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CAN we go faster than light? Is this Einstein's bi
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April 21, 1991

This article appeared in the now defunct
FLYING SAUCERS magazine on June 1964

Through the Light Barrier
by Bob Jones

Those who are interested in the prospects of interstellar flight on
some really meaningful scale find the so-called "light barrier" a
bitter pill to swallow.

According to most physicists, it would not be possible for a ship to
reach the velocity of light because the closer it got to achieving
light velocities, the more massive it would become.

According to them you would never be able to beat that last
fraction. The whole thing is based on the proven fact that the
faster an object travels, the more massive it becomes (due to the
energy (speed) being converted to matter/mass...Vangard).

The proof comes from tests with electrons that are accelerated to
near light speeds by electrostatic forces.

They do indeed BECOME HEAVIER and in just the amount predicted! The
forces for making these electrons accelerate came from outside,

In the case of a space ship these accelerating forces will come from
within. Anything that happens to the ship will also happen to the
reaction mass (all the mass around the ship).

As a ship nears the speed of light it will become noticeably MORE
MASSIVE BUT SO WILL THE FUEL. That means that as the ship is
becoming more massive the thrust is becoming higher too, since the
exhaust is more massive (heavier particles due to denser mass from
the energy to mass conversion)!

These two effects will of course occur in direct proportion with the
acceleration remaining constant DESPITE THE SPEED. We must remember
that when a factor enters into a problem due to speed we cannot try
to change this speed from the outside THE SAME as from within.

The faster the motion the greater the difference and here there is
all the difference in the world!

For those who are interested, the 1958 Nobel Prize was won by 3
Russians for discovering that the so-called Cerenkov Radiation moved

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Vangard note...

We should include the concept of TACHYONS, which are faster-
than-light particles. Who is to say that ALL MASS cannot be
accelerated to greater than the speed of light.

It follows that a mass moving AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT, as viewed
from a stationary point would BE PERCEIVED AS LIGHT!

It also follows that a mass could be accelerated to the speed of
light (and beyond), yet REMAIN STATIONARY. What would be the
effects, depending on the speed, the mass would either radiate
at a specific color or become invisible as it achieved
frequencies which are NOT VISIBLE to the human eye.

Again we have indications of Philadelphia Experiment type
possibilities since the reason for that project was to achieve
practical invisibility. There are arguments that the process
was intended to acheive RADAR INVISIBILTY and had nothing to do
with the masking of visible frequencies.


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