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Letter to the editor of Flying Saucer Magazine
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April 21, 1991

This is a letter to the Editor of the now defunct
Flying Saucer magazine of January 1963.
Dear Ray (Palmer - Editor);

I postulate, here, an hypothesis, or possible explanation for
the numerous plane (particularly jet) crashes. By correlating
several theories I come to this general hypothesis.

The first theory is that there exists, in certain areas,
NEGATIVE ENERGY or, perhaps better stated, REVERSE GRAVITY "fields".

By this I mean that within the perimeter, extending upward,
gravity operates IN REVERSE. I refrain from further explanation, by
quoting examples and such, for fear of "contradicting" statements to
follow, thus ridding this discussion of needless confusion.

This second theory is basically that of Shaver with regard to
gravity. First, says Shaver's theory, gravity is NOT A PULL FROM

This push is accomplished by the planetward flow of "exd".
This "exd", for those unfamiliar with Shaver's theories, is the
(called integrance).

EXD, by the way, is ex-disintegrance. (Which came first, the
proverbial chicken or the egg - disintegrance or integrance?)

The exd particle is the ash of transformation. The fall or
condensation of exd into matter, CAUSING FRICTION, PRODUCES the
force we call gravity.

Now, I postulate, by correlating these two theories, that there
is some electro-magnetic force set up (responsible for the reverse
gravity) that COUNTERACTS THE INFLUX OF EXD (responsible for
gravity), thus producing a ZONE OF ZERO GRAVITY.
Vangard note..

We must bring up two items of interest at this juncture,

1) EXD can be thought of as TACHYON energy, AETHER or
2) Friction as used here can be translated into modern
terms as interference since this energy moves in
waves and can be "collided" against itself to
generate resistance and therefore matter.

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We suggest you download NEUTRAL1 to get an idea of the Vangard
approach to trying to understand the Universe.


This zone of zero gravity extends, probably, to the extremity
of the electro-magnetic force's influence, more than likely
DECREASING as the distance from the Earth INCREASES.

Further, the negative area's effect IS VARIABLE, that is, it is
regular or irregular.

(Let me clarify the last statement in paragraph three. If, for
example, I had said that when gravity works in reverse, objects
WOULD NOT BE PULLED DOWN, but would BE PUSHED UP, this would
contradict a statement, as an example, in the following paragraph.

This statement would have been that objects are PUSHED DOWN
TOWARD the planet, rather than BEING PULLED DOWN. You can see the
confusion and contradiction set up.)

We are to assume that the force of exd is INFINITELY LONG-
LIVED, because of the CONTINUOUS TRANSFORMATION of energy/matter.
Thus, if the negative energy "source" was cut (or turned?) off, the

Thus, if any object happened into this area AS THE EXD WAS
FLOWING BACK, it would be carried, or PUSHED, downward at once to be
stopped by the earth, or any other planet, for that matter.

This is the theory; that planes happen into these areas,
resulting in this inevitable doom.

A point to ponder would be the application of this effect in an
artificial manner for propulsion of saucers.

Of course, as was hinted in a previous paragraph, this coud be
the work of the DERO of Shaver's caves. They could control the
apparatus to counteract the INFLOW OF EXD.

It is stated as fact, through fictional surroundings, in "I
REMEMBER LEMURIA" that this was a form of transportation, that of
counteracting the force of INFLOWING EXD and being PROPELLED UPWARD

(Let me comment on this theory and others in general. First,
let me say that I am a major (in school) in Mathematics and Science
(particularly Physics). Through studying Mathematics, I have
learned a few facts other than those presented in the texts (if at
all they ARE facts).

Everyone knows, if they have studied Mathematics at all, that
the whole scheme is based upon unknowns and assumptions. By using
common sense, anyone should be able to see that the scheme itself is
an assumption or unknown.

Mathematicians say they can prove their statements. I say they
CANNOT. There is a form of "proof" known as Mathematical INDUCTION
that is used extensively to "prove" their statements. The

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perplexing discovery here is that they CANNOT PROVE that
Mathematical induction is foolproof, without, of course, using some
other form of "proof" which cannot be proved without, of course,
using some other form of "proof" which - ad infinitum!

(This whole scheme called Mathematics is enigmatic and
sometimes paradoxical. Of course, no one will doubt the handiness
of this system. We would be, most assuredly, lost without it.

This brings us to the question asked so many times, namely,
"What, in this universe of ours, is PROVED?" I say, with grateful
reassurance, that there are systems or schemes which ARE PROVED.

Take, for example, Chemistry. It is possible to take two
chemicals and combine them, by using some action, into a compound,
COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from either of the two initial components.

This compound is seen to be formed each time these two
chemicals are combined in this manne. This is impossible with
Mathematics. You can SAY two plus two is four you will be right.
But wouldn't it be just as much possible to say two plus two is
three or any other number?

These mathematical quantities we call numbers are INTANGIBLE,
thus, they CANNOT be explored and combined in a tangible way, as
with chemicals. It is, however, possible to associate tangible
quantities with the intangible numbers. Two, for example, could be
associated with the quantity of wings a bird has.

(What would happen with three wings, or eliminate the
intangibility of this statement and say more wings than most birds?
Think this isn't possible? Prove it!) As can be seen this
possibility nullifies this system of "proof" and it becomes no more
a system of proof.)

Webster says a theory is an explanation based on certain
available information, or something to that effect. What puzzles me
is that he fails to say that a theory is unproven, which indeed it
is. My theory is based on two other theories, EACH UNPROVEN, and is
thusly, UNPROVEN.
Joe Wright
Route 1,
Benton, Kentucky

Vangard note...

We have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mr. Walter Wright,
THE modern proponent of the PUSH GRAVITY theory which will soon
be listed on KeelyNet.

Mr. Wright has many proofs and excellent models to verify his
contentions. Videotapes of his models in operation are
excellent and have served to convince many scientists and lay
people of the validity of the PUSH GRAVITY model.

We refer you also to the work of Dr. Hans Nieper, listed on
KeelyNet as TACHYON1 and TACHYON2.

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This article also touches on the many strange disappearances in
the Bermuda Triangle, the Devils' Triangle, the Sargasso sea as
well as the likes of Judge Crater.

We can't forget about the mysterious teleportations where a
person or object is lifted up and set back down hundreds of
miles away from his original location. Many of these have been
attributed to UFO's or paranormal causes.

It is just as reasonable to include the possibility that a
NEGATIVE GRAVITY ZONE suddenly appears in which the victim is
accidentally caught.

An unexpected uprising of air and other material in the path of
the NEGATIVE GRAVITY FIELD could create a dazed or unconscious
state, not to mention the possibility of low level magnetic
stimulation to create hallucinatory experiences as researched
by Persinger.

For more on induction of such experiences, refer to the BIOLOGY
section on KeelyNet and the files MIND5, MIND6, MIND7, MIND8.


If you have comments or other information relating to such topics
as this paper covers, please upload to KeelyNet or send to the
Vangard Sciences address as listed on the first page.

Thank you for your consideration, interest and support.
Jerry W. Decker.........Ron Barker...........Chuck Henderson
Vangard Sciences/KeelyNet

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