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The Philadelphia Experiment should need little introduction, having been made into a motion picture and internet search engines pulling up hundreds or even thousands of references to resources on the subject. Easily relegated to the fabulous, perhaps because of some of the qualities of the many "testimonies" appearing more recently (the infamous Al Bielek for example, or... ), the text of the original book (Moore/Berlitz) remains untarnished for being both inspiring and compelling.

The original testimonies of "Dr. Reinhart" and others in Berlitz's classic, such as the relevance of the Zeeman effect or the solenoid chronograph, are compelling for their concise and down-to-earth nature. (As far as the search engines seem to be concerned, in spite of all the pages out there on the internet related to the Philadelphia Experiment, I may well be the first person to put the phrase, "solenoid chronograph", Reinhart's model for illustrating some related physical principles, on the internet within their reach. Maybe this is saying something...)
There's also something to be said for the original premise that they were simply trying to degauss the ship- demagnetize it- so that magnetic mines wouldn't be attracted to the iron in the steel (or simply generate radar invisibility without physically configuring a ship to be lacking in right angles). There may be a great deal about trying to generate intense electromagnetic fields that may have counterproductively drawn mines like a flame draws moths.

While the reality or factuality of the unpretentious details of the original accounts rightly, as with any good enigma, cease to matter, in comparison for the fuel for the imagination that the mystery provides, it remains possible to remain within the framework of the original premise, and to spot certain details that may render many parts of the story either factual and genuine, or the work of what is more like extremely well educated fabrication, something which closely approaches reality itself.

Historian Robert Charroux in "The Gods Unknown", pp. 24 has some interesting comments about the Philadelphia Experiment and its credibility:
"That is the American version of the Philadelphia Experiment, and it must be admitted that it was greeted with only very limited creedence, until a Russian version turned up which showed that behind the Iron Curtain considerable interest was being shown in it..."
By this time, the Russians may have been quite aware of the familiar pattern of our false denials, which you will bear in mind, seem to take the form of vainly seeking to "misinform" the Russians and others by way of misinforming the American people in the process. Regrettably, this is something that also illustrates that while the public has celebrated the end of the "Cold War", the continuing denial, misinformation, and secrecy on the part of our government and perhaps other governments seems to indicate different sentiments. It is, after all, these measures which have largely consituted a very substantial of the so-called "Cold War".

Thus we can continue to look upon this legendary story, as others will, and do, as the cornerstone of what may resemble the fabulous travels of "Star Trek", brought to life.

Sifting through some of the details, they also closely approach the higher goals and truths of magick.

The original account, differing from the astonishing liberties taken by Hollywood in twisting a story that is supposed to be true, contains no real element of time travel. The presence of time reversal, on the other hand, its proximity to mass displacement, and the possible resemblance of the energetic input to energetic inputs used in verified, bona-fide time reversal experiments not greatly after the date that the Philadelphia Experiment is supposed to have occurred, is remarkable.

One feature present that speaks very loudly, although no one could be further from emphasizing it, is the idea that the rate of reversing the motions that measure time is not fixed to the degree that they are going forward. It is a striking and impressive detail, approaching not only out hopes in such matters, but reflected in both educated speculation and the details of many time reversal occurrences recorded as happening in magick.
What we are talking about seems to confuse many people, and make it easy for them to mistakenly take the movie plotline of time travel for the truth. We are talking about something the difference between time reversal and time travel, which is something like the popcorn on the floor of the movie theater not jumping back up into your hand simply because the projectionist ran the film backwards. Time-reversal itself is a terribly poor if technically official term for something moving backwards in space, as opposed to time.

While this is not a productive place for discourse about the differences and similarities of science and magick (if there indeed is any productive place at all for such a thing and indeed if there is truly any difference between the two), it tends to promise to vindicate the magickian and the mythmaker, adds a sense of reality to fabulous theories of ancient science, and more importantly, puts the great task of space travel in a framework such that it can be aided and expedited by the ideas of both science and magick.

The cloud of denial and secrecy may never depart from the statements from military officials in these matters, so that we might be wasting time to base our perceptions of the reality of the Philadelphia Experiment on such factors, as much as we might to try to base them on the testimonies of those who go out of their way to incorporate excessive amounts of varying elements from popular esoteria (the notion that mankind could not have accomplished this experiment without technological help from alien races is delightful, but very likely patently untrue, but preys on an atmosphere of general ignorance in science and the history of science, as well as a pessimistic view of man’s capabilities, and risks adding fuel to the misbegotten premise that the supernatural efforts of bygone days were mere demented or misguided madness, as opposed to rational and benevolent activities- a premise which may in turn add fuel to the notion that the rights of modern witches and pagans who emulate these rituals are of little consequence).

Still, we can measure the truth of this by pouring everything we could hope to know into the leanest aspects of this story, and measure its relevance by where optimistic imagination can guide us: Is there little difference between the ship moving backwards at unbelievable speed and atoms of an object or body which took perhaps tremendously long to fall into disrepair, moving themselves backward- not in time, but in Space- and resuming their original positions with astonishing speed an accuracy, and a large freedom from dependence on continually applied exterior force?

Thus, one possible explanation for the Philadelphia Experiment may walk astonishing close to the explanations for raising phantoms from the ashes- Palingenics - that in certain magnetic field interactions, the Atomic Memory of matter has been tapped.

Hence, we can also try to base the reality of the Philadelphia Experiment on the recorded science of the time. Alas, while David Bohm may be notorious as a proponent of the time-reversing "ink drop experiment", Alexander Pines, Won-Kyo Rhim, John Waugh, Sven Hartmann, and last but not least, Irwin Hahn have spent the last few decades being much better known as the fathers of the insidious overkill of the million-dollar magnets used in magnetic resonance imaging, and possibly in some quarters as grandfathers of the microwave oven, than as the pioneers in time-reversal experiments that they are, even though they did with energy what David Bohm's physical example relies on unreliable mechanical force to accomplish.

It leaves us to yet stumble through awkward and preposterous questions. Given the nature of these related applications of nuclear resonance, does it mean that when microwave ovens freshen bread, it's an example of time reversal, that it triggers atomic memory to make some restoration of a previous physical state or condition of the object? It's not a question that people ask a lot, but maybe for all we know, there's a sliver of proof of Project Rainbow in your kitchen just waiting to turn the clock back a little too far and make your your biscuits too soggy or your pizza palatable.
As soon as possible, a thorough bibliography of their relevant works will replace the tentative list of works found on the Palingenics page of this site. It will also be located on the "Astounding Information" page of this site.
Not that it gets any more believable for some people from here.
In the Richard Hoagland tradition of keeping an open mind about the amazing patterns of artifacts throughout the solar system and amazingly, actually learning a great deal from doing this, the earth's precession, which, when factored into computer models of celestial alignments has allowed Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval to assign dates to the sphinx and the pyramids that actually make sense for once, within the context of the culture and icons of the people who created them...
...May have as a primary purpose in pointing to this precession, and emphasizing the macrocosm/microcosm of "as above, so below", only to encourage us to look for the magic (the time reversal scientists have used the word "magic" themselves in naming some of these phenomena) precession of smaller bodies, namely atoms- the precession that is part of nuclear magnetic resonance, and atomic memory.
The hyperdimensional physics to be encountered when pursuing these clues from the Martian landscape also tends to sound a great deal like some of the best shots at the Philadelphia Experiment, not to mention one of the subjects of Charles Berlitz's other works, the Bermuda Triangle.
Hoagland's science may be the first to account for the physics of the phemomena of the Bermuda Triangle as well. The developing system of predicting planetary vorticular effects may yet prove to be the most reputable if not the most serious attempt to date.
If we're not careful, we may not only find ourselves reaching the conclusion that the purpose of the Face on Mars and its message is first and foremost how to get to Mars in our lifetimes, but we may end up reaching that conclusion as an eminently well thought-out conclusion supported by countless scholarly scientific references.
Likewise, we can approach the problem and perhaps the original goals (teleportation of the largest kind of vehicle might seem unlikely as opposed to teleportation of smaller ones perhaps) from other angles, such that perhaps in the course of attempting to make a craft invisible to light, they inadvertently succeeded in making it transparent to other forces as well- those which determine mass and rates of motion.

The actual place where the ship was during its return to a port of previous call, perhaps during an episode of teleportation, is likewise striking and important. It may have been in another dimension or alternate reality that was not pre-existent, but fed or pumped by the energy of the experiment.
Likewise, scientists may have inadvertently generated what "Star Trek" would call a "warp bubble", a sphere which at least in this case, contains imitations of a segment of the objects environment, a rather holographic construct. Its nature and sphere may be the magnetic field of the ship. (Concepts of "self-referencing holograms" can even enter the arena of ideas, in considering how a holographic simulation of an environment might be created without the object/reference beam technique that is familiar.)

After all, Rupert Sheldrake's Paralastor species wasps seem to be building their nests over funnels of some type of energy field, and one that performs according to holographic principles (I've added the illustration to the Magickal Vortex Science page at this site). It may yet prove to be a holographic projection of a gravitational object such as a black hole, but it's clearly holographic, and there doesn't outwardly seem to be any process of object and reference beam involved. There's simply a hole in the ground, and there it is. Other examples could be close at hand, and Ion Dumitrescu's photos of leaf phantoms may be some of the most striking examples of this principle occurring in Kirlian photography. Again, there may be no conventional components of holography, but NMR may prove to be a component.
It could be that within the principle of "self-referencing holograms", one could be for example a two-dimensional observer within a two-dimensional frame, and be unable to distinguish it from three dimensional reality. (For many, the well-known illustrative might bring the contrived term "Flatland" to mind here.)

Exactly what is happening may still require considerable thought- has the ship also become intangible? Had the experiment inadvertently created "Star Trek"'s fabulous "Phase-cloaking device"? The original reports are indeed full of a number of "phasing effects"-intangibility, of things or people passing through other things. We are even told that for the sailors who were there, long after the fact that their intangibility kept recurring... as if perhaps an expression of a wave with a tremendously long cycle.

Likewise, whether or not the phenomena of associative memory , also demonstrated with phase-conjugate crystals, and so promising in explaining and facilitating so many magickal feats, may have been part of or related to atomic memory activity, as well as quantum effects. Had the ship returned in several quantum jumps to the last two places its mass had been at rest, or the last two places where degaussing had performed in port? Had the two
quantum jumps been some coordinate of quantum statistical numbers, such as fermion spin values? There may also be some coordinate of quantum values where the original accounts talk of weird physiological effects overcome by two people making physical contact. Is this a direct analogue of spin coupling effects? An analogue to a quantum statistical transmutation, or particle pairings like Cooper pairs?
At any rate, whether or not these are the case, they merit true consideration. They are not only our keys to the authenticity of the original or any other accounts of the Philadelphia Experiment, they may be important keys to understanding and mastery of these physical processes... perhaps one reason for the prevailing cloud of denial even when the military in fact seems to enjoy bragging about their stealth technology (something that David Hatcher Childress' readers have doublessly noticed).
The apparatus may not be remote from the "fabled" "Warp Drive" being reality, whatsoever.

Even where the goal may not have been teleportation, the name "Project Rainbow" may reflect awareness of such a possibility-- at a time when it was rumoured that Adolf Hitler's scientists were gaining clues about possible atomic weapons from India's ancient Vedic texts that were previously thought to be mere fairy tales, you can imagine the sudden interest there must have been in having another look at fairy tales to see what was overlooked; the Norse Legends of crossing the Rainbow bridge, or the fact the Navaho have long professed, by all appearances most sincerely and religiously, that long ago their ancestors moved about magically from place to place with the power of a rainbow, or even a Leprechaun whose pot of gold-- or displaced mass as it may be-- were at the end of a rainbow, may have all been considered... along with countless other ancient whispers... almost all of whom have amazingly astute details woven into them.

While the use of the technique in question may have many drawbacks when it comes to actual applied use in warfare, it certainly is likely- if surprisingly- to have far fewer obstacles in the greatest acts of giving or restoring life, and unquestionably, in allowing that life to find a comfortable distribution throughout the heavens.

Thus, again, the very act, art and science of raising the departed seems to have woven into it, as if by deliberateness or serendipity, or both, the elements not only of allowing life in the greatest numbers, but in direct contributions to solving the problems it could itself create.

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