as a Zero Time Reference. Page 667 says "In a radar, the time reference of the schedule of events during one cycle of operation." In a digital or microprocessor circuit we would call it a "clock". Everything that goes on in the system is synced to that reference clock. Just what one might expect if they were indeed fooling around with TIME using radar-related equipment.

Bielek made one other cryptic remark that bothered me for a long time -- his remark on the E.T. Monitor program about a PI over 2 series of frequencies being WINDOWS, evidently INTERDIMENSIONAL windows. He never elaborated because it was the end of the program at that point. What was he referring to? Well, imagine my surprise when I ran across his terminology in the library one day while I was looking up info on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance! It seems that "PI/2" refers to a certain pulse-width with respect to a reference pulse in one cycle of the NMR machine's field configuration. Also, Bielek refers to "T1" as being "our" normal time, while "T2" seems to be the "time" you're traveling to, in a time-travel experiment. Well, T1 and T2 also show up in the NMR literature, but apparently relating to the "relaxation time" between two events in the NMR cycle. Read the quotes (to follow) for details.

So we have several possible scenarios here: 1) Al Bielek is a smart cookie who knows lots of technical terms gleaned from hi-technologies and appropriates them to his P.E. story, assuming that nobody is going to take the time to check out his lingo at the library, 2) He isn't necessarily borrowing terms from the NMR field, but, since the NMR pulse terminology probably derives from radar technology, he is using radar terminology to make his story sound impressive, or.... 3) Perhaps Al is telling the truth after all. I just wish he would answer some real nitty-gritty technical questions from some qualified engineers so that the rest of us could know just how much of his story to believe, if any. Without further adieu, let's look at what NMR is all about: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Nuclear Magnetic Resonance [capitalization for emphasis is mine] R.E. Walstedt "Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is the effect of a resonant ROTATING (or alternating) magnetic field, imposed at RIGHT ANGLES to a typically much larger STATIC field, to perturb the orientation of nuclear moments.

First applied to molecular beam studies, the term has come to refer specifically to the study of nuclear magnetism in bulk matter, with the distinct feature of detection by purely electromagnetic methods. The first such observations were made in 1946, for which F. Bloch and E.M. Purcell received the Nobel Prize in 1952... "The essence of this methodology is that the nuclear moments u(i) in the specimen under observation are rotated so as to lie at some angle with respect to the applied field B(o). Under these conditions the moments experience a torque u(i) x B(o), which causes the angular momentum [i.e., u(i) itself] to precess around B(o) in precise analogy with the motion of a gyroscope in a gravitational field. The nuclei precess at the LARMOR PRECESSION FREQUENCY w(L)=gamma B(o), where gamma is the previously defined gyromagnetic ratio. For strong fields, w(L) is in the RADIO FREQUENCY RANGE. For example, in a field B(o)=1 T (=10^4 Gauss), protons precess at a frequency f(L)=w(L)/2PI= 42.5774 MHz. However established, coherently precessing nuclear moments can be caused to induce a voltage at frequency f(L) in a surrounding coil of wire, which can then be amplified by standard radio-frequency electronic techniques and recorded. "Many techniques have been developed for the observation of NMR signals. These are divided into two principle classes, PULSED and CONTINUOUS WAVE (cw) methods. [Note that Al Bielek says Tesla favored the older CW method in the Phila. Experiment while John Von Neumann, his assistant, opted for the newer technology PULSED method.] In recent years the pulsed methods have gained wider acceptance because of their greater flexibility and efficiency.

In pulsed NMR the signal following a single excitation pulse is known as a free induction decay. The excitation of free induction signals is accomplished by means of an applied ROTATING (or alternating) MAGNETIC FIELD of a frequency at or near the Larmor frequency of the nuclei to be studied, directed along an axis perpendicular to B(o)... "Again, borrowing from the terminology of GYROSCOPIC MOTION, the rotation of nuclei about the field B(1) is generally referred to as NUTATION. If B(1) is applied long enough to rotate the nuclear moments into a RIGHT ANGLE with B(o) and then TURNED OFF, THIS IS REFERRED TO AS A PI/2 PULSE. A pulse twice as long, i.e., a PI pulse, will invert the nuclei to the direction -B(o). THE MAXIMUM FREE INDUCTION SIGNAL IS ACHIEVED WITH A PI/2 PULSE... "Thus, nuclei in solids and liquids are typically very strongly decoupled from their surroundings, making them useful probes of local magnetic behavior.

There are two principle types of relaxation process affecting NMR measurements. The first is longitudinal or spin-lattice relaxation, which is typified by the recovery of the nuclear polarization following the application of an excitation pulse. The time constant for the polarization to approach its equilibrium value is known as T1. In such a T1 process, the nuclear spins EXCHANGE ENERGY QUANTA... with the 'lattice' or environment in which they are immersed. [Bielek makes some references to 'cross-coupling of the lattices' in his story.] Depending on these circumstances, values of T1 range from the submicrosecond scale up to times of HOURS and beyond. Transverse relaxation is the term used to describe the decay in time of a free induction signal following pulsed excitation; it is characterized by a time constant T*2... "The echo decay time constant is usually termed T2.... "...Two-dimensional NMR. This method is a simple extension of the Fourier transform scheme to include a sequence of two PI/2 pulses separated by a variable time t1. Time t1, the 'evolution' time, is varied from zero up to values slightly greater than the free induction lifetime.

After the second pulse, the signal is recorded over a time interval t2 with a similar range as t1. The data are then Fourier transformed over both time axes t1 and t2 to generate frequency scales f1 and f2, and a two-dimensional contour diagram of signal intensity against frequencies f1 and f2 is plotted."An application of NMR technique which has enormous potential for the fields of biology and medicine is that of NMR IMAGING OF SPECIMENS HAVING SPATIAL STRUCTURE.... The method has been developed to the point where cross-sectional images of the human body can be generated in just a few minutes with enough resolution to be of diagnostic value in medicine... "A three-dimensional object to be imaged is placed in a magnetic field with a field GRADIENT along one axis, e.g., the z axis. A pulsed radio- frequency magnetic field is then applied, exciting the nuclear spins in a planar cross section of small but finite thickness oriented perpendicular to the z axis.

This is the first pulse of the two-phase sequence described above. During time t1 a field gradient is switched on along the x axis, and after the second pulse, this gradient is switched to lie along the y axis. Barring excessive intrinsic structure in the spectrum of the species excited, the effect of these gradients will be to "encode" the spatial variation of NMR intensity into a spectrum of resonance frequencies, along one planar axis and then the other. On performing the Fourier transforms, this encoding will then result in a two-dimensional image of the spatially distributed NMR intensities." As to the field strength of the main magnet, we read: "MRI equipment consists of a huge, superconducting electromagnet that is cooled by liquid helium. It is constructed as a large tube with an inside diameter of about 1 meter to admit the patient.

The electromagnet of a typical MRI system weighs more than 20 tons and is capable of producing a uniform magnetic field of 1.5 Tesla within its bore. (This is approximately 30,000 times the strength of the earth's natural magnetic field.)" -- the preceding was a compilation of info from several encyclopedias of Scientific terms, most notably Van Nostrand's. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- One interesting side note: On the one hand we are not taught in school that there is any real danger in being exposed to strong magnetism (except for the current controversy over 60 Hz ELECTROmagnetism from power lines, etc.). Yet, elsewhere in this paper I included the quote about 'official' researchers 'frowning' on magnetic research because of possible deleterious effects to humans. Well, here is a quote from an article on MRI that appeared in "Machine Design" magazine, 11/8/90: "The magnet creates fringe field effects that unless taken into account by designers, stretch far beyond the MRI machine. Although there is no conclusive evidence of harmful effects of magnetic fields, the FDA, feeling it is better to err on the side of caution, has set up guidelines that no uninformed or unaware person should be permitted to walk through magnetic field strengths greater than 5 G... [The earth's field = about .6 Gauss] "Large areas and parking lots surrounding early mobile units had to be roped off to prevent people from straying into the fringe field." -- pp 76,77.Just as food for thought: If you strayed too near a mobile MRI unit and soon afterward came down with some mysterious malady, do you really think you'd be able to prove that the magnetic field was the cause??? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, there you have it. What are we able to glean from the descriptions of the technology behind the alleged Philadelphia Experiment? Was it a unique field/equipment configuration whose exact nature will remain hidden away in some Top Secret classified file in Washington? Or have the basic concepts, developed in the lab over the years under the name NMR, finally become popularly implemented since the late 1970's or early 1980's by the medical field, under the name MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING? Or are the SCALAR theorists, such as Tom Bearden and Jerry Decker, correct when they imply that it's not the VECTOR electromagnetic fields that produced the Philadelphia Experiment effects, but the SCALAR component, produced by deliberately OPPOSING or CANCELING the "E" and "B" fields? I sincerely hope this rather long file will stimulate discussion, lots of responses, and maybe even some actual building of equipment along these lines. Last one to disappear into another dimension is a rotten egg!

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