UFOs/Philadelphia Experiment/Montauk

The Tesla/Philadelphia Experiment/Montauk/UFO Connection

First, this "story" is related from memory as I heard it a year or so
ago, from Al Bielek who says he was there. There is bound to be
distortions and misunderstandings on my part. That said, I believe this
to be fairly close to the story which he related.

Apparently, back around the late thirties or early forties the
government started doing experiments involving radar invisibility of
ships that became the infamous Philadelphia Experiment. What is not
generally known is that Nikola Tesla originally headed up the project
along with Einstien, Von Neumann, and others. Presumably Tesla was
used because of his work with high-voltages and rotating magnetic
fields. There was some disagreement over the wisdom of using people on
the early experiments as well as whether to use pulsed or continuous
waves or some such thing. Supposedly, Von Neumann was upset at having to
take orders from someone with no degrees (no "earned" degrees that is).
Anyway, the upshot is Tesla got miffed and quit in protest.
Consequently, his name was never generally associated with the
Philadelphia Experiment.

Supposedly, because they decided to use Von Neumann's design RF generator,
the EM fields generated where unstable and the personnel on the exterior
of the ship got screwed up as was generally reported in the movie and
the various books on the subject. The people inside the bulkheads were
somewhat sheilded from the spurious effects of the EM fields. Also,
because of the instability of the produced fields, the experiment
couldn't be held to just radar invisiblity. It ended up causing optical
invisibility and some extreme space-time distortions as well.

This is where Montauk and UFO's come in. Supposedly, when the
experiment went awry and twisted up the local space-time environment it
caused a nearby "observing" UFO to get displaced into one of the
underground buildings at the Montauk base. As I understand it, the
distortions also caught one of the technicians, who was working in the
shipboard control room, after he jumped overboard in panic. He panicked
when everything went nuts and nobody could turn off the experiment, and
ended up at the same place-time as the UFO. I say place-time because
not only did both end up at the same place but they where there 40 years
in their future, in 1983 sometime. The technicians name was Cameron.
As I understand it, the Philadelphia Experiment "locked onto" the high
power/ high frequency radar work being done at Montauk in the 80's. In
order to fix the "rift" in space-time generated by the experiment alien
technology had to be employed. Somehow they (whoever the hell that is)
sent Cameron back to terminate the experiment anyway he could. I
believe he used an axe. Due to the sensitive nature of the events and
the times it was all funded as a "black" project using the bases
normal operations as a cover. For the Indiana Jones fans out there: it
seems that a trainload of Nazi gold bullion was discovered buried in a
tunnel somewhere in Europe after the war and mysteriously disappeared
from its transporting submarine off the coast of Montauk, New York.

Cameron's name is now Al Bielek. He lectures to various groups and I
listened to him talk about his experiences with the Philadelphia
Experiment, Montauk and the rest (believe me there is more) in great
detail a couple of times. His talks seemed very self-consistent if
bizzare. Supposedly, due to the "psychological conditioning" done to
him his memories had been suppressed until events in the last 5 years or
so triggered their return.

Books on the Montauk Project can be ordered from:

Al Bielek
P.O. 44932
Phoenix, AZ 85064

The cost is $15 + $2 shipping. There is also a couple of more books
coming out on the Politics and History of Montauk. Al Bielek is suppose
to have first hand information concerning both the Montauk Project and
the Philadelphia Experiment and gives lectures around the country.

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