Omega File: Greys, Nazis, Underground Bases, and the New World Order

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[Greys, Nazis, Underground Bases, and the New World Order]

by Branton


"...Another figure has an EVIL face... 'HE LOOKS LIKE A

The above quote was made under regressive hypnosis by one of the
first publicised 'UFO abductees', Barney Hill who -- along with his
wife Betty -- claimed to have been abducted by grey-skinned
entities from a space craft which apparently originated from the
Zeta II Reticuli star system. The Grey alien abductors were
obviously working with the human military officer who was
encountered by Barney. This military officer was apparently a full-
fledged Nazi, although this incident took place over 15 years after
Europe had 'supposedly' been de-Nazified. This quote can be found
in the paranormal encyclopedia "MYSTERIES OF THE MIND,
TIME & SPACE", p. 1379.

Those who are familiar with the connections between Nazi's and
UFO's may find the following document easier to accept than those
who have never been introduced to the reports of secret Nazi aerial
disk experiments, much less reports of their secret collaboration
with the so-called Grey aliens years before the corporate-fascist
infiltrators and sympathisers within the U.S. Intelligence Agencies
began making their own treaties with these same serpentine 'aliens'.

Much information has been released about an 8-Level underground
base under Camp Hero near Montauk Point, Long Island where
full-fledged Nazi and CIA agents have apparently been working on
sophisticated time-space manipulation experiments
, as well as
microwave mind-control experiments aimed at large populations,
which are -- according to researchers Al Bielek and Preston
Nicholes -- being carried out to a greater degree than ever before
under the cover of the Alaskan 'HAARP' project. It has been stated
that unusual frequency broadcasts were detected all over Los
Angeles prior to the L.A. Riots of 1992 shortly before the riots
broke out, and there were inferences that the L.A. Riots were part
of an "Operation Garden Plot" trial-run to establish martial law in
America on the pretext of preventing a potential race war
throughout the country.

The Montauk Projects, in collaboration with Brookhaven National
Labs; the I.T.T. corp. [which is largely owned by the German Krupp
family who built munitions plants for Adolf Hitler and which,
according to Al Bielek, has terminal accesses to the "Alternative-2
black budget underground network" under some of its major
facilities]; and the Bavarian THULE society [which provided most
of the financial backing for the 'Montauk' or 'Phoenix' projects]...
have -- according to numerous sources including abductees -- been
working very closely with Orionite and Draconian 'Reptiloids' and
'Greys' based within an underground facility surrounding DULCE,
New Mexico. This information comes from Preston Nicholes,
Duncan Cameron, Al Bielek, and Peter Moon... all of whom claim
to have had some connection to the Montauk projects, although in
most cases CIA mind-control technology was used to induce an
alternate personality in the workers there as an assurance that the
secret activities remained concealed.

The joint reptilian-fascist underground empire, complete with
massive 'concentration camps' which make those in Nazi Germany
pale by comparison, has chosen America as its major target because
the Americas are the last bastion of freedom on earth. The 'takeover'
is more-or-less complete within the underground systems, however
numerous attempts to implement a joint Draconian-Fascist
dictatorship in America have failed because of heavy resistance and
support for a Constitutional form of government. God and the 2nd
Amendment are really the only forces standing in the way of a
complete takeover. This has prevented the 'outer world' from
succumbing to this draconian invasion. Now that their secret is
beginning to be exposed throughout the media in TV series' such as
DARK SKIES, they are desperate. Their window of opportunity is
closing and they must act fast, before the alien-manipulated
military-industrial-complex comes under the control of the
'patriots', and the 'alien' technology in their possession is
commandeered by TRUE Americans. This would mean that
everyone -- not just the mind-controlled 'elite' -- will have access to
interplanetary technology, which in turn would mean that freedom-
loving Americans would eventually come to the defense of those
interstellar cultures who have fallen under the oppression and
control of the Draconian-Orion imperialists.

Some 'contactees' such as Maurice Doreal claim that the reptiloids
in prehistoric times lived in the Antarctic region, when it was a
subtropical zone, and that they were subsequently driven
underground and off the planet by a race or pre-Nordic humans
whose lost and long-forgotten civilization now lies buried deep
beneath the sands of the Gobi desert. Some of these scientifically
advanced 'Nordics' migrated westward and eventually gave rise to
the tribes who would in the course of time lay the foundations for
the Scandinavian nations, whereas others went underground into a
subterranean realm called 'Agharti', located generally below central
Asia and the Gobi. Millions of Buddhists know the legend of
Agharti, but they consider it sacred knowledge and are careful
about revealing the 'secret of secrets' to skeptical Westerners.
World travellers such as Nicholas Roerich in his book
"SHAMBHALA" and Ferdinand Ossendowski in his work
"BEASTS, MEN AND GODS" had gained the trust of these natives
and detailed the legends of 'Agharti' in a humble and respectful

According to ancient Agharian crystalholographic recordings which
Doreal's 'Blond' friends -- from an underground colony below Mt.
Shasta, California -- showed him within an ancient repository vault
beneath the Himalayas, these ancient 'pre-Nordics' waged a war for
the surface of the planet and later an underground war against the
'serpent' races which had taken residence within a system of
massive multi-levelled underground caverns beneath the
southwestern slopes of the Himalayas and the Indian subcontinent.
These caverns were and are known by Hindus as the realm of
'Patala', or 'Snakeworld', where the 'Nagas' or serpent people dwell
in their capital city of Bhoga-vita. Many Hindus considered the
'Nagas' to be 'demons', whereas others were prone to worshipping
them. Aryan-Hindu legend tells of at least two enterances to the
Nagas underground 'world', one of three worlds spoken of in Hindu
cosmology. One entrance is believed to be Sheshna's well in
Benares, India and another is located in the mountains surrounding
Lake Manosarowar, Tibet. Both the 'Reptiloids' and 'Nordics'
eventually left the planet, leaving the ancient remains and ruins of
their cultures within the underground caverns. Similar ruins as well
as current operational bases reportedly exist on and beneath the
surface of the moon and Mars, along with signs of the ancient wars
that the humanoids and reptiloids fought for control of the solar
system before both species discovered how to manipulate
and began sending explorers and colonists to other
nearby starsystems.

More sophisticated craft appeared that could travel between
worlds, and later between stars, and as a result of their discovery of
the secrets of 'Hyperspace Travel' they were able to colonize other
worlds and star systems. The manipulation of Hyperspace was
incidentaly also a part of the Philadelphia/Rainbow projects of the
1940's and Phoenix/Montauk projects of the 1980's.
Creating a
hyperspace field is not as difficult as one might think, and
essentially involves the electromagnetic generation and
manipulation of magnetic and anti-magnetic fields. It is the concise
'focusing' of such fields in order to accomplish certain tasks
without disasterous side-effects which is where things become

The Andro-Pleiadean Federation forces based under Death Valley
were reportedly in contact with Nikola Tesla -- through whom they
guided the Navy's Philadelphia Experiments behind the scenes.
Forty years later the Draco-Orion forces based under Archuleta
Mesa had established contact with Dr. John von Neumann, who
was director of the Montauk Projects on behalf of the [Nazi] Thule
Society. The betrayal of the Navy's Philadelphia/Rainbow
Technology to the Thule Society's Phoenix/Montauk Projects was
accomplished by a joint CIA/NSA-SIRIAN-DRACONION "double
agency" called the "Black Monks", who were involved in BOTH the
Philadelphia AND Montauk projects. This agency was brought
under the psychological control of the Draconian - Bavarian
collaboration and became an instrument for the infiltration of these
outside forces into American intelligence agencies, and in fact all
levels of American society. As for the Phoenix [Montauk] and
Philadelphia [Rainbow] projects, these are reportedly being carried
out separately by 'Nazi' and U.S. Navy intelligence, respectively, as
late as the 1990's and this has resulted in what might be referred to
as a time-space war between the Andro-Plieadean-Navy backed
"Philadelphian" agents and the Draco-Orion-Nazi backed
"Phoenician" agents. There are even rumors that Nikola Tesla's
death may have been faked, and that he escaped and joined a secret
"Marconi" scientific underground colony somewhere in South
America. If such rumors have any basis in fact, then what
interaction if any they may have had with the secret 'Nazi' bases in
South America remains a mystery.

According to Preston Nicholes, Federation agents from the
Andromeda and Pleiades constellation 'beamed' into the Montauk
base under Camp Hero at the northernmost tip of Long Island,
sacrificing their lives in an attempt to sabotage the projects there
and prevent what they believed to be a very real and potential
space-time disaster of apocalyptic proportions, which was being
precipitated by fascist and alien scientists who were playing god by
experimenting with the elemental forces of the universe.This might
have been on the same scale of, or even worse than, the space-time
disaster which was precipitated by an ancient antediluvian?] race,
leaving a 'rift' in the time-space continuum in what has become
known as the Bermuda Triangle

Several thousand young people, according to Preston Nicholes,
Peter Moon and Al Bielek, have reportedly been abducted by the
CIA-Nazi-Grey collaboration and have been taken to the Montauk
base for 'programming' and release. Several thousands more
children who were part of the Montauk Projects -- before they were
sabotaged in 1985 only to be reestablished at a later date by the
CIA/NSA -- were abducted permanently and used in time-space
dimensional window and mind control experiments.
Most of these
children, who were usually 'street kids' or 'homeless kids' who
would not be 'missed' as much as the children of more wealthy
parents -- were 'lost' in the other dimensions as a result of these

So then, according to some there is absolutely no doubt that -- as
they did within the underground facilities of Germany -- the 'Nazis'
and the 'Greys' are collaborating to this day from underground bases
beneath Camp Hero [Montauk Point, Long Island]; Area 51 [Nellis
Air Force Base, Nevada]; Dulce [Archuleta Mesa, New Mexico],
and a massive underground facility below the Denver International
Airport. This latter facility, according to 'inside' sources, is being
prepared to be used as the New World Order control-center for
America. Aside from the many anomalous stories that have surfaced
from the D.I.A., there are bizarre accounts of strange tunnels and
seemingly useless equipment at the Airport -- 'useless' that is unless
one intends to confine and transport large numbers of people to
deep underground concentration camps which are rumored even
now to be active and occupied by unfortunate men, women and
children who have mysteriously 'disappeared' from outer society.

"-- Evaluation of the anti-gravity propulsion of a nearly 100%
functional flying saucer going down in the 'Schwarzwald' in the
summer 1936.

"-- Alternative hypothesis: Self-developing this propulsion by
experiments of German scientists basing on Viktor Schauberger's
anti-gravity experiments.

"-- First unmanned flights with the new [re-]built propulsion. A
very special section of the "Reichsluftfahrtbehoumlrde" gets the
project under its control with the aim to build up anti-gravital
fighters and troop-carriers. The project's name is 'HANEBBU'
[some sources also call it the 'VRIL' project]. The prototypes are
numbered in ascending order. The project has many setbacks in the
first years due to the massive electro-magnetic disturbances and
their interaction with conventional electric components. Although
the propulsion can be handled and used principally, it seems to be
nearly impossible to "drive or fly" these prototypes in sharper
angels than 90 , thus not usable as fighters. Additionally normal
navigation systems referring somehow to magnetic fields were
completely useless and special magnetic independent navigation
instrumentation designed, the celestial guidance system:
"Meisterkompass" and "Peiltochterkompass".

"-- Further secret German expeditions to
'NEUSCHWABENLAND'. As landing points, there could have
been used two of the three marked landing bays north-west of the
"HLIG-HOFFMAN MOUNTAINS" close to 3° W and
70° S. Those were already documented as 'landing bays' by

"-- Starting the assemblage of the Antarctic base 211.
Simultaneously a second secret base is build up on a high plateau
in the South American Andes. [Argentina ?]

"-- Necessary items for the erection of the bases are continuously
transported on submarines. Note: German submarine commanders
are highly experienced in the Arctic waters due to the need of
delivery of material and people to Germany's northern Arctic bases
and civilian research stations. In fact at least 20 well documented
operations have taken place along the Arctic until 1945 by means
of these submarines. Some of these operations, especially the later
ones, had to be carried out under extreme conditions and with the
permanent threat of contact with the enemy. Besides, on their way
to the south pole, researchers discovered somewhat like a straight
deep submarine trench fitting pretty well for the necessary

"-- The 'HANNEBU' series has left the stadium of prototypes and
brought up to 19-25 ships in 2 [or even 3] sizes. "HANEBU I" is a
small vessel, "HANNEBU II" a more sophisticated, larger one.
Some reports even hint at "HANNEBU III", which was designed as
a mothership. If this third type has become reality, there existed
only one single ship. So, the overall transport capacities are still
very limited, due to a quite small diameter of the disks.
Additionally production of ships gets more and more difficult,
because the Allies managed to cut of Germany's raw materials more
and more. Yet 'HANNEBUs' managed to disturb some allied
bomber raids over Germany. Note: Every allied bomber pilot in the
[latter] years of the war knew the mysterious threat of the so called
"foe-fighters" appearing and vanishing with incredible speed and
causing bright-orange light phenomenon's and paroxysmal
instrumentation failures on all electric and magnetic parts of the
bombers. In no source a direct attack by these "foe-fighters" is
mentioned, they seem to play a completely defensive role on the
late air war over Germany.

(Note: see the movie, THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE, which
correctly implies that the Germans were on the verge of developing
a whole range of incredible new aerial weapons, and needed to
prolong the war for a few more months in order to get their new
jets, etc., into production, and the Battle of the Bulge was a part of
this plan. However just as these new weapons were about to go into
mass production the German military failed to fully succeed in their
battle plans to buy more time and prolong the war for a few more
months, and the Allied invasion of Germany began. That particular
victory may have been closer than most of us would dare to believe.
If the 'Nazis/Antarcticans' are planning for another planetary
takeover, then this time they may have an alien force working with
them. Could the abductions and implantation's by 'aliens' be a joint
CIA-Nazi-Alien project to implement electronic mind control
programming on millions of people throughout the nations in
preparation for the attempted implimentation of an electronically-
controlled New World Order dictatorship? - Branton)

"-- The enormous pressure of the Allies force the Germans to give
up the big secret underground facilities in Eastern Germany. The
Allies themselves seem to be pretty well informed on these
facilities and overall eager to capture them. The Germans flee and
leave back much material of the 'HANNEBU' project. Their attempt
to rebuild the construction zones in the middle of Germany fails.
The war is nearly over.


"... I have seen enough of their designs and production plans to
realize that if they [the Germans] had managed to prolong the war
some months longer, we would have been confronted with a set of
entirely new and deadly developments in air warfare." -- Sir Roy
Feddon, chief of the technical mission to Germany for the Ministry
for Aircraft Production in 1945.

"When WWII ended, the Germans had several radical types of
aircraft and guided missiles under development. The majority were
in the most preliminary stages, but they were the only known craft
that could even approach the performance of objects reported to
UFO observers..." -- Captain Edward J. Ruppelt Chief of the US
Air Force Project 'Bluebook' on 1956.


"-- A last convoy of submarine vessels leaves German Harbors with
direction to Antarctica and Andes. It is the overall successful
attempt to escape the Allies' clutches. Among this last convoy there
are the U 530 [Captain Otte Wehrmut] and the U977m [Captain
Heinz Schaumlffer].

"-- The last visual contact with U977 was on April 26th at
Christiansund. Schaumlffer's crew did not reveal anything about the
submarine's destination or load. The vessel vanishes now for nearly
4 months, before the crew delivers a completely empty vessel to
Argentinian Officials.

"-- In the same way, leading NS-Officials and technicals are
evacuated from Berlin/Potsdam with the HANEBU fleet heading to
the meanwhile COMPLETED (?) base 211. The overall transport
capacities are quite limited.

"-- The submarine convoy achieves in the southern Atlantic Sea a
sea victory over an Allied unit trying to stop it. This event is under
wraps until today.

"-- Germany's capitulation [to the Allies] 17 August 1945.

420225 - [German?] UFOs appear over Los Angeles. 1,430 rounds
fired against them. Some on the ground killed or wounded by
unexploded anti-aircraft shells.

430000 - CIA's Allen Dulles [Bavarian Illuminati] cuts a deal with
Nazi SS intelligence. This would eventually lead to a massive
infiltration of the CIA by Nazi S.S. agents, who would in turn
begin a global program of toppling third world governments and
replacing them with their own fascist puppet dictatorships.Germans
complete research on alloy of magnesium and aluminum.

440000 - OSS agent Douglas Bazata receives contract on General
George Patton's life. Feuerball aircraft constructed at aeronautical
factory at Wiener Neustadt. Germans test Bellonzo-Schriever-
Meithe designs based on Coanda disk.

440300 - Wilson replaces German saucer [rotor] propulsion with
advanced jet propulsion.

440613 - V-1 rockets fall on England.

440720 - Attempted assassination of Hitler.

440906 - V-2 rockets fall on England.

441000 - Soviet Army advances through nations of eastern Europe.

441123 - Allied pilots run into 'fireballs' over Strasbourg.

450000 - Both L.F.A. at Volkenrode and center at Guidonia
working on disk craft. Soviets gain some German disk data [and
apprehend?] Dr. Guenther Bock. United States captures some
German disk technology and scientists. British technical advisor
discovers German plans for advanced lenticular aircraft.

450200 - Kugelblitz [crew-carrying Fireball] test flown in
Thuringia, reached speeds of 1250 mph.

450216 - Kugelblitz tested near Kahla, disk-shaped, 1250 mph.
Germans begin to transfer saucer projects to South Polar
underground bases.

450223 - Perfected engines removed from Kugelblitz and sent to
polar base. Kugelblitz, minus engines, blown up by SS personnel to
prevent the design from falling into the hands of the Allies.

450225 - Workers at Kahla complex brought to Buchenwald and
gassed so as not to reveal secret of Nazi disk projects. Kahla
closed. Slavian slave-laborers from various underground facilities
also taken to Karshagan and other camps and killed.

1932 -- Adolph Hitler gains control of German society enough to
force scientists to work in laboratories on advanced aircraft design.
Aided by the implosion vortex technology of Victor Schauberger,
and the technical expertise of scientists like Schriever, Habermohl,
Ballenzo and Miethe, the Germans make extraordinary progress.
There is evidence that they might have been aided by contact with
Gray entities from inside the Earth and an 'Ashtar' connected group
of humanoid aliens in Aldebaran.

1939 -- Operation Canned Meat begins, where the Germans stage
an incident at the Polish border as a prelude to the invasion. As a
result of newly acquired technology, the German scientific effort is
pushed forward by leaps and bounds, and is developed at several
underground research facilities at Reinickendorf, Kummersdorf and
Thuringia. The earliest "pilotless aircraft" were produced in 1934,
and had some moderate degree of success. The United States was
quite aware of the German technical progress and sent an American
named Wilson to Germany to "give technical assistance" and
generally to keep an eye on German technology. It was probably by
virtue of Wilson that the Germans never used their [anti]
gravitational craft en mass in the war, for Wilson attained a high
position in the German technical community, and switched
propulsion methods from gravitational to advanced jet propulsion
in an apparent effort to "get technology out there to fight the war".
Because of this, German gravitational research remained in the labs
and stayed in the R&D [Research & Development] phase until
around 1941, when the Schriever/Miethe designs were successfully
tested. It was clearly a situation where the war was going on faster
than the Germans could technically develop their designs.
Hampered by sabotage and deliberate technical misguidance from
Wilson, as well as delays in metallurgical research which didn't
result in an acceptable alloy of magnesium and aluminum until
1944, the Germans could only continue to harass allied pilots with
the 'fireballs', pilotless craft developed and used since 1942 which
emitted electrical fields that interfered with the operation of
aviation engines.

They decided that the
establishment of a separate society founded on Nazi principles of
genetic purity was the answer. The development of gravitational
technology aided that plan.
On February 23, the newest engines of
the Kugelblitz were tested and then extracted from the craft. The
'shell' or 'casing' of the Kugelblitz, minus the engines, was blown up
by SS personnel and the scientists, plans and engines were shipped
out of Germany to the South Polar regions, where the Germans had
maintained underground construction activity since 1941.

Some of the documents were concerning "Looted Gold" [1945-
1948]. (Note: A massive shipment of gold which disappeared from
an Allied train which was dynamited in a rail tunnel, was later used
to finance such Thule Society backed projects as the Montauk or
Phoenix Experiments, as a means to counter the Navy's own
Philadelphia or Rainbow experiments. The CIA itself delivered
over into the hands of the Thulist 'Nazis' much of the Philadelphia
experiment's research and technology.

Some believe that the antediluvian or Atlantean alchemists or sorcerer-
scientists had begun experimenting with elemental forces and that
their experiments had gone out of control and created a temporal
rift in the space-time continuum in the so-called 'Bermuda Triangle'
region, opening up a hole between dimensions and leaving
'electromagnetic fallout' which has had adverse effects to this day.

This was just prior to the global deluge which destroyed their
island-continent. This 'House of the Temple' is, according to Jim
Shaw, filled with murals, statues, and carvings of serpents. In other
words it is a SERPENT cult. This pagan temple actually sits at the
northern point of the PENTAGRAM like street layout of
downtown D.C., which is not surprising when we consider that
much of the original construction of Washington D.C. was carried
out by MASONS! After what was supposed to be the culmination
of a lifetime of initiatory work, Shaw was excited about his 33rd
degree initiation which was attended by two former U.S. presidents,
a famous 'evangelist', and a Scandinavian king.

Slowly, the aliens altered the bargain until they decided they
wouldn't abide by it at all. Back in 1979, this was the reality, and
the fire-fight at Dulce occurred quite by accident. I was involved in
building an ADDITION to the deep underground military base at
Dulce, which is probably the deepest base. It goes down seven
levels and over 2.5 miles deep. At that particular time, we had
drilled four distinct holes in the desert, and we were going to link
them together and blow out large sections at a time. My job was to
go down the holes and check the rock samples, and recommend the
explosive to deal with the particular rock. As I was headed down
there, we found ourselves amidst a large cavern that was full of
outer-space (or "inner-space"? - Branton) aliens, otherwise known
as large Greys. I shot two of them. At that time, there were 30
people down there. About 40 more came down after this started,
and all of them got killed. We had surprised a whole underground
base of existing aliens. Later, we found out that they had been
living in our planet for a long time... This could explain a lot of
what is behind the theory of ancient astronauts.

"I didn't get really interested in UFO technology until I started work
at Area 51, north of Las Vegas. After about two years recuperating
after the 1979 incident, I went back to work for Morrison and
Knudson, EG&G and other companies. At Area 51, they were
testing all kinds of peculiar spacecraft. How many people here are
familiar with Bob Lazar's story? He was a physicist working at Area
51 trying to decipher the propulsion factor in some of these craft.

IF time travel were possible, and one were to go into the past and
try to change a CONCRETE event, some believe that this will
result in what is called a paradox, or two SOLID events occupying
the same SPACE. Now since two SOLIDS cannot occupy the same
THIRD DIMENSIONAL Space, the new event which would be
challenging an already existent SET EVENT in the same time-
space could not possibly retain its solidity or remain in that same
space. So in essence a PARADOX cannot exist within the concrete
third density. If this time traveler were to insist on changing a SET
event and REMAINED in the 'past' or in that part of the 'event-
chain' to see what would happen if they 'broke the chain' --
according to some of those involved with the Philadelphia and
Montauk projects for instance -- he or she would simply create a
localized quantum field and this field and its occupants would
simply be shoved off to the side and out of the third density and
into a peripheral dimension where paradoxes can exist due to the
'fluid/dreamy/surreal' nature of objects and events in that reality.
or she would in essence phase-out into a "gaseous thought form
state" along with all others who may have happened to be phased-
out of the third dimension in this manner. This is apparently
nature's simple way of dealing with 'paradoxes'. The more one
tampers with 'time' [in essence being removed from the 'event-
chain'] the less grounding they will have in 'space-matter'. We might
conceive that one can tamper with time and create so many
paradoxes that they are shifted into a density with almost NO
concrete matter at all. At this point they would as has been
suggested, exist as little more than dematerialized 'thought forms',
which in my book would probably not be a very exciting existence.
So don't be too quick to give-in to certain "channeled" entities who
would like for us to give up our ground or our hold in the 3rd
dimension -- or 'material' reality -- and become involved in a
"collective new age ascension" into the 4th and 5th dimensions. It
may be that they don't WANT us inhabiting the 3rd dimension
simply because doing so gives us a great deal of influence over the
other dimensions. 3rd dimensional Matter or Material is not 'evil' as
certain gnostic cults believe, matter is merely a tool. It can be used
for good. Or it can be used for evil. So although we should be
vigilant in defending our planet, I believe that we should also be
vigilant in defending our dimension as well!

[END FILE... - March, 1997]

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