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Note: Rick Andersen is an electronics technician and experimenter based in Pennsylvania. This exhaustive essay on the "Philadelphia Experiment" and its implications to better-known technologies, like Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (NMRI), is one of the most thoughtful and far- ranging pieces on the subject we've seen in a long time.

Rick can be contacted by email at ke3ij@tricountyi.net


                                                          by Rick Andersen

This file consists of a collection of quotations taken from several sources in an effort to piece together both the theory behind the Philadelphia Experiment and the method and equipment used to produce it. My interest in the Philadelphia Experiment is not only in its philosophical and technological impact on our world, should it happen to be a true story. As an electronics technician, I also have a keen interest in how they did it! Here is an electronics -- a physics -- that they sure didn't teach us in tech school, or even in college! But the rumors persist, and I'm hereby challenging the writers out there, who keep dropping hints here and there, to do us all a favor and throw out a good, CONSISTENT, meaty bone for us to chew on. People like Al Bielek make a big splash with an "I was there" announcement. The stories and anecdotes are absolutely spell-binding.

The excursions into speculative Physics are sometimes so deep that the layman would not even know what questions to ask, much less be able to judge the truth or validity of the answers. And then you find out that he's still 'remembering' more details, and that his 'remembering' was given a good shot-in-the-arm by his watching the 1984 movie, "The Philadelphia Experiment". Ahem.... So, if you're like me, and this thing sounds just plausible enough that you can't put it out of your mind, you begin to read and read everything you can get your hands on regarding the subject. Then you begin to read everything you can on indirectly-related, peripheral subjects, noting any possible connections to your main area of study. After a while you get a good feel for the similarities as well as the dissenting points of view as set forth by the various authors. And you wonder why everybody else "seems" to be informed about the how and the why, in great detail, but you. (I even traveled out to Montauk Point, Long Island, to explore the abandoned radar base which Bielek connects with both the P.E. and with "Project Phoenix". I plan to upload a file on that to KeelyNet soon.) You see, an electronics tech (and much more an Engineer, as Bielek is) knows damn well that there is a world of difference between DC and AC fields; between PULSED and ROTATING fields; between ELF and HF or MICROWAVE or RADAR frequencies; between VECTOR and SCALAR and STANDING WAVE versions of each.

An electronics person knows that, without a DETAILED, comprehensive THEORY behind the bench set-up, he is not going to know how to set up voltages and currents, power levels, frequencies, waveforms, pulse widths or duty cycles. If there's a chance a circuit won't work, Murphy's Law dictates that it WON'T more often than not. Every electronics person reading this file knows what I'm talking about.In the KeelyNet file "Bielek-1.asc", Jerry Decker remarks that "The literature of the 'Philadelphia Experiment' is replete with descriptions of the technology." Jerry offers a description: "Basically, a coil was wound on each half of the ship and driven by separate oscillators, synced with an adjustable phase angle to create a 'Scalar-type wave'. This distorted the field matrices of matter encompassed within the field for 'unusual effects'." Okay then, let's build one. What, no one has yet? This is the impression I got when I put in some telephone time searching for further info on the "Resonant Gravity Coil" whose construction plans can be found in the file "gravity3.asc". The author of the file calls himself "Shadow Hawk". Anyone want to tell me how I can get in touch with Shadow Hawk? So I can ask him a question or two before I invest in 7500 feet of #16 magnet wire? (That's 1.42 MILES of wire!) What I'm saying is, let's not get so mesmerized by the theories and literary masterpieces and snake-oil salesmen floating around out there that our interest in "22nd Century" Science becomes solely an armchair pursuit, or, worse yet, a quasi-religion. Now that my gripe has been unloaded, I'm ready to hazard a guess or two here in the hopes that somebody out there who knows something will be stimulated enough to write a file in response to this one, or adding to it. My speculation is this: There is a connection between the supposed technology of the Philadelphia Experiment and that modern medical imaging technique called NUCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE. The similarities between the descriptions of the two become more obvious when you go to the library and look up the subject of NMR (or MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imaging) in a science encyclopedia.

The description of the technique and theory behind it are similar. The history of the development of NMR overlaps the P.E. -- both are products of the 1940's. And, in certain respects the technology for both may well be an outgrowth of the development of RADAR, which also took place during the same period and which employs PULSED fields. In the pages that follow, I have assembled several quotes purporting to describe the Philadelphia Experiment -- either with regard to its technology, or some anecdote which might shed some light on the story. Some of the quotes are not directly related to the P.E. but seem to be related in concept. Finally, I've added some material on NMR that may prove interesting, since I'd guess that most people have as little knowledge of the subject as I did before I found this information. The occasional references to cyclones and cyclotrons ties in with rotating and/or vortex fields. Several quotes from one book are usually grouped together, separated from other groups by dashed lines. Although this file is a bit lengthy, I hope it serves to stimulate renewed attention to the exact technological methods used in the P.E. Even a small- scale duplication of the effect by an experimenter would tend to take the story out of the realm of myth, and establish its reality. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alfred Bielek claims to have been one of the two Navy seamen who threw the switches in the control room of the ship to power the equipment. His description of the equipment follows: "There were four RF transmitters and they were phased to produce a rotating field; they were pulsed at a 10% duty cycle. The magnetic component of the fields was generated by four large coils set on the deck of the ship, and they were run by two large generators down in the hold of the ship -- 75 KVAH -- they were also pulsed. The entire system was under a very special control -- a very peculiar type of control -- that produced a rotating field effect, which produced the interaction, which caused the time field to shift." [frequency of pulsations unknown] "[There are] FIVE DIMENSIONS [to our reality]: Our 3-D, time, and 'T2', which vector was being rotated in these experiments to give time/space shifts." "All of the effects related to this are related to the PI over 2 series of frequencies, which are all WINDOWS." "Although those men above deck were made insane, if not 'fried', by the fields, out of this came an ELECTROMAGNETIC CANCER CURE that the Navy has 'sat' on for forty years and refuses to release to the world because that would be tantamount to admitting that the Philadelphia Experiment DID happen." -- Al Bielek, telephoning in to host Robert D. Barry on the television program "E.T. Monitor", June 1991. (WGCB, channel 49, Red Lion, PA.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "My own special interest in the Philadelphia Experiment was connected with the possibility that a shift in the molecular composition of matter, induced by intensified and resonant magnetism, could cause an object to vanish -- one possible explanation of some of the disappearances within the Bermuda Triangle." -- Charles Berlitz, The Philadelphia Experiment., page 14. "True, enough, such a form of levitation has been accomplished as described. It is also a very commonly observed reaction of certain metals to certain fields surrounding a current." -- Carlos Miguel Allende, quoted in The Phil. Experiment., p. 40. "This 'Deep Freeze' [of a man in the force field] was not psychological. It is the result of a Hyper-Field that is set up, within the field of the body, while the 'Scorch' Field is turned on..." -- C M Allende, p 42. "The Navy did not know that the men could become invisible WHILE NOT UPON THE SHIP & UNDER THE FIELD'S INFLUENCE... The Navy did not know that there would be men die [dying] from odd effects of HYPER 'Field' within or upon 'Field'... Further, they even yet do not know why this happened and are not even sure that the 'F' within 'F' is the reason, for sure at all." -- C M Allende, p. 46. "There was plenty of static electricity associated with it." -- C M Allende, p.109. "I actually shoved my hand, up to the elbow, into this unique force field as that field flowed, surging powerfully in a COUNTERclockwise direction around the little experimental Navy ship, the DE 173. I felt the...push of that force field against the solidness of my arm and hand outstretched into its humming-pushing-propelling flow. "I watched the air all around the ship... turn slightly, ever so slightly, darker than all the other air... I saw, after a few minutes, a foggy green mist arise like a thin cloud. [I think] this must have been a mist of atomic particles.

I watched as thereafter the DE 173 became rapidly invisible to human eyes. And yet, the precise shape of the keel and underhull of that... ship REMAINED impressed into the ocean water as it and my own ship sped along somewhat side by side and close to inboards... "...in trying to describe the sounds that [the] force field made as it circled around the DE 173... it began as a humming sound, quickly built up... to a humming whispering sound, and then increased to a strongly sizzling buzz -- [like a] rushing torrent... "The field had a SHEET of pure electricity around it as it flowed. [This] flow was strong enough to almost knock me completely off balance and had my entire body been within that field, the flow would of a most absolute certainty [have] knocked me flat... on my own ship's deck. As it was, my entire body was NOT within that force field when it reached maximum strength- density, repeat, DENSITY, and so I was not knocked down but my arm and hand [were] only pushed backward with the field's flow. "Why was I not electrocuted the instant my bare hand touched that... sheet of electricity surrounding the field flow? It must have been because... [I was wearing] hip-high rubber sailor's boots and sou'wester coat. "...Naval ONR scientists today do not yet understand what took place that day. They say the field was 'reversed'. Scientific history, I later came to realize, was made for the first time that day." -- C M Allende, pp. 110, 111. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The experiment [M.K. Jessup said to Dr. J. Manson Valentine] had been accomplished by using naval-type magnetic generators, known as degaussers, which were 'pulsed' at resonant frequencies so as to 'create a tremendous magnetic field on and around a docked vessel'." -- The Phil. Experiment., p 130. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "According to Jessup the purpose [of the Philadelphia Experiment] was to test out the effect of a strong magnetic field on a manned surface craft. This was to be accomplished by means of magnetic generators (degaussers). Both pulsating and non-pulsating generators were operated..." -- Valentine as quoted by Berlitz in Without A Trace, p. 194. "Jessup was worried about the experiments and told Valentine that the Navy had requested him to be a consultant on yet another experiment but that he had refused.


He was convinced that the Navy, in seeking to create a magnetic cloud for camouflage purposes in October 1943, had uncovered a potential that could temporarily, and if strong enough perhaps permanently, rearrange the molecular structure of people and materials so that they would pass into another dimension with further implications of predictable and as yet uncontrolled teleportation." -- Without A Trace, p. 201. "I do not believe Dr. Jessup considered this an 'inadvertent' discovery. For many years, so I have been told, experiments involving high intensity magnetism have been officially discouraged, just as the ion motors, known for as far back at least as 1918, have been denied public disclosure and their inventors somehow silenced.

I am therefore convinced that top- ranking physicists must have some knowledge -- and understandable dread -- of phenomena that might be expected to emerge from the generation of a high intensity magnetic field, especially a pulsating or vortextual one." QUESTION: "In the case of the alleged Philadelphia Experiment, is there a fairly simple scientific explanation as to what took place?" ANSWER: "To my knowledge there is no explanation in terms of the familiar or orthodox. Many scientists now share the opinion that basic atomic structure is essentially electric in nature rather than materially particulate. A vastly complicated interplay of energies is involved. Such a broad concept lends great flexibility to the universe. If multiple phases of matter within such a cosmos did NOT exist, it would be most surprising. "The transition from one phase to another would be equivalent to the passage from one plane of existence to another -- a sort of interdimensional metamorphosis. In other words, there could be 'worlds within worlds'. Magnetism has long been suspect as an involvement agent in such potentially drastic changes.

To begin with, it happens to be the only inanimate phenomenon for which we have been unable to conceive a mechanistic analogue. We can visualize electrons traveling along a conductor and thus 'explain' electric current, or we can envisage energy waves of different frequencies in the ether and thus 'explain' the heat- light-radio spectrum. But a magnetic field defies a mechanical interpretation. There is something almost mystical about it. Furthermore, whenever we encounter incredible (to us) materialization and dematerialization, as in UFO phenomena, they seem to be accompanied by severe magnetic disturbances. It is, therefore, reasonable to suppose that a purposeful genesis of unusual magnetic conditions could effect a change of phase in matter, both physical and vital. If so, it would also distort the time element which is by no means an independent entity, but part-in- parcel of a particular matter-energy-time dimension such as the one we live in." -- Valentine to Berlitz, p. 204, 205. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The experiment is very interesting but awfully dangerous. It is too hard on the people involved. This use of magnetic resonance is tantamount to temporary obliteration in our dimension but it tends to get out of control. Actually, it is equivalent to transference of matter into another level or dimension and could represent a dimensional breakthrough if it were possible to control it." -- Jessup to Valentine, The Phil. Experiment. ,p 131. "In practice, it concerns electric and magnetic fields as follows: An electric field created in a coil induces a magnetic field at right angles to the first; each of these fields represents one plane of space.

But since there are three planes of space, there must be a third field, perhaps a gravitational one. By hooking up electromagnetic generators so as to produce a magnetic pulse, it might be possible to produce this third field through the principle of resonance." -- Valentine, Phil. Exp. p 132. "The thrust of [Einstein's attempt to produce a Unified Field Theory] was a string of sixteen incredibly complex quantities (represented by an advanced type of mathematical shorthand known as tensor equations), ten combinations of which represented gravitation and the remaining six electromagnetism... "One thing that does emerge, interestingly, is the concept that a pure gravitational field can exist without an electromagnetic field, but a pure electromagnetic field cannot exist without an accompanying gravitational field." -- Phil. Experiment, p 150. "I think I heard they did some testing both along the river [the Delaware] and off the coast, especially with regard to the effects of a strong magnetic force field on radar detection apparatus.

I can't tell you much else about it or about what the results were because I don't know. My guess, and I emphasize GUESS, would be that every kind of receiving equipment possible was put aboard other vessels and along the shoreline to check on what would happen on the 'other side' when both radio and low- and high- frequency radar were projected through the field. Undoubtedly observations would have also been made as to any effects that field might have had on light in the visual range. In any event, I do know that there was a great deal of work being done on total absorption as well as refraction, and this would certainly seem to tie in with such an experiment as this." -- comments by anonymous military scientist, The Phil. Experiment., pp. 169,170. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- [comments by the anonymous elderly scientist to Moore in the chapter, The Unexpected Key, pp. 173 - 205., of The Phil. Experiment.] "...The idea of producing the necessary electromagnetic field for experimental purposes by means of the principles of resonance was... initially suggested by [physicist] Kent... I recall some computations about this in relation to a model experiment [i.e., an experiment conducted using scale models rather than real ships] which was in view at the time... It also seems likely to me that 'foiling radar' was discussed at some later point in relation to this project..." "The initial idea seems to have been aimed at using strong electromagnetic fields to deflect incoming projectiles, especially torpedoes, away from a ship by means of creating an intense electromagnetic field around that ship. This was later extended to include a study of the idea of producing optical invisibility by means of a similar field in the air rather than in the water..." "...He had on one part of a sheet a radiation-wave equation, and on the left side were a series of half-finished scratches. With these he pushed over a rather detailed report on naval degaussing equipment and poked fingers at it here and there while I marked with pencil where he pointed.

Then Albrecht said could I see what would be needed to get a bending of light by, oh, I think 10 percent, and would I try to complete this enough to make a small table or two concerning it... "I think that the conversation at this point had turned to the principles of resonance and how the intense fields which would be required for such an experiment might be achieved using this principle... "Somehow, I managed to finish a couple of small tables and a few sentences of explanation and brought all back as a memo. We went in to Albrecht, who looked it all over and said, 'You did all this regarding intensities [of the field] at differing distances from the [ship's] beam, but you don't seem to pick up anything fore and aft'... All I had was the points of greatest curvature right off the ship's beam opposite this equipment... "What Albrecht wanted to do was to find out enough to verify the strength of the field and the practical probability of bending light sufficiently to get the desired 'mirage' effect. God knows they had no idea what the final results would be. If they had, it would have ended there. But, of course, they didn't. "I think the prime movers at this point were the NDRC and someone like Ladenburg or von Neumann who came up with ideas and had no hesitancy in talking about them before doing any computations at all. They talked with Einstein about this and Einstein considered it and took it far enough to figure out the order of magnitude he would need on intensity, and then spoke to von Neumann about what would be the best outfit to look into it as a practical possibility.


That's how we got involved in it... "I can also remember a point a little later when I suggested in a meeting of some sort that an easier way to make a ship vanish was a light air blanket, and I wondered why such a fairly complicated theoretical affair was under consideration. Albrecht took off his glasses at that point and commented that the trouble with having me at a conference was that I was good at getting them off the topic... "I do remember being at at least one other conference where this matter was a topic on the agenda. During this one we were trying to bring out some of the more obvious -- to us -- side effects that would be created by such an experiment. Among these would be a 'boiling' of the water, ionization of the surrounding air, and even a 'Zeemanizing' of the atoms; all of which would tend to create extremely unsettled conditions. No one at this point had ever considered the possibility of interdimensional effects or mass displacement. Scientists generally thought of such things as belonging more to science fiction than to science in the 1940's. In any event, at some point during all this, I received a strong putdown from Albrecht, who broke in with something to the effect that 'Why don't you just leave these experimental people alone so they can go ahead with their project.

That's what we have them for!' "One of the problems involved was that the ionization created by the field tended to cause an uneven refraction of the light. The original concepts that were brought down to us before the conference were laid out very nicely and neatly, but both Albrecht and Gleason and I warned that according to our calculations the result would not be a steady mirage effect, but rather a 'moving back and forth' displacement caused by certain inherent tendencies of the AC field which would tend to create a confused area rather than a complete absence of color. 'Confused' may well have been an understatement, but it seemed appropriate at the time. Immediately out beyond this confused area ought to be a shimmering, and far outside ought to be a static field. At any rate, our warning on this, which ultimately went to NDRC, was that all this ought to be taken into account and the whole thing looked at with some care. We also felt that with proper effort some of these problems could be overcome... and that a resonant frequency could probably be found that would possibly control the visual apparent internal oscillation so that the shimmering would be at a much slower rate... I don't know how far those who were working on this aspect of the problem ever got with it... "Another thing I recall strongly is that for a few weeks after the meeting in Albrecht's office we kept getting requests for tables having to do with resonant frequencies of light in optical ranges. These were frequently without explanation attached, but it seems likely that there was some connection here... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another testimonial, this time by an ex-military guard: "I was a guard for classified audiovisual material, and in late 1945 I was in a position, while on duty in Washington, to see part of a film viewed by a lot of Navy brass, pertaining to an experiment done at sea. I remember only part of the film, as my security duties did not permit me to sit and look at it like the others. I didn't know what was going on in the film, since it was without commentary. I do remember that it concerned three ships. When they rolled the film, it showed two other ships feeding some sort of energy into the central ship. I thought it was sound waves, but I didn't know, since I, naturally, wasn't in on the briefing. "After a time the central ship, a destroyer, disappeared slowly into a transparent fog until all that could be seen was an imprint of that ship in the water. Then, when the field, or whatever it was, was turned off, the ship reappeared slowly out of thin fog.

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